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Brazilian Artist Shoots for 15 Minutes of Fame

George Bush & the Queen Get Executed by

Take a look at the story in the UK’s Telegraph, about the Brazilian artist who pictorially assassinates the Pope, the Queen, George Bush, and others he despises.

While the violence and murderous rage exploding off the vile charcoal drawings is indeed shocking, it’s the reader comments on the story at the Telegraph’s website that astound me more.

Here’s a few choice ones:

none of the above names would be missed!! however perhaps we should bounce this back at the gun manufacturers….the manufacturers say that guns used for self defense and these paintings show intimidation and fear. we should be protesting against them not the artist!


Tony Blair should surely have been included, not the Queen. Otherwise it is hard to disagree with the sentiment displayed.

Many of the 45 comments to date approve of, if not cheer, the depiction of one man taking it upon himself to place his victim in a submissive position and coldly take his life. How can this be? I’m no fan of Iran’s Ahmadinejad, but a drawing of him being intimately assassinated brings me no pleasure. I think I’d find a similar depiction of Osama bin Laden to be repulsive as well.

What is such art supposed to convey? Hatred and anger? Does that add anything to society? Look at the comments where readers think execution-style shooting is too good for the depicted. They want guillotines and suicide vests and waterboards (hey, geniuses, that doesn’t kill you–so I guess that means you don’t hate George Bush as much as you thought you did).

The creator of “Inimigos (Enemies),” Gil Vicente, attempts to express his superior morality and high intelligence when he explains his “art” by saying:

“Because they kill so many other people, it would be a favour to kill them, understand? Why don’t people in power and in the elite die?”

Yeah, why don’t they just lie down and die. Oh, they won’t do that voluntarily? Well, the artist will take care of that problem.

The most hilarious part of the article is the statement that the exhibitor, Sao Paulo Biennial Art, gave to the newspaper to express their intentions in exhibiting the drawings:

“A fundamental quality of our institution is curatorial independence and freedom of expression. The works exhibited to do not reflect the opinion of the curators nor of the Biennial Foundation.”

Got that. Should anything go wrong, none of this reflected Biennial’s opinions. They have no responsibility.

I can only wonder what the comments would have looked like had the murder targets been a hog-tied Obama, Clinton, the Ground Zero mosque imam, Che, Michael Moore, Sean Penn, Joy Behar, Cindy Sheehan, Mao and Hugo Chavez.

Somehow I doubt there would be any right-wingers cheering or suggesting alternate persons or methods of execution. I think we’d find it equally disgusting, pointless and juvenile.

But do you think the left would howl?

(Thanks to the Daily Caller for calling our attention to the story.)

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