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Rick Sanchez Meet Petard...Updated

Rick Sanchez: Conventional Racist

Just spent 20 minutes of my life listening to the complete Pete Dominick interview with Rick Sanchez. You know, the one in which he says CNN and all media are run by people like Jon Stewart (i.e., Jewish), and that Jews have no right calling themselves oppressed minorities.

[If you haven’t read all the coverage of it yet, I recommend:

Why would I give up such a large amount of precious time listening to someone I know to be a pompous, moronic, drunk-driving hit-and-run manslaughterer that I can’t bear to watch for five minutes on TV?

I just had to hear the actual sound of him making such an anti-Semitic statement to truly believe it, and frankly, I thought it would come at the start of the interview. But even after he said it halfway through, I couldn’t believe he continued for the rest of the interview defending and repeating it.

It turns out that Dominick, the interviewer, was the first one to actually utter the word “Jew.” But Sanchez doesn’t seem to need that door held open for him. He was ready to plow through it.  This was no Freudian slip or a non-thinking use of a situationally inappropriate idiom, as when Sanchez called Obama the “cotton-picking President.

At the end of all 20 minutes, I was drenched in the bigotry and racism that Sanchez poured forth for whites, and Jews, and anyone else that isn’t like him. Oh, how he has suffered. He has nothing to back it up, but you can be sure that anytime anyone has ever looked at him, it was filled with racist intent. And anytime anyone did *not* look at him, that too was racist. Just writing this about him is racist.

This repulsive buffoonery has been going on for years. How has he stayed on the air? Because people like Rick Sanchez look for racism everywhere but never hear it when it is coming out of their own mouths.

My one take-away thought from his rambling interview: Thank goodness he finally said something about “the Jews.” That is a word that the liberal elite will not tolerate being slung around. Finally, the liberals will have the scales drop from their eyes and they too will see at least part of his racism, be rightfully offended by it and give him the racist boot he has so long deserved.

If you’re a masochist like me and would like to hear the full 20 minutes, here’s a link to it. (I tried and tried to get the video to embed here, but I must be too stoopid to figure it out. Sorry!)

Since it took me so long to fail at embedding the video, we have breaking news: Sanchez has been fired by CNN. Their statement says they “wish him well.” (The Hot Air link to the news makes the amusing point that Sanchez is currently hawking a book he wrote, titled: Conventional Idiocy. He has proven his expertise on the topic indeed.)

Update: Woo-hoo! Finally found a way to get Mediaite’s video to embed here. Not sure if I could repeat the feat, but here it is in all its glory:

Update II:
Clicking around, still entertained by the Sanchez news, I stumbled across an ancient 2003 scathing, hilarious review of his new MSNBC show by the Broward New Times. (h/t: an old Pat Dollard story)

This led me to look up the BNT-referenced Don Zacharias critique in his now-defunct Blue Mag.

The table of contents, however, piqued my interest. It turns out that one of the main writers for the Sanchez-ripping Blue Mag at the time was none other than a Peter Dominick. Given our man-of-the-day Pete Dominick’s own website bio and his Wikipedia bio, it seems unlikely the two are the same. I’ve sent Pete a tweet, but he wouldn’t have had a chance to reply yet—even if he would actually deign to do so while riding the wave of fame and adulation and preparing for his new show debut today. No matter, it’s just one of those weird coincidences I love.

By the way, when I said Mediaite had the original audio on their site, I was inaccurate. Dominick has the full original, original audio, along with a write-up by Pete’s “Big Brother” Brian Dominick transcribing and rehashing the interview from Pete’s point of view. Sorry, Pete.

Other Sanchez snippets on the Internet:

In Pat Dollard’s early reporting on Sanchez, he calls him out in CNN’S Rick Sanchez Leads The Charge Against Israel. I’m unsure if Sanchez was being anti-Israel here or just doing his typical bumbling around in waters too deep for his muddled head. Dollard himself is taking him on for bumbling, not anti-Semitism.

Newsbusters is the place to go for proof that Sanchez was an equal-opportunity offender. Their search engine offers an amusing trip down memory lane in their catalog of Sanchez’s goofs, gaffes and gee gollys–his greatest hits, so to speak.

The place everyone will be at 2:30 pm EDT today, though, will be in front of a TV tuned to CNN. Pete Dominick will be airing his new show. His latest tweet says: Watch me and my guests David Webb @thegrindershow, Stephanie Miller @smshow, @samseder… No word on whether he’ll discuss Sanchez, but it would be a let-down if he didn’t.

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