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Rex in Regno suo superiores habet Deum et Legem.

The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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Daily Tread: Today Arriving Soon

I’m sorry, but the monkeys in the back room have not finished typing up and linking today’s edition of the Daily Tread–which has two parts: Pre-Socratic Overview and Heads Up/Housekeeping.

I anticipate the new posts to be complete by about 9 am 1 pm and 11 am EDT.  I’ll issue a tweet alert for each post, so you may want to follow me at Twitter as well.

In the meantime, please feel free to talk amongst yourselves.


The “Heads Up/Housekeeping” syllabus post is now up. Since some of you are just starting to select and purchase the study materials you want, I’m moving the start date slightly over to give you time. We’ll start tomorrow with an overall look at the pre-Socratics. Them on Wednesday, we will begin with our first philosopher.

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