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The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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The Newest Pro-Choice Poster Child

Planned Parenthood Poster Child: Kacey Jordan. Four Abortions to Date.

It’s tough to be one of Charlie Sheen’s ex-girls…but tougher still to be one of his ex-unborn girls.

A Daily Caller story told of the hospitalization of Kacey Jordan, 22-year-old porn actress, after she tweeted her suicide attempt.

Jordan’s claim to fame, other than having sex for money on camera, is that she was a $30,000 party girl with Sheen the last time he was hospitalized after a drug rampage, with a supposed hernia.

Her resulting national notoriety has apparently been hard for her to handle, with a Howard Stern contest and various media interviews, before realizing that she’s milked it about as much as she can. That 36 hours she spent with Sheen were apparently the only time she had ever been with or talked to him before—or after (except for a Valentine’s Day text message exchange she initiated asking if each other was okay).

I actually felt sorry for her, being so messed up with her life, until I hit the last paragraph:

Last month, Jordan told RadarOnline that she’d aborted her unborn child, which may or may not have belonged to Sheen. Jordan said that was her fourth abortion.

Her fourth!

The RadarOnline story does elaborate, often in graphic detail:

Now, Jordan has admitted the couple did not use contraception, leading her to question whether Charlie was the father when she discovered she was pregnant.

“I had the abortion last Thursday, I went home to Oregon to have it because that is where I grew up. I was sick and on the couch all day,” revealed Jordan, who has already terminated three previous pregnancies.

Aw. She was on the couch all day after aborting her fourth child.

It’s really no big deal, though. The baby could have been anyone’s. She added:

I get pregnant very easily.

And yet, TMZ also reports:

Jordan — who has sex for a living — also revealed she’s not on birth control …  has never been on birth control … and has no plans to begin using birth control.

I have a question for feminists and groups such as Planned Parenthood and NOW. Is this what you have been fighting for? For Jordan’s right to abort her way to fame and fortune, repeatedly, with no concerted effort to use birth control, even though she makes her living having sex?

Feminists, this is what you have wrought. The nonchalant slaughter of millions of innocents each year is your pathetic victory.

As for Jordan, let’s hope she was smart enough to use some of her Sheen winnings to buy her own room at her beloved hometown abortion clinic. Sounds like she’s going to continue to need it.


1 comment to The Newest Pro-Choice Poster Child

  • Padraigs Ghost

    Pro-Choice Poster Child indeed. Abortion is evil. Peter Singer, Martha Sanger, etc, are evil. However, Barack would not punish us with a child. Planned Parenthood has it’s roots in Socialist Eugenics. Remember it was the disabled, and handicapped that Hitler came after first in 1936. Where did he learn Eugencis? From us of course. To me it does not matter what law is on the books. You could have a total ban on abortion, or abortion on demand paid for the government and it would not matter! It is what is in the human heart that counts. For in the human heart you will find much evil!

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