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The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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Bachmann Campaign Starts Rollins Downhill

Michele Bachmann has hired Ed Rollins to run her 2012 presidential campaign, a sign that she will be taking this seriously. However, her selection worries me. Rollins was a heavy hitter, who has fallen in my eyes.

I gained respect for him in the Reagan-Bush years. But the winding, not-very-conservative path he has followed, working with Ross Perot, Christine Todd Whitman and Mike Huckabee, has left me unsettled about him. His last major political act was running the Huckabee campaign in 2008, which shows how far he can take whom I thought to be a very weak candidate. (Huckabee was/is weak as a limited-government conservative. However, I think one segment of the Republican Party overlooked that because of his Christian bona fides.)

Because of the success Huckabee nearly had with Rollins at his side, a Rollins hire could be considered a coup for Bachmann to get him on her team. Many of his previous candidates have been known as quirky outsiders (and many of them have been women). That fits with Bachmann’s status, so maybe that will help her use those attributes to their loveable best.

Be careful, though, Michele. He has a tendency to not be very loyal, and to speak out of school. I simply don’t trust him, and I worry that he is as likely to damage her campaign as he is to benefit it.

And Allahpundit at Hot Air adds his take by focusing on the faux pas of the Bachmann campaign making a attack on Sarah Palin via Ed Rollins saying Palin’s not a serious person. What a pity. I like both Palin and Bachmann, and I’m not going to take sides at this early date. If Palin decides not to run, Bachmann is a superb choice for all of her followers. It’s quite an idiotic move to start alienating them before either woman has actually declared a candidacy. Read Allah’s post for more.

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