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More For Weinergate Addicts Only: Extra Starchild111 Caches

For those of you jonesing for some new Weinergate tidbit, here’s some screenshots of a couple of Starchild111 things I’ve located: a new profile cache from May 14, this one showing tweets. Plus, I have a shot of what possibly was her last public tweet as Starchild111, and it’s not on May 18. It’s much later.

The first is a cache of @Starchild111 tweets in May. The cache is dated “May 14, 2011 07:53:05 GMT.” [Note: Eastern Daylight Time is four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. (It would have been Daylight, not Standard time on May 14.) Pacific Daylight Time is seven hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. I’ll let y’all do the math for each tweet, but to get you started, the first tweet shown here would have been at 3:52am EDT/12:52am PDT on May 14.]


And the second half of the cache. Note that first two tweets shown below duplicate the last two tweets above. This is to show the continuity of the tweet stream from screenshot to screenshot, since I could not get them all on the same page. (The tweets were not duplicated in the cache. It was a choice I made in capturing the screenshots.)


And also, I located a tweet beyond the May 18th tweets shown the FriendFeed cache. This one comes after the Weiner scandal broke.

Note that Juan_Dodgers has had his account for quite a while (unlike the other Starchild “friend” account of @MarianelaAlicea). He actively tweets every day about the Dodgers and other things in his life. With the amount of consistent time he spends on his twitter account, it seems very unlikely that he is a sock puppet.

That’s all for now. Please enjoy.


UPDATE 07/03/11 12:10am

Note that in the May 28 tweet, Starchild111 asks Juan_Dodgers to follow her. We don’t have any evidence on the record yet that would show whether he had ever followed her prior to this—although they certainly did a lot of tweeting for a short period of time (a couple of days).

It’s possible that he never followed her until this time (and there’s no evidence as to whether he followed before she deleted her account—in fact, there’s no evidence that he even saw this tweet). She may have deleted her account before he had the chance to do anything.

The other possibility is that she had deleted all of her followers and followings, but still had the account open, as some others on the periphery of this story have done.

I had considered the possibility that she did not actually close her account, but simply changed the name on the account. By deleting all her followings/followers, they would not see her name change in their accounts. However, that may be an errant path—anyone that RTd her would now show the new name on the RT, I think. Mentions would stay the same, but if they were clicked on, the slide-out Twitter screen would show the profile of the new name. [Don’t take my word on this. I’m only speaking from past observations of how Twitter operates. I have not attempted to test these observations to see if there are any exceptions—or if I drew incorrect conclusions.]

One thing that does surprise me is the late hour of the tweet. I believe the time is EDT, based on the way Google displayed it. However, it’s possible that the time is PDT. The time zone doesn’t affect my surprise, however. I thought the MarianelaAlicea account was closed on the morning of May 28—after making a last push to provide information on Weiner. I had assumed that the Starchild111 account was closed then, if not earlier. This shows they were around longer than that.


5 comments to More For Weinergate Addicts Only: Extra Starchild111 Caches

  • Lee Stranahan

    Reporters talkedto Juan — not a sock and doesn’t know / never met Nikki etc

  • SarahW

    It’s gone now, but at one time you could put “Starchild111” in at the whoistheleader site and look at all of the Starchild account’s follows and followers. I think I might have a screencap, or a save of the text, but I’d have to go looking for it.

    Juan was among the Starchild111 accounts as a follower (as as an account followed by SC). It did not explicitly state the date he followed her.

    I think he might have been asked by her to change the name on his account, I know that he did do that early on when the scandal broke.

    • Prudence

      A while back I did some testing on whoistheleader to try to determine the time period the data was coming from. (My results were inconclusive.) But I did find that the following/follower data was unreliable, primarily by erroneously showing someone as not following when they were, though I did not do enough testing to figure out why that happened.

      It did seem to be a useful source, though, for getting a list of names that would be included in someone’s following/follower lists at some point in time

      Juan had a history of changing his twitter name. Do you think that’s why she asked him to DM her? They had such a brief period of interaction; it would be an odd request from a virtual stranger, and looking at their tweets, there’s no sign they knew one another outside of twitter. They appear to be new friends.

      But more importantly, how would she have known that she would have become a part of the story within the first 24 hours. Weiner’s lewd tweet had nothing to do with her. What possible reason could she have given him to convince him to change his name when he would be a tangential part of a tangential part of the story—especially when it would make it difficult for all the other people with whom he frequently tweeted to find him.

      Sure, Marianela was dangling damaging Weiner info in front of Goatsred, which would have pulled them into the story…if they continued on and provided that evidence to Goatsred, and if Goatsred got that info successfully placed with some media organization or blog. I’ve seen no reports definitely stating that they tried to give that info to anyone else. Have you?

      If they weren’t shopping that evidence around, then they were entirely dependent on Goatsred to get them immediately involved in the story, or they’d have to wait and hope the media and bloggers would find the Starchild tweets with Weiner and the other girls and let it unfold from there.

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