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See: Pushy Old People Stealing From Their Grandkids

A group calling themselves the Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care is running the following commercial of self-righteous cranky geezers demanding that Congress continue bankrupting America for their benefit:

Don’t you love having a lecturing old lady glaring at you over the top of her spectacles? Once again, it’s liberals treating the citizens like misbehaving children. It doesn’t engender any sympathy in me. I find it downright insulting.

The odd thing is that this group, “Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care,” is supposedly up in arms over $100 billion in cuts to Medicare, and yet there was not a peep out of them during the ObamaCare passage that slashed $500 billion out of the program. Why weren’t they trying to Protect America’s Health Care from decimation then?

The answer to that question can be found at their website. Take a look at their list of campaigns, and you’ll see that they only oppose Republican efforts to save the Medicare program, but they have no problem with the Democrats raiding their benefits for their nefarious purposes. (The one time they were on the Republican side was in their clamor for the new entitlement of prescription drugs in Medicare.)

They are quite good at alarming the public—particularly old people—with their advertising, which proposes no revamping of the Medicare/Medicaid systems to save them. It just screams, as it shoves its way onto our TVs, that we need to just keep feeding the monster more money. Forget that we’re bankrupting the nation. Of their bullying success, they say:

  • Since 2000 we have seen an impressive return on investment:
    • Payment improvements: $37.5 billion…return of $2,100 for every dollar invested
    •  With reductions avoided: $457 billion…return of $30,000 for every dollar invested
  • In addition, the Coalition’s advertising moved public opinion and established a base of knowledge in communities about the financial pressures facing hospitals. Survey research completed by Public Opinion Strategies revealed that, in markets that saw no Coalition advertising, 42% of respondents said hospitals faced “good times,” and 36% said hospitals faced “bad times.”
  • In markets where all of the Coalition advertising was seen, there was a dramatic difference—only 27% reported “good times” and 55% said hospitals were facing “bad times.”

Take a look at the three people in that ad above. Each one of them is literally stealing the money right out of the piggy banks of their grandchildren. Do they care about that? Look at their faces. The answer is written all over them: NO.

Unfortunately for the advertisers, in the new proposed debt ceiling deal, it’s Barack Obama, not Republicans, who has now put another $500 billion in Medicare cuts up as his preferred “punishment” when the Super Committee fails to come up with any agreeable plan for $1.4 trillion more in cuts.

Let’s see how long they keep running the commercial now.


7 comments to See: Pushy Old People Stealing From Their Grandkids

  • Neill Goltz

    it’s been running continuously in Iowa over the last 2 weeks.

    Horrible ad.

  • ToniNoBologny

    Um, there were a lot of peeps out of us. We didn’t get enough help from the distracted youth who were too busy partying up. I held rallies and went toe toe with big burley Obama supporters that now regret not ever reading it. Most of Congress didn’t read it, they didn’t write it… but Pelosi refused to let them see the final version before passing. If you were paying attention at the time we were fighting you would have seen the rallying in your area. I bet you complained about that too. These old people are paid actors. You need to get in touch with reality. Stop dislocating your anger and get your friends on councils and boards. Get them in all parties and fill up all the delegate seats. Learn who the lobbyists and ACORNholio’s are in your local areas but figure out what national groups they are attached to… THEY are trying to put America back to Barbarian times, laughing all the way to the bank.

  • ToniNoBologny

    Also, they are giving away free healthcare to non citizens. They are not required to pay anything. Nothing has changed here.

    By the way, those old people on Medicare paid ahead of time.

    Also, any woman here who is not a citizen and is preggers gets a free ride. Not that their journey into this country didn’t come with a price. Also, any illegal worker paying into Social Security, doesn’t typically collect.

    So the whole thing is a racket. It had nothing to do with solving any problems.

    One more thing, it didn’t even create jobs here, they outsourced most of it to… ACORNholio organizations that Rathke set up. That guy just keeps on taking our money and laughing at us!

  • Vera Rose

    Have questions of this group.Does it represent the business interests of for-profit hospitals and clinics?

  • Vera Rose

    Thing is.. Exactly what is their position? Who funds them?

  • Patrick

    Sorry Pru, but I can’t agree with your post. The cuts made to Medicare as part of ACA were cuts to waste, something the right championed loudly in the days of Reagan as necessary, and something they say without relent still happens today. You don’t get to eat your cake and have it too. The cuts in ACA reduce no one’s services, deny no one care.

    The Republican proposal actually cut services. That’s the difference.

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