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#JustABlogger Electoral Votes Contest Official Entries

Below are the officially registered entries for the #JustABlogger Electoral Votes Contest. (For information on how you can enter and win, please click here. UPDATE: The entry deadline has now passed.) The entries are presented in their official forms, in the order in which they were submitted. Check back for new entries as they are added, and for a new post coming soon, which will sort the entries into table form for your convenient viewing.

UPDATE: The final electoral vote total of 2012 (not counting faithless electors or unexpectedly discovered warehouses stuffed with ballots) is 332 for Barack Obama and 206 for Mitt Romney. The closest entry in the #JustABlogger Electoral Votes Contest was submitted by Alex Moff (@alexmoff) with 305 for Obama and 233 for Romney. Congratulations, Alex. You may pick your prize.


@nvendor Electoral Vote Map



  @jimmiebjr, also seen at The Sundries Shack 



(resubmitted to fix unallocated Michigan on the map)   @irishspy, also seen at Public Secrets

  @GayPatriot see his “Bruce’s Final Electoral Map Prediction” at

GayPatriot Electoral Vote Map




Meadabawdy’s Electoral Vote Map

@beautiflywings also seen at A Diva’s View


Ablativ’s Electoral Vote Map

@akonsen also seen at

by email (8:20pm 11/4/12): Matt Dawson (@SaintRPh) also seen at the MorlockRevolt and funny Mittstache

@SaintRPh’s Electoral Vote Map

@Serr8d also seen at Serr8d’s Cutting Edge

Serr8d’s Electoral Vote Map


Stickee’s Electoral Vote Map



by email (10:24pm 11/4/12): @Hale_Razor also seen at RedState“355-183 with Romney getting 54.8% of the popular vote”

@Hale_Razor’s Electoral Vote Map

Robert Ezell Jr. @futuredeadguy

@futuredeadguy’s Electoral Vote Map

Aaron Worthing @AaronWorthing as seen at AllergicToBull



@AaronWorthing Electoral Vote Map

  @rdbrewer4 as seen at AceOfSpades


@MooseOfReason as seen at

Moose of Reason’s Electoral Vote Map

Ali Akbar (@ali) as seen at his fan page on Facebook


  The Eye of Shannon Poe (@shannonpoe)

Shannon Poe’s Electoral Vote Map


  Michi I. (@michi83)

  Pete (@maxpeppertree)

@Maxpeppertree’s Electoral Vote Map


  @Poor_Richard as seen at

  Dr. Schadenfreude (@PoliticsOfFear)

  Truman North @TruPundit as seen on AceOfSpades

TruPundit’s Electoral Vote Map

John Lane (@jpl1988)

@jpl1988’s Electoral Vote Map

Jeff Cooper ‏(@jeffdotcooper)

  Murray S Y Bessette @MSYBessette

  Chris Coon (‏@Coondawg68)

  @lorien1973 also seen at

Lorien1973’s Electoral Vote Map

  Rod Dixon @1_whoisjohngalt



Aknick’s Electoral Vote Map

  @TheMorningSpew also seen at

@morningspew’s Electoral Vote Map

Note: @TheMorningSpew accidentally left a few states unassigned and tweeted a request that they be counted as Democrat. So, that makes Spew’s EV totals as Obama 191 to Romney 347.

  Tom Reynolds (@Beregond) also seen at

Beregond’s Electoral Vote Map

@zakn as seen at AceOfSpades

@zakn’s Electoral Vote Map

Chris Smith (@smitty_one_each) as seen at The Other McCain

Smitty’s Electoral Vote Map

Smitty tweeted to add the 8 unassigned electoral votes to Romney, awarding him a whopping 362 to Obama’s 176. And his post at was updated to include his popular vote estimate of:

  • Romney: 59%
  • Obama: 39%
  • Other: 2%

[Thanks for the post, Smitty!]
And @SissyWillis of Sisu decided to piggyback on Smitty’s entry. So if Smitty wins, Sissy will have to read the book prize of his choice over his shoulder. 🙂

@JustKarl as seen at and its new expanded Greenroom

@JustKarl’s Electoral Vote Map

@JustKarl tweeted that that electoral vote totals in his map are: 275-263. JackieLynn ‏(@princy_lyn) as seen at


@MoxieMom’s Electoral Vote Map

UPDATE: When posting Moxie’s entry here, I noted that her map and totals has left some electoral votes unassigned, so I offered her the opportunity to correct it (even though beyond deadline, because I had done the same with other entries, and the delay was my fault)

WJJ Hoge (@wjjhoge) as seen at

@wjjhoge’s Electoral Vote Map


**incomplete entry/awaiting Popular Vote percentages David Conard ‏(@conard3)

David Conard’s Electoral Vote Map


@travispjohnson’s Electoral Vote Map

@RevOnlineDotCom as also seen at TheRevolutionary

  DiploMatt (@mdrache)

@mdrache’s Electoral Vote Map


  Ted Lehr (@ledtear)

Darin Jeffers (@Gabochan)



Brian Willard (@bnhwillard)

@bnhwillard’s Electoral Vote Map

S K (@nolesfan2011)




@patriotwi’s Electoral Vote Map

Melissia @ProudoftheUSA

@proudoftheusa’s Electoral Vote Map

Paul Patané ‏@PaulPatane

@paulpatane’s Electoral Vote Map

Adam Baldwin (@adamsbaldwin) also seen at’s Big Hollywood


Luke Londo ‏(@llondo)

@llondo’s Electoral Vote Map


@sigtau22’s Electoral Vote Map


@Politicklish also seen at

Billy Shears ‏(@Billy_Shears77)

Matthew Burden (‏@Blackfive) also seen at

Ryan Underdown (‏@Underdown)

@underdown’s Electoral Vote Map

Melissa Clouthier ‏(@MelissaTweets) also seen at

@melissatweets’s Electoral Vote Map

Justin Evans @skyfire163

@skyfire’s Electoral Vote Map


Neo (@Neosexist) also seen at (thanks for link!)



TRmircat’s Electoral Vote Map

JammieWearingFool (@JammieWF) as seen at Jammie Wearing Fools

@jammiewf’s Electoral Vote Map

Miké ‏@ThePantau

@thepantau’s Electoral Vote Map

Alexis Rose Bank ‏(@icanhasbailout)

@icanhasbailout’s Electoral Vote Map w/numbers

Carl Bralick (‏@cbralick)

Note: Current map still contains unassigned electoral votes.

Kent (@kentmontgomery1)


raindog (@raindogtweets)

(image error)

Electoral Vote Map

Carlos Hernandez (@SniperMarine)

Due to unassigned states in first map, allowed to resubmit with correction:

Electoral Vote Map

Charles Simmins (@CharlesSimmins) also seen at NorthShoreJournal

@charlessimmins’ Electoral Vote Map

@JoanOfArgghh as also seen at Primordial Slack

@joanargghh’s Electoral Vote Map


[As original map had unassigned votes, was permitted to resubmit corrected map, as well as missing popular vote estimate]

@bearshadow’s Electoral Vote Map

That concludes all of the *prize-eligible* entries. We had 88 in total. After I vote, I will a few people that missed the deadline but wished to be included.

UPDATE: I forgot to move my own map over here!

My prediction was Obama getting 225 electoral votes and Romney 313, the popular vote being 47.57% for Obama and 52.16% for Romney.

@prupaine’s Electoral Vote Map

My great thanks to those that did a write-up of the contest at their sites:
Dan Riehl of
Smitty of
RD Brewer of AceOfSpadesHQ

And the linkage was much appreciated from:
Stacy McCain of the eponymous TheOtherMcCain writing at the AmericanSpectator and, of course, TheOtherMcCain.
Jammie at JammieWearingFools

Thanks for sending your readers my way for the contest.

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