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Rex in Regno suo superiores habet Deum et Legem.

The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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Mt. Vesuvius Ended This Woman's Life...

Remains of a pregnant woman and fetus killed by Mount Vesuvius' ash.

…and the life of her unborn 7-month-old baby.

That’s the mother’s skull (with a patch of blonde hair still attached) and the eggshell-fragile bones of the fetus she protected to her last breath.

Who could look at that photo and not feel sad for both the mother and the child?

Yet there are some (hello, Wendy Davis and gal pals) who would view the tiny creature as worthy of destruction by a machine that would chop it up and suck it out of this mother’s womb.

2 comments to Mt. Vesuvius Ended This Woman’s Life…

  • Patrick

    Why would you think, even for a moment, that people like Wendy Davis would prefer, or as you carefully phrased it, “view as worthy”, for a 7 month old fetus to be chopped up?

    Your own mantra says, “use no bad language”, but bad language doesn’t mean only profanity, it also means you should not engage in sophistry. Those who chose to defend late term abortion, and I am not one, are doing so because, like those who chose to defend semi-automatic rifles and large capacity magazines, they see any encroachment upon a women’s right to decide when, and when not to have a family, as intolerable. They do not weigh, seemingly, the value of the fetus very much in that argument, much like those who advocate for unlimited access to firepower rarely weigh the harm done to innocent people by legal gun owners due accident, suicide and in a fit of anger – a rate 20 times higher than any self-defense use.

    If you want to have a reasonable discussion, use reasonable words. A 7 month old baby is viable, it has brain activity, our standard for life. It should be considered alive, but calling people like Davis WILFULLY seeking to destroy, which is the effect of saying a fetus is “worthy” – it means they think this is the proper outcome – is a disgusting insult, and worse, it’s a foolish thing to say because it does nothing to resolve the issue. If you’re looking solely to inflame people, then your words make sense, but no issue like this is resolved by making each side mad and digging in their heals.

    Instead, perhaps you should suggest a point in time where you are comfortable allowing a woman to chose to terminate a pregnancy, and where you are not. State your reasons, state a reason not related to “just because God says so” by the way, and then seek to get them to state a point where they are willing to say it’s a baby. See if you can find a meeting of the minds on this, or at least to reduce the gap. Most women I know, and certainly far more than enough to formulate a great majority of opinion, would find any abortion of a baby at 36 weeks to be abhorant. Most would find one at 30 weeks to be. Do you find 10 weeks to be a baby? If so, why, if not, then why object? See if you can find a number, like say, 25 weeks on which you all can agree.

    That’s called working together reasonably, rather than calling someone a “baby-killer” using different words.

  • michael

    go Rangel!!!!

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