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The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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ITYS #2: Mark Kirk, RINO, Joins 'Mod Squad'

Ugh. Mark Kirk is still more than two weeks away from being sworn in as the new Senator, and already he’s making no bones about wanting to align himself with those who will tear down any conservative momentum in the 112th Congress. He’s even gone so far as to coin a new term for the old tattered “Gang of 14.”

Heretofore it appears they will be known as the “Mod Squad.” Get it? Moderate, Mod. Clever, yes, but repulsive to the core of every conservative heart.

Here’s the start of the dismal news as reported by The Hill‘s Blog Briefing Room:

Centrist Senate Republicans are likely to get a new ally in Sen.-elect Mark Kirk (R-Ill.), according to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine).

Collins, one of the most visible centrist Republicans in the Senate, told the Kennebec Journal that the newly elected senator punned to her that he wanted to be a part of the Senate GOP’s “Mod Squad.” Columnist David B. Offer wrote:

The day after the election, Collins told me she had received a post-election telephone call from Mark Kirk, the Illinois Republican elected to fill the Senate seat once held by President Barack Obama.

“I can’t wait to join your Mod Squad,” Kirk told her.

The Maine senator’s comments highlight the potential tension between centrist and conservative Republican senators in the next Congress.

If you’ve got a strong stomach, go ahead and click on the link to also read the original story at Maine’s Kennebec Journal to see squishy, noodle-spined, media-attention-craving moderation being glorified.

Gem #1:

I think — and I certainly hope — that they are wrong. If politicians of both parties have the sense of a Maine moose, they will recognize that the election returns show that people want Congress and the president to do what it takes to turn the economy around. That can’t be done by government gridlock.

Gem #2:

Sen. Susan Collins is optimistic that the middle-of-the-road reasonable lawmakers from both parties will find a way to work together. Moderates may find answers that elude hard-core partisans, left and right.

Gem #3:

Kirk, Maine’s two senators, Collins and Olympia Snowe and moderates of both parties are a welcome contrast to Rand Paul, the new Tea Party-Libertarian-Republican senator from Kentucky, who continued to express his right-wing go-it-alone views in a post-election speech. I think he and others of his ilk will find that approach won’t work in the real world and that voters will not stand for it.

You get the gist of it. It goes further downhill from there, concluding with a multi-paragraph slap-down of Sarah Palin by Collins—including her desire to see Lisa Murkowski win, just to take down Palin.

This next six years is not going to be pretty.

Here we have my “I Told You So” #2:

h/t SisterToldjah tweet

|I Told You So

Mark Kirk, RINO, Breaking Ranks Before They Even Form

Mark Kirk has not even been sworn in, and already it has been reported that he is talking about breaking (unformed) ranks and voting with the Democrats for a campaign finance bill in the lame duck session. As this bill primarily hamstrings Republican fundraising, it would never pass once the new Republican House is in session.

Kirk voted against this as a House member, yet now he’s floating a trial balloon that lets it be known that he can be bought. Leadership, start your bidding. Chicago corruption never ceases.

The Hill says:

Kirk could have more support in a Senate lame-duck from other Republicans fed up with the aggressive, undisclosed outside spending that took place in their own campaigns. After losing the GOP primary to Tea Party-backed Jeff Miller, Murkowski launched a write-in candidacy to retain her seat. But she was pummeled early on by spending from independent outside groups, most notably the Tea Party Express and the Senate Conservatives Fund backed by Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.).

An independent coalition of Alaska Native regional corporations formed their own group, Alaskans Standing Together, and spent heavily on Murkowski’s behalf, but the senator may have been so stung by her primary loss that she is ready to support the Disclose Act.

Ah, yes. Use legislation to solidify your position of power and put down those icky unwashed uprisings.

And whom else does The Hill identify as a potential vote in the RINO coalition? That’s right:

Other centrists who witnessed the stinging primary defeats of likeminded congressional colleagues by Tea Party-backed candidates — candidates who went on to lose in the general election — may also decide to join forces and vote in favor of the Disclose Act. Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) is up for re-election in 2012 and will no doubt attract a primary challenge from a more conservative candidate.

Snowe and her fellow GOP centrist colleague from Maine, Sen. Susan Collins, withheld their support for the Disclose Act in September when it came up for a vote on the Senate floor. Collins said she believed the bill was imbalanced in the way it treated corporations and unions in the disclosure requirements. Snowe complained that the measure was designed to provide Democrats an advantage in the November election.

Just wait. McCain and Graham will join the group shortly. They’re just timing it right so that they can grab the glory of being the final “reasonable” ones to swoop in and make the legislation a reality. And once again, the new Congress will begin with this lousy bunch staging a coup and cutting off the conservative movement at the knees.

History Flashback: The Gang of 14 formed early in the new Congress after Bush’s 2004 reelection. That was the last Congress that Republicans had a majority in—until now. In fact, the Wiki entry notes:

In the 110th Congress, the Democrats possessed a 51-49 majority in the Senate. With the Democrats in control, the purpose of the Gang of 14 disappeared.

Got that? The whole purpose of the Gang of 14 was to assist the Democrats maintain some control until they could do it on their own. Once they regained control, “mission accomplished.”

That’s why these betrayers are known as RINOs: They are merely doing the Democrats bidding from within the GOP for their own gain and media glorification. And that’s why I am ever so thankful that Mike Castle can’t get his shiny mug on camera during the fawning press conference the media will replay all week when this campaign finance disaster occurs.

I Told You So #1

Since it looks like I will be regularly calling up this link over the next six years, let’s just put it out there:!/PruPaine/status/29540222377

That links to the following tweet made in the wee hours of election night 2010 when it was announced that Mark Kirk (R-IL) had won Barrack Obama’s Senate seat.

I knew I’d be repeating early and often. Who knew it would be this early, though? Looks like we are in for a long six years.


As reported on Hot Air, Illinois plans to continue the Chicago-style thuggery by refusing to certify Mark Kirk’s win until after Thanksgiving. This will provide the Senate with ample opportunity to first hold all the votes where Kirk might actually go against them, and then bring Kirk on board for a lame-RINO session.

I have to wonder if Kirk’s secretly on board with this plan. Lame-duck website or no lame-duck website, I wouldn’t put it past him.