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Rex in Regno suo superiores habet Deum et Legem.

The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence

Scorecard Update...

If you were playing along with the Senate Tsunami game last night, you know that while it wasn’t a complete washout for the Democrats, the red wave did surge across the country, picking up 6 new Senate seats, with 3 still undetermined.

At worst, the GOP will have gained 5 seats (if Alaska voters were to actually want to send a pork-barreling sore loser with no principles back to the Senate and she decides to caucus with the Dems). At best, the Republicans will have gained 8 seats.

It’s a shame we weren’t able to get to 50 or 51, because then the Democrats would be have been sure to get at least one RINO to switch parties to maintain control, and we’d be close to where we are right now, but a more principled party with the opportunity to locate a principled candidate to run on the Republican line.

Sure, not all of our candidates were the strongest possible. They may have had the right ideas and principles, but they were flawed in a way that allowed the media to mercilessly belittle them. But, I mean, come on, could Sharon Angle or Christine O’Donnell be any more ridiculous than Al Franken? Could they be anymore gaffetastic than Joe Biden? No. I appreciate their efforts, and applaud their ability to hold their head up and go out everyday to make their case. How many of you could have endured just one week of national mockery?

In the frenzied emergence of the Tea Party, there was no time to recruit candidates. There was no one to do the recruiting even. We just had some gutsy people step forward to say “I’ll do it.” And we were thankful to have an alternative to the party line. I’m hoping Jim DeMint will expand his Senate Conservatives Fund into a recruitment operation as well.

As it stands now, we’re still stuck with many establishment power-over-principles politicians sitting in Republican seats and looking for the opportunity to make a name for themselves again by thwarting conservative efforts to limit government. And with Mark Kirk’s election, they’ve added one to their ranks.

Fortunately, the Senate got not only more red in name, but more red in conservatism, replacing Democrats and RINOs with fresh spine: Paul, Rubio, Toomey and Lee, in particular. It was a good night, and it’s not over yet.

Here’s what your scorecard should look like to date:

|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence

Senate Tsunami Scorecard!

Catch the red tidal wave this evening as it sweeps across the nation. Color the Republican winners with red ink/highlighter/crayon.Color the Democrat winners with blue ink/highlighter/crayon.

As in BINGO, you get a FREE square: See the lower right corner? Start the wave by filling it in. RED.

To get your Senate Tsunami Scorecard, click on the picture or this link to download the PDF. Print it out. Fill it up. Create a drinking game. (No, don’t. No one can handle that much alcohol.)

|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence

Prudence Punditry: 2010's Hail Mary Pick

Supposedly incumbent Daniel Inouye has the Hawaii US Senate seat locked up. But it’s odd that Real Clear Politics shows only two polls for the race to confirm this safe status.

The first poll was done by the hyperpartisan Daily Kos, who earlier was putting out completely bogus poll data but now has paired with PPP. The October 2-3 poll put Inouye ahead by 36 whopping points (65-29). But then Rasmussen did a poll on October 13 and found the GOP challenger Cam Cavasso has closed the gap to 13 points (53-40). If that’s an accurate depiction of the trend, Cavasso has a chance to win by 13 points. Granted, it’s unlikely, but perhaps there’s a possibility that he could win by 1.

But would we want Cavasso to win? Would he be an establishment puppet, or does he have Tea running in his veins? Hard to tell, because when I stumbled across a Hawaii debate on C-Span last week, it freaked me out that the moderators and the candidates were all wearing leis. Politicians debating the future of the country wearing flower necklaces! Now I know, I’m trampling on the hallowed tradition of Hawaiian civility and aloha philosophy. Sorry to offend those of more delicate (and sensible) sensibilities. I’d prefer to see my politicians debate while chawing on turkey legs and slamming their beer steins down on the desk for emphasis. I switched the channel so fast that I can’t even be sure what race the debate was for.

So let’s check Cavasso’s site. Yikes! Candidate in a lei alert!  The rest threatens to put you to sleep with its snoozy earnest explanations in san serif type. But wait. Stay awake and force yourself to read. He’s for…

  • cutting spending, including entitlements. He’s a man’s man, able to boldly spell out the usually unmentionable program names: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
  • “transitioning” to a currency “with some form of intrinsic value.” Oh my. I’m falling hard for the guy.
  • a “Fair Tax,” and here’s the heart-racing kicker: “provided it coincides with the removal of the 16th Amendment.” Oh, I can’t breathe. It’s so deliciously shocking. So founding father. I must retire to my fainting couch.

This guy will not be beholden to any party leadership. So I’m making Cam Cavasso my 2010 Hail Mary Pick.

If he wins, I wear a lei for a week.

Pundit Rankings

  • Cook: Solid Dem
  • RealClear: Safe Dem
  • Prudence: Oh Please Oh Please

Cam Cavasso, US Senate Candidate

|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence

Levi for Murkowski?

No need to watch the following, unless you wish to have a lobotomy-by-video. It’s Levi Johnston appearing on Bill Maher’s show. Think Alvin Greene but with less to say.

Johnston’s apparently trying to be nice again and not give up anything more on the Palins, despite half of Maher’s efforts. Maher spends the other half just outright ridiculing Johnston, who merely smiles and takes it while guests Nicole Wallace and Rob Reiner get their own digs in and Jake Tapper looks uncomfortable. I almost felt sorry for Johnston. If I didn’t know he was a proven lowlife, I’d have thought he was a nice, modest guy.

Johnston does say that this is his last interview for a while (perhaps because the media’s interest is waning due to his reluctance to provide any new excitement). He’s going back to Wasilia. His mayoral campaign sounds rather unfocused right now, as he hasn’t yet decided whether he’s Republican or Democrat.

Sounds like he’s a natural Murkowski supporter to me. A little backstabby. A lot unprincipled.

Just think, Levi. You could start the endorsement war between Alaska’s two political titans. Take on Sarah, mano a mano.

Come on and do us a favor. Endorse Lisa. Make a campaign commercial for her, showing how you know how to spell, and not just an easy word, but a really hard one. You could fill out the ballot while taking a shower. The media will come running back again, ready to oil you up with limelight and hang on your every monosyllabic word.

It will add another minute to your fame–and six years’ to Joe Miller’s. Pretty please.

Update: Oops. Misspelled Johnston as Johnson. Corrected. {irony! “easy word.” doink!}

|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence

Do the Barney Shuffle

Looks like we’ve discovered what Barney’s campaign needed the $200k for: dance lessons. Who needs Obama Girl when you’ve got Barney Boy.

(poached from The Other McCain, where you can find a link to the NY Times profile of this ad’s brilliant filmmaker Ladd Ehlinger Jr.–as evidenced by another of his more famous political ads for Alabama agricultural commissioner candidate Dale Peterson)

Do the Barney Shuffle on over to the website of his able opponent, Sean Bielat, and make a donation:

|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence

Elections Have Consequences

Another Ben Howe video sure to send you running to the polls. It’s a video scrapbook of the idiocy that has ruled the country during the past four years.

(h/t Ace of Spades)

If you need more motivation, here’s a collection of some other rousing mini-films.

|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence

Spineless Senate GOP Lets Ex-Repub Keep Top GOP Perks & Positions

Shockingly, the Senate GOP have decided to let ex-Republican Lisa Murkowski (or as she likes to spell it, Murkwski) remain as their top dog on the Energy committee, and to keep her other GOP committee seats.

Lamar Alexander, the weak-willed Republican Senate Conference chairman from Tennessee, said, “We’ve done what we need to do and we decided not to do more.”

These lily-livered Senate Republicans go and reward a traitor in their midst, and they can’t understand why voters are so disgusted with them, why Republican voters are voting them out just as fast as we can.

Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), who is up for reelection in 2012, still hasn’t gotten the message. Following the clubby GOP meeting that kept Murkowski in the good-old-boys club, Hatch was quoted as saying, “It’s just a matter of good taste. We decided to keep the status quo as long as she’s a senator.’’

This just demonstrates the need to kick out ALL Senate Republicans–except Jim DeMint (R-SC).

[Updated with link to story on DeMint’s 9/23 email stating the decision to protect Murkowski against her Republican voters was made by secret ballot and the leadership then refused to give the final tally.]

Relevant @PruPaine Tweets:

  • .@OrrinHatch “Good taste” to not strip GOP perks from an anti-Republican? Can’t wait to show you the real meaning of good taste in 2012. 
  • Outrageous that the spineless Senate GOP will keep mutinous Murkowski ensconced in her committee seats. #votethemallout #tcot #aksen #sen
|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence

O'Donnell Victory Explained on Taiwan TV

(Hat tip: Daily Caller)

|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence | Updated

Moore's Bedfellow? UPDATE: Townhall VP Defines 'Helps Run'

They say that politics makes strange bedfellows, but in Alan Moore’s case, perhaps it’s not so strange.

Moore, that rock-ribbed Republican, self-describes himself to Politico as “a strong conservative” who is apparently bitter over the loss of his pet candidate, liberal RINO Mike Castle. There is hell to be paid for the defeat of his pretty, and when Politico comes calling, he’s going to nuzzle the phone receiver between his ear and shoulder, kick back in his desk chair, prop his feet up on the desk, and the bile flow.

Politico describes him as someone “who worked on press releases and policy statements for two months during [Christine O’Donnell’s failed 2008 Senate] bid and now helps run the conservative site” in the article where he merrily trash talks O’Donnell after she won the Republican primary.

Politico has thus far taken a bat to O’Donnell with quotes from three of her former staffers–Kristin Murray, David Keegan and Alan Moore. Good reporters will include connections between sources in their articles and let the chips fall where they may. Reporters with a “narrative” to push aren’t going to let icky details muck up their stories.

Would it be surprising to learn that sources coming from the tiny overlap of set A (Republicans) and set B (Delaware campaign workers) would likely know one another? Hardly. It would be expected.

Would it flavor your reading of a story, however, if two of the three disgruntled sources are currently romantically involved? If a couple of sources are actually a couple?

Well, I can’t say for sure that there’s mutual romantic feelings going on, but it does seem that Moore has a big ol’ crush on Kristin Murray–Politico’s original O’Donnell trash-talker who popped up just in time to do an anti-Christine robo-call for the Delaware GOP on election day.

Let’s take a look at some of Moore’s sweet Twitterings:

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|Campaign 2010 | Political Prudence

What Does Moore Know?

Three former staffers of Republican US Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell have been seeking to destroy her candidacy by telling rather insignificant anecdotes about her 2008 campaign. I say “insignificant” because they don’t amount to any wrong-doing; instead they seem to be fairly one-sided versions of differing opinions on how to run a campaign.

But the media came late to the Christine O’Donnell story. They ran in a breathless herd to the sideline when it suddenly looked like sweet, non-threatening, liberal, aisle-crossing RINO Mike Castle might lose his rightful claim to waltz into Delware’s US Senate seat. How fun the years ahead were going to be for the media as Castle blew up one Republican plan after another by selling out and caving to the Democrats. So out came their “nuts or sluts” coverage, just as happened with Nikki Haley in the South Carolina gubernatorial race.

On the sluts front, they didn’t have any political operatives claiming to have slept with O’Donnell, as they had with Haley. Instead they had videotape to mock of O’Donnell preaching all forms of sexual abstinence 15 years ago–in apparent repentance for formerly slutty behavior. Put a check in the sluts scorebox.

Oddly, preaching abstinence wasn’t enough for the media to feel confident this time that they’ve got the nuts column covered too, so send in the turncoat political operatives.

Meet Alan Moore. The day before the Delaware primary, Moore wrote a lovely little piece entitled “Nominating Christine O’Donnell (DE) Could Destroy the Tea Party.” It begins:

I volunteered for the O’Donnell campaign in 2008. I am not owed any money nor have I ever received payment from either the O’Donnell or Castle campaigns.

After that, he dredges up one picayune charge after another in an attempt to derail her victory the next day. But poor Moore, his story doesn’t make much headway into the world—though it does make it into a blog entry at the Atlantic. Castle loses, and Moore has made his future potential employers rather skittish about his trustworthiness and loyalty, all for naught.

It wasn’t until three days after O’Donnell’s upset win that Politico added Moore to their stable of disgruntled turncoats.

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