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Rex in Regno suo superiores habet Deum et Legem.

The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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Beauty Queen Sexually Assaulted

Finally, a celebrity, a former Miss USA, has been forced to suffer the indignities of a TSA full-body pat-down and has come away crying. I say “finally” not because I want celebrities to be subjected to degrading interactions with their government like the rest of us commoners. No, I say it because only a celebrity can bring sufficient attention to the abuse. Only a celebrity can garner the celebrity-crazed media sympathy for him or her. Only a celebrity can be handed an instant megaphone to express her disgust at the foul treatment, no matter how “routine” or “professional” the TSA tries to say it is.

(That’s a far cry from media-craving lawyer Gloria Allred proclaiming last year that she actually enjoyed her airport governmental fondling, which actually explains somewhat—though not totally—her bizarre baseball-bat sex simulation in front of two young girls in pigtails last week. [Warning: TMZ presents the inappropriate, needless demonstration in its typically rude and vulgar manner.])

I feel very badly for the 2003 crowned beauty Susie Castillo and her traumatic experience at the hands of a Dallas TSA employee. No one should be forced to endure what she did. No government should ever have the right to run their hands over a citizen’s body if they have no warrant and that citizen is not under arrest.

Unfortunately, this now occurs every day in this country. We hear the outcry when video of a little girl being molested by Uncle Sam pops up, but the clamor over the same thing occurring to her mother and sisters and grandmothers has gone silent.

Here’s the video Castillo made after going through the ordeal and after she then talked to the TSA to register a complaint.

If you have suffered through a TSA full-body pat-down too, follow Castillo’s recommendations and speak up. That’s the only way this horrendous policy will get changed.

I, for one, have not flown since this radiate-or-grope policy was enacted, and I will not fly again until it is repealed.

Speak up. Fight for your liberty. It’s rapidly being stripped away.

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|Privacy | Prudence Potpourri

Medical Records Snooping

No one has been much concerned about the National Health Information database, which if I’m not mistaken was authorized and preliminarily funded under the stimulus boondoggle, long before ObamaCare passed. This database will require all citizens to have their medical records kept in a national database, supposedly to eliminate medical error, and doctors will be asked to submit their diagnoses to the database for guidance and comparison of treatments.

Sounds so wonderful to many. Sounds horrific to me. No record in a national database is secure from prying eyes. And it’s already begun, even before the database has been implemented.

Senator Scott Brown’s insurance company notified him that political opponents have been seeking medical information on him and his family members. According to the Boston Herald:

Officials from the Group Insurance Commission, the state’s health insurance provider, notified Brown on Tuesday that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee asked them “to provide insurance information,” according to a copy of the GIC letter obtained by the Herald.

The DSCC wanted to obtain “all direct correspondence” that the Senator had with the insurance provider. The paper said:

A DSCC spokesman insisted the request was only for public information and never sought private medical information about the Brown family.

The paper could not get a comment from the commission, but it said:

…a letter sent by the agency to Brown’s lawyer Tuesday warns “some or all of the material requested may constitute ‘personal data.’ ”

Imagine if the DSCC didn’t have to go through any persnickety commission to dig dirt on their opponents. Suppose they could just have friends at the national health database do a little wikileaking of their own.

I, for one, do not want my medical records stored anywhere but my doctor’s office (and yes, I know they are already spread far and wide through the insurance, hospital, and pharmacy systems—but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel very uncomfortable with that).

Let’s make a deal. Obama has refused to release any of his records: school, medical and the infamous long-form birth. Clinton fought to keep his medical records private. Any medical database needs to be inaugurated with the medical records of Obama, Clinton, their families, their staffs, and all of Congress and its staffers first.

We don’t have to worry about whether those records could be held securely one year or five years. They would never be held because our rulers would never subject themselves to the same potential invasion of privacy they wish us to submit to.

If that were the stipulation, the entire project would instantly die.

In the meantime, think about whether the DSCC has only sought access to Brown’s records. You think he’s the only politician they would love to get damaging or embarrassing information on? Just how many insurance companies never bothered to notify their clients and sent the requested information right on to the DSCC?

It’s simply disgusting. So much for medical “privacy.” Combine such a database with politicians such as Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg who believe they have the right to dictate your health behaviors to you, and we have a nightmare approaching.