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Another Liberal Hypocrite Who Wants to Dictate to You

Liberals would like to reduce such cuteness in the world. Photo by Avsar Aras

Liberals would like to reduce such cuteness in the world. Photo by Avsar Aras

NPR has a case study in liberal hypocrisy in its story Should We Be Having Kids in the Age of Climate Change? They feature Travis Rieder, “a philosopher with the Berman Institute of Bioethics at Johns Hopkins University,” who tells everyone they shouldn’t have children because of climate change.

He’s at James Madison University in southwest Virginia to talk about a “small-family ethic” — to question the assumptions of a society that sees having children as good, throws parties for expecting parents, and in which parents then pressure their kids to “give them grandchildren.”

Like a good liberal, he wants to shame you into not even having baby showers, because baby showers will cause the destruction of the Earth when carried to their end goal, celebrating the addition of a new human life to the planet. Heaven forbid friends and family reward new parents with a cake and a cute little onesie for the little one.

Actually, heaven doesn’t have to forbid it. Rieder wants the government to forbid it–or at least go as far as acceptable in forbidding before appearing completely totalitarian. He wants all tax credits for children stopped, and tax penalties instead imposed. It’s somewhat surprising he didn’t also suggest tax credits for aborting babies. In his world, it could become a real badge of honor to abort a baby to show all your friends your dedication to the climate.

The story then goes on to tell how his wife had wanted lots of children, and despite her husband making his living, his morality, his reputation off of telling others not to have children, they decided to have a child, who’s now two years old.

That doesn’t deter him from trying to terrify his youthful audience into doing what he himself refused to do:

He asks how old they will be in 2036, and, if they are thinking of having kids, how old their kids will be.

“Dangerous climate change is going to be happening by then,” he says. “Very, very soon.”

He’s predicating a climate catastrophe in 2036. Let’s see. His lovely little daughter will be about 22 then. Aw, how sweet. Just graduating from college to float off into the ocean that will rise up and sweep away anyone not consumed by the Earth-bound fires and damnation.

If he’s willing to assure such a tragic future for his daughter, whom he proclaims to be “the most amazing thing we’ve ever done with our lives,” then he cannot truly believe the Chicken-Little alarmism he is selling.

For others, he’s not willing to moderate his “children will destroy the planet” hype.

Rieder’s audience seems to want an easier way. A student asks about the carbon savings from not eating meat.

Excellent idea, Rieder says. But no amount of conservation gives you a pass. Oregon State University researchers have calculated the savings from all kinds of conservation measures: driving a hybrid, driving less, recycling, using energy-efficient appliances, windows and light bulbs.

For an American, the total metric tons of carbon dioxide saved by all of those measures over an entire lifetime of 80 years: 488. By contrast, the metric tons saved when a person chooses to have one fewer child: 9,441.

Another student asks: “What happens if that kid you decided not to have would have been the person who grew up and essentially cured this?”

Again, great question, says Rieder, but the answer is still no. First, the chances are slim. More to the point, he says, valuing children as a means to an end — be it to cure climate change or, say, provide soldiers for the state — is ethically problematic.

With all that’s at stake, he says, we need to shift our cultural attitudes. “It’s not the childless who must justify their lifestyle. It’s the rest of us.”

And that includes Rieder.

Rieder absolves himself of not following the morals he preaches like a modern-day Jim and Tammy Faye Baker by saying he won’t have additional children. No, no, no. They are “one and done,” in the cutesy liberal phraseology. His wife just needed that one to satisfy her extreme human urge she could not control. (She’s the sinner. He was saintly in permitting her to destroy the planet for all the rest of us.)

The story ends with a pair of frightening quotes from Rieder:

“‘The situation is bleak, it’s just dark,’ he says. ‘Population engineering, maybe it’s an extreme move. But it gives us a chance.'”

And then the last line of the story:

“‘We know exactly how to make fewer babies,’ he says.” To which the NPR reporter sums up “And it’s something people can start doing today.”

Tax credits for abortion doesn’t seem such an exaggeration after all, does it?

|The Left

Miss America, LIberal Activist


above, Kira Kazantsev, Miss America 2015, and former boss, Democratic activist Chuck Rocha of Solidarity Strategies

On Monday, Steve Ertelt of reported an interesting fact he found on the LinkedIn page of the newly crowned Miss America.


Her most recent job experience (other than performing her duties as Miss New York and competing in the Miss America pageant) was three months as an “education” intern with Planned Parenthood. Her profile says that she presented programs in local schools regarding mutual respect and self-esteem. Is this how the country’s leading abortion provider is insinuating itself into the lives of school children?


Since her work for an abortion group has been reported in the conservative blogosphere, someone has quietly deleted the LinkedIn profile. (Don’t worry. I made a copy of it, thinking it was likely to be memory-holed.) It’s easy to understand why the Miss America organization would prefer that Kazantsev’s resume were not publicly available, since her overall job experience is not likely to endear the new Miss America to red-state America.

Take, for instance, her job as a political intern for Solidarity Strategies. In their Twitter bio, they describe themselves as “A 100% minority owned political consulting firm dedicated to progressive politics.” They do a lot of work with unions.

Her resume says that she wrote blog posts for her boss, Chuck Rocha (pictured at top with Kazantsev), for the Center for National Policy. Unfortunately, the Center’s site doesn’t date any of its blog posts, but with a little investigation, it appears that three posts appeared “by” Rocha between June 2012 and Labor Day of that year: A Case Study: Caterpillar vs. Machinists; Investment Over Party Politics; and America’s Labor Day.


Her work with the Senate campaign to elect Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) explains the answer she gave during the interview portion of the Miss America pageant. When asked by Lee Meriwether what female Senators should devote their time to, Kazantsev said that rape in the military should be the priority. That’s Gillibrand’s pet issue: she is attempting to strip the military chain of command of the ability to handle sexual assault and sexual harassment cases within the military judicial system. Gillibrand instead wants civilian systems to handle it, even in war zones. It’s an extreme position that even Senator Claire McCaskill has not signed on to, and McCaskill is the leader on establishing quasi-legal systems to allow colleges to handle sexual assault cases internally.


Lastly, note Kazantsev’s first internship with Solidarity Strategies, in which she took a role in the recall of Republican Governor Scott Walker. Wisconsin voters rejected those recall efforts, and they might not be so pleased to learn that Miss America was battling against them.


While the LinkedIn profile for Kazantsev was just deleted this afternoon, it looks like the Blogspot site that Kazantsev linked in her LinkedIn profile, As Told By Kira (see her customized blog header below), went defunct after a 2012 trip to Europe. It appears the site was deleted sometime in the past year.


[also posted at]


The Huffington Post obtained a statement from Planned Parenthood‘s vice president of communications Eric Ferrero regarding Kazantsev’s work with them. It turns out that she was prettying up her job description. Ferrero explicitly notes the programs were for sex education. He makes no mention of “mutual respect and self-esteem.”

Miss America Kira Kazantsev interned last year at her local Planned Parenthood affiliate, where she supported staff members who provide sex education in the community and at local schools. Several past Miss Americas have supported Planned Parenthood’s mission, and we’re thrilled and proud that one of our former interns is the new Miss America.

Planned Parenthood is the nation’s leading provider of sex education. Every year, we provide more than one million people with accurate, nonjudgmental information about relationships, sexuality, and healthy decision-making. An overwhelming majority of the American public supports access to comprehensive sex education in middle and high schools — the type of sex education programming that Planned Parenthood provides and which gives parents tools to have conversations with their families, and helps keep young people safe and healthy.

Now as Miss America, Kazantsev will be visiting schools across the country, speaking to our children. Given what she’s been trained to speak to them about, it’s not an encouraging thought for many parents.

|The Left

Planned Parenthood Seeks to Restrict Access to Birth Control

BirthControlPillsLast week, Planned Parenthood announced its opposition to Republican proposals to make contraceptives easily accessible as non-prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

Let me paraphrase Planned Parenthood’s three points of opposition:

1) The expanded access to birth control is being offered by icky Republicans, such as Colorado Senate candidate Cory Gardner. Republicans hate women. Ergo, vote for Sen. Mark Udall (D-CO).

Planned Parenthood claims that GOP efforts to expand birth control access is “an empty gesture,” because (get ready for non sequiturs) Republicans want to repeal Obamacare and support the First Amendment’s guarantee of religious freedom.

The Washington Examiner notes that “A number of Republican Senate candidates have backed over-the-counter birth control in races this year, including Cory Gardner in Colorado, Thom Tillis in North Carolina, Ed Gillespie in Virginia, Mike McFadden in Minnesota.”

What the leading abortion provider’s press release does not mention is that OTC contraceptives would free many women from having to go to (and pay) its offices to get a prescription for the drugs. If birth control pills were easy to get over-the-counter, it would lose a tremendous revenue stream. It benefits when the government forces women to go to its prescription-writing centers. It benefits by restricting a woman’s access to birth control.

By Planned Parenthood’s own 2012 statistics, 34 percent of its revenue comes from “contraception” services, of which it says 37.9 percent are “oral” contraceptives. That’s 13 percent of its annual dollars that could vanish if birth control pills were sold next to aspirin and antacids.

Its 2013 annual report shows Planned Parenthood took in $1.2 billion dollars, so it stands to lose $156 million a year if GOP proposals gained ground.

No wonder its leaders say women should be insulted. The women in its accounting department will sure be. Those Republican plots are nefarious indeed.

2) The Republicans plan to make birth control cheaply and easily available to all women on store shelves everywhere. But Republicans do not plan to fill store aisles with IUDs and other contraceptive methods that require a medical procedure. Therefore, no birth control (except the already available condoms, spermicides and “Plan B” pill) should ever be sold OTC.

This is like claiming that because grocery stores can’t offer open heart surgery in the pharmacy aisle, they shouldn’t be able to sell aspirin either.

Planned Parenthood is afraid that if birth control pills are put outside of the pharmacist’s cupboard, then insurance companies won’t have to cover them with no co-pay, and therefore somehow any medically provided contraception would also not be covered.

But there’s no one pushing for that. Instead of allowing tens of millions of women to easily obtain contraception, Planned Parenthood wants to ensure it remains the gatekeeper, and restrict a woman’s access to birth control.

3) Since OTC drugs don’t require a prescription, some women may pay for their own birth control instead of having an insurance company do it. Therefore, no women should be able to have access to OTC birth control pills.

This is comparable to arguing that because Nexium is now available as an OTC drug (at a significantly reduced price), I can’t get a prescription for it and have the insurance company pay. That’s not true.

Granted, the insurance company may prefer that I buy it for myself off the shelf, but while insurance companies may change their formularies for prescription coverage all the time without much public clamor, there’s no way they can change their coverage of birth control pills without clothes-rending and wailing from groups like Planned Parenthood and government intervention from HHS.

Note that it was the Democrats in their design of Obamacare that intentionally stripped out all coverage under Health Savings Accounts of over-the-counter drugs unless they were accompanied by prescription. Seems like someone was trying to protect a few prescription writers’ cash cows.

Planned Parenthood also sides with pharmaceutical companies as it notes in underlined text in their press release: “there is not a single manufacturer that has submitted an application to the FDA to [sell its product over-the-counter].

That same press release says “In 2013, 56 percent of women paid no out-of-pocket costs for prescription birth control, up from 14 percent in 2012.” This means that 44 percent of women did pay out-of-pocket costs. At the very least, those 44 percent are being needlessly inconvenienced by OTC access opponents such as Planned Parenthood.

All in all, the fears that Planned Parenthood expresses as an effort to stop the Republican plan to give women greater access to contraception belies its true agenda: protecting Democrats, precription writers, Big Pharma and its 156 million dollar pot of birth control pills.

[originally posted at]

|The Left

Democrat Congressman Attacks Conservative...Democrats

When it comes to red-meat quotes on immigration and calls for President Obama to use dictatorial executive orders to bypass Congress and grant amnesty to millions, news networks know there is one go-to guy: Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL).

Just last year, he urged caution and bipartisanship. Not anymore. Yesterday, Gutierrez expanded his political enemies list and went after all conservatives, of any party.


Luiz Gutierrez: So the problem here, it seems to me, is that we keep negotiating with conservative Democrats which led us not to do anything when we were in the majority in 2006 and 2008 and had a majority in the Senate. We let conservative Democrats lead the way. And we can’t let conservative Democrats and–and Republicans–dictate the pace of justice that we’re gonna take for our immigrant [CROSSTALK] make a mistake in doing that and we confuse the public.

Luke Russert: That’s a very important point you brought up because in 2010 the DREAM Act, in the Senate, they weren’t able to get the cloture because five red-state Democrats would not agree to it.

In July, the LA Times reported on a speech that Gutierrez gave to the National Council of La Raza:

“We need to raise our voices, make ourselves citizens, sign up to vote and punish those who speak ill and criminalize children who come to our border,” Gutierrez said in Spanish to rousing cheers.

Looks like conservative Democrats now count among those he wants to punish.

h/t to SooperMexican for his sooperdooper video-clipping skills.

[originally written for and published at]

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Clay Aiken Goes Vulgar #WarOnWomen in First Tweet

Clay Aiken Wages #WarOnWomen
Clay Aiken, known for his appearances as a losing contestant on American Idol and Celebrity Apprentice, tried to delete his offensive tweets from the internet when he decided to run as a Democrat for the 2nd District US Congressional seat in North Carolina.

Buzzfeed ran a story noting the more egregious tweets they found. But as SooperMexican has discovered, Buzzfeed conveniently left out the numerous tweets in which he attacks women, such as saying he wanted to punch conservative author Ann Coulter in the face and urged his followers to call her the “C-word.”

In doing a little digging around myself, I was surprised to find that Aiken’s first* tweet was sending a vulgarity to three celebrity women.

I’m sure they all thought it was in good barroom fun. But he deleted it from his account, because he surely knows the good people of North Carolina wouldn’t want a congressman that so casually and publicly uses vulgar, debasing language for a woman’s private parts.

In setting the tone for his account with this tweet, can you imagine a Rep. Aiken’s twitter account, sending such things to Nancy Pelosi, Michelle Obama, Sheila Jackson Lee or Elizabeth Warren?

* There were a few other tweets sent from the @ClayAiken twitter account that preceded this one. (Only one survives his deletion frenzies.) The account, however, had been a relatively dormant placeholder until he launched into regular frequent tweeting (and deleting) with this tweet.
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Mt. Vesuvius Ended This Woman's Life...

Remains of a pregnant woman and fetus killed by Mount Vesuvius' ash.

…and the life of her unborn 7-month-old baby.

That’s the mother’s skull (with a patch of blonde hair still attached) and the eggshell-fragile bones of the fetus she protected to her last breath.

Who could look at that photo and not feel sad for both the mother and the child?

Yet there are some (hello, Wendy Davis and gal pals) who would view the tiny creature as worthy of destruction by a machine that would chop it up and suck it out of this mother’s womb.

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This SWATting Insanity Must Stop: A Quick Action Guide

See the UPDATE at the end about the Franklin Center webinar tonight on protecting the free press!

A bunch of people on the political left have been actively trying to suppress and silence the free speech of the political right. This ranges from the intimidation and attacks on supporters of California’s Prop 8 to lies and harassment spread by Van Jones’ racist Colors of Change slimers and the StopRush vipers. This has been going on for several years. But with the SWATting—essentially attempted murder—of right-wing bloggers, the left’s tactics have spun wildly, dangerously out-of-control.

Internet searches for information on SWATting find a 2008 summary on the FBI’s very own website about the practice. A 2009 story on Yahoo tells about the activities of groups of SWATters as well as a lone “teenage boy engaged in serial swatting over a 5 month period, causing 2 school evacuations with phony reports of bombs and armed gunmen.” Last year, some murderous idiot apparently upset over a video game sent a SWAT team to the home of the Xbox Live moderator’s house (language warning). A few days ago, someone swatted the home of one of the kids that mercilessly harassed the elderly bus monitor.

But since last fall, this homicidal prank has been used against three conservatives…no, make that four. Yesterday, another SWATting occurred. This time it was against Aaron Walker, just hours after he had won a court victory against a left-wing political activist and convicted bomber.

Now in the wide universe of infinite possibilities, it *is* possible that some teenager or random gang SWATted Walker, but it’s also highly unlikely. Because, just as with the other three conservative SWATting victims (Mike Stack, Patrick “Patterico” Frey and Erick Erickson), this SWATting seems meant as retribution for his political speech and to shut him up, if not out of fear then permanently.

I believe the left has become emboldened enough to send SWAT teams to the homes of their political foes because the leaders of the left and the mainstream media have done nothing to express outrage or utter even a simple “tsk, tsk” at such vile, vicious behavior. And if they aren’t going to investigate and cover attempted murder and assault with a deadly SWAT team against conservative bloggers, then these reporters are truly gonna hit the snooze button when the bloggers are merely being run out of their house or having their family creepily cyber-stalked.

Instead, when some crazy essentially non-political person goes berserk and guns down a crowd of people, including a Democrat congresswoman, the media and the Democratic party go wild trying to blame it on Republicans—who had absolutely nothing to do with it. They point frenziedly at Sarah Palin, shrieking that she caused the shooter’s insanity with her campaign material that used a target graphic—a graphic long used by both parties. The media repeat the phony story and the Democrats’ manufactured demand that the Republicans had been take a new tone.

But for nearly 10 months now, someone has been trying to kill outspoken Republicans. Where is the media on this story? More importantly, where is law enforcement?

This isn’t a one-off incident, such as when a “white hispanic” killed a black youth, that has become a major months-long media obsession. This is a repeated targeting of individuals engaged in conservative political speech. And the person or persons committing this crime appears to be getting away with it, especially when the media protects them (intentionally or not) with a cloak of silence.

The left-biased media apparently has no curiosity, let alone concern or outrage, over this First Amendment terrorism. They apparently feel protected in their citadels, secure in the belief that no one would ever send a SWAT team to their home with a prank caller claiming to be them, saying he’d just killed their family. So the #RealReporters have no affinity for the #JustABloggers under the gun, literally.

Is someone going to have to be actually killed before a big, bright spotlight gets shined on this abhorrent practice?

Even if they couldn’t report for sure who was behind the SWATting, there’s a rule of thumb in journalism that once something becomes a trend, it’s newsworthy. What’s considered a trend? When you can cite three examples of it. Well, hello, mainstream media, we just went from three to four verifiable, documented examples.

Could the media’s lack of coverage be based on or heavily influenced by their political bias? Many of the mainstream reporters don’t much like what we right-wing bloggers have to say, and they certainly don’t like our criticism of their reporting. They aren’t all that anxious to do us any favors.

If Arianna Huffington or Markos Moulitsas or David Brock were SWATted, they wouldn’t be able to get their satellite trucks to the crime scene fast enough. (I’d name some low-level liberal bloggers here too, except I confess I don’t read them enough to have their names come to mind, but you can bet many of the mainstream news people and their staffers do—and would feel like a friend and colleague had been attacked instead of some random right-wing nutjob *they’ve* never heard of.)

But I do know that no one I know would laugh at or applaud any sort of intimidating or terroristic attacks on our political opponents. I know many of us would, without hesitation, loudly decry such attacks and join the call to investigate and stop it.

It’s time that the media stopped protecting the wacko(s) with their silence. It’s time that they joined forces with everyone who values the freedom to speak your mind without fear of death. It’s time that they did their share to support the First Amendment for speech they may not particularly like.

In the meantime, it’s up to me and you, dear reader, to sound the clarion call for action until they pick up their giant megaphones and turn on their blinding searchlights.


1) Contact the media and fair-minded lefty bloggers (there’s got to be one or two on this planet) and respectfully ask them to report on this trend. Let them know that you are alarmed by it and afraid someone will get hurt or killed if this swatter(s) is allowed to remain in the shadows of a media blackout.

2) Contact Congress and other governmental authorities. Fortunately, some of our Congressional representatives are as alarmed as the conservative blogosphere is about these attempted murders. Rep. Sandy Adams (R-FL) initiated a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder asking for an investigation of the SWATtings and garnered 87 co-signers. ( got an exclusive statement from her on Walker’s SWATting.) Check the signers of the letter to see if your Congressman is one of them.

  • If he is, write him, thank him and alert him to this latest SWATting with links to the story.
  • If your Congressman is *not* one of the signers, write him and ask him to please add his name to the bill, noting that this certainly falls under his oath to protect and defend the Constitution.
Click here to find your Congressman. Click here to find your Senators.

(As the Spokane Examiner noted earlier this month, Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-GA) and Rep. Kenny Marchant (R-TX) also put in requests to Holder, which generated a smattering of mainstream media mentions, proving that government action can prod the media into reporting something, no matter how reluctantly.)

Back on National Bloggers Day of Silence, AceOfSpades, Michelle Malkin and Mandy Nagy (among others) posted citizen action information and links. Check their posts out for guidelines of how to contact and where to contact key people with the power to protect the freedom to blog.

The right too often plays nice in these situations—and we lose little bits of our freedom every time. Take a moment today, right now before you forget, to write at least one quick note. We can still be nice, just not silent.

For those click-challenged folks who what their action information with no effort, here direct from Michelle Malkin’s site is a fine list of key persons to contact (in addition to your own Congressman and Senators, of course):

Who to call:

GOP House Speaker John Boehner
Online contact form
Phone: (202) 225-0600
Fax: (202) 225-5117

GOP Majority Leader Eric Cantor
Web form
Phone: (202) 225-2815
Fax: (202) 225-0011

Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi
Web form
Phone: (202) 225-4965

GOP Rep. Frank Wolf (Va.) – Ask him to investigate Kimberlin-related charities.
Phone: (202) 225-5136
Fax: (202) 225-0437

GOP Rep. Darrell Issa
Web form
Phone: 202-225-3906
Fax: 202-225-3303

US Department of Justice
Office of the Attorney General Public Comment Line – 202-353-1555

More people to call:

John McCarthy – Please ask for justice in Aaron Walker’s case
State’s Attorney for Montgomery County
50 Maryland Avenue, 5th Floor
Rockville, Maryland 20850

Assistant United States Attorney Robert Dugdale – Please ask for justice in Patrick Frey’s case
The United States Attorney’s Office
Central District of California
Criminal Division
312 North Spring Street
Los Angeles, California 90012
(213) 894-2400

There’s no time like now to do it. Be a First Amendment Freedom Fighter. Don’t let the #FreedomToBlog get SWATted away.


Tonight, June 26 from 9:30 to 10:30 (Eastern), the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity is hosting a webinar. Jeff Reynolds at FreedomWorks writes:

If you are interested in learning more about protecting these rights and defending conservative bloggers against such risks to themselves and their families, the Franklin Center is conducting a webinar tonight at 9:30pm Eastern time. Aaron Walker will speak about his ordeal, while other speakers will include some of the most prominent conservative bloggers from around the nation.


Franklin Center Joins Lee Stranahan, Popehat, Aaron Walker, Mandy Nagy And Others To Discuss Protection Of The Free Press   

Tonight at 9:30pm EDT, The Franklin Center joins Lee Stranahan, Mandy Nagy, and last night’s SWATting victim Aaron Walker on a webinar to discuss recent attacks on bloggers and the suppression of free speech.

Information on tonight’s webinar is below. Learn what is at stake and learn how to protect yourself and your act of journalism.

Title: Fighting for a Free Press

Date: Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time: 9:30pm to 10:30pm EDT

Reserve your space at the following link:


The webinar had some harrowing tales and excellent information on resources to combat those who wish to stifle blogger speech. The Franklin Center says they will post the audio of the event. Once they do, I’ll link it here.



|The Left

National Blogger Silence Day

I am woefully late to the “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day” that Lee Stranahan set up for May 25. (Click the link to view Lee‘s video about Kimberlin.) Due to all my traveling and work on my Big Project these past couple of weeks, I’ve been able to do little more than retweet various blog posts about the surreal saga of Kimberlin et al and their war on conservative bloggers. The story has unfolded with jaw-dropping turns of events every few days, making it difficult to even put together an up-to-date collection of links.

However, Ace of Spades created today as National Silence Day for blogs to protest the lack of coverage the story has gotten in the mainstream media and from government representatives and officials empowered to protect citizens from such abuse of the judicial system. Michelle Malkin’s column today does a great round-up of the story to date.

It’s quite amazing that the media has not flocked to this story, as this tale should concern—if not, alarm—every citizen who values free speech and decency in public discourse.

I’ll post my own collection of links later as an update to this post, but if you’d like to begin where I did when I first learned about , I suggest starting here:

Then be sure to take a moment to contact your congressional representative to be sure they are aware of what is happening to bloggers across the country. (See the end of Malkin’s post for some great contact info of others as well.)


|Prudence Potpourri | The Left

Time to Demand Separation of Church of Gaia and State

Earth Day has brought another round of indoctrination for minds of mush across the land, teaching that the mean ol’ human race should be sacrificed to nature. With a straight face, the deacons of the environmental movement declare that Republicans want to pollute all water and air and raze all trees and kill all animals. There’s no sense of proportion to the environmental lobby’s propaganda.

Earlier this week, Robert H. Nelson, a University of Maryland professor of environmental policy, wrote an excellent editorial providing some key points of evidence that environmentalism has become a religion. It has turned our schools into houses of Gaia worship, demanding our children serve as altar boys and girls.

Nelson wrote:

Even as it adopts secular forms, environmentalism borrows to a surprising degree from Jewish and Christian history.

For example, it says in Deuteronomy that, for those who worship false idols, God “will send disease among you … fever, infections, plague and war. … (and) will blight your crops.” In 2010, Al Gore similarly foresaw environmental sinners headed toward calamity on a biblical scale, facing rising seas, “stronger and more destructive” hurricanes and droughts “getting longer and deeper.”

In contemporary environmentalism, the largest religious debts are owed to Calvinism. It was John Calvin who wrote that God has “revealed himself and daily discloses himself in the whole workmanship of the universe.” For both Calvin and environmentalism, the natural world is the artwork of God.

Man’s role is to conserve God’s work. Thus, the rituals of environmentalism celebrate reduced consumption — lowering the heat, driving fewer miles, using less water, living in smaller houses, having fewer children. Limiting human appetites, rather than satisfying ever-growing demands, is the environmental command.

It’s time that conservatives, Republicans, Christians and like-minded individuals refuse to permit themselves to be pushed further from the public square while environmentalists turn our classrooms into Druid seminaries.

Even President Obama declared himself to be the high priest, if not the messiah, of the environmental church when he declared his coming to be the start of the waters receding and the planet healing—intoning this as if it were scripture, dictating their gospel.

It’s time that we call a religion a religion and refuse to be required to attend its state-sanctioned church services.

What’s good for the goose is good for Gaia.

|Prudence Potpourri | The Left

Not the Ending We Expected

At CPAC, the trailer to the upcoming movie Hating Breitbart was previewed, and it looked awesome. Condolences to the filmmakers who must write an ending now that they never could have anticipated, and certainly never wanted.

I look forward to seeing it as a tribute to Andrew Breitbart’s life and impact on America and continued inspiration to carry on under his banner.

Here’s the trailer. (Warning: Explicit Language)