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Occupy Loses a Firebomber on Eve of Their Day of Action

Occupy Wall Street likes to claim it is not a violent movement, and yet across the country, rapes and riots abound. The common response from Occupiers when arrests and property damage get reported is that the degenerates perpetrating the crimes were not a part of the movement. They just happened to be there.

In one of the latest examples of the violent bloodthirst that bubbles within the aimless, demand-less movement, this joker—Nkrumah Tinsley, 29—ranted about how they were going to “burn New York to the f***ing ground.” He then went on to rave about firebombing Macy’s department store with a Molotov Cocktail on November 17, the Occupy Wall Street two-month anniversary, which they have dubbed their Day of Action.

(Poor Macy’s. These loons are also targeting its Thanksgiving Day parade for massive trouble. Fortunately, if they carry through with their parade threats, they will give America and its children a real eyeful of the despicable nature of their movement and its pointless, misdirected, impotent “protest.”)

But look at all the Occupy people surrounding this idiot as he promotes anarchy and arson. Is there anyone appalled at such suggestion, or telling him how wrong that idea is? No. It’s smiles and approving nods all around.

Don’t let anyone tell you these criminals are anything but leaders and role models for Occupy Wall Street.

Here are some of Occupy celebrity Tinsley’s words, as transcribed by VerumSerum:

On the 17th, we going to burn New York City to the f-cking ground.

Ain’t no more talking, They got guns we got bodies. They got bricks we got rocks. Let’s see what they got.

[Young man in the background] They got missiles, we got bombs.

I want them…I want them to make that decision so they can see…in a few days you going to see what a molotov cocktail can do to Macy’s.

Says the man as he…signs an autograph?

In that same post, Verum asked:

Who the hell is this guy, to make what can only be described as a terrorist threat so brazenly with cameras rolling. I’d joke and say he must be a tea party infiltrator, but seriously, does anyone have any contacts with the NYPD or the DHS? This is way, way over the line.

Kudos to Verum for bringing this dude to the attention of the authorities. As a result, he was able to proudly report the guy had been arrested.

In the linked NY Daily News article about the arrest, the paper provides evidence that Tinsley has been an Occupier for quite some time, as they note his October arrest during an Occupy protest where he punched a cop in the face and kicked him on the ground. So a known violent police attacker was welcomed back into their midst at Zuccotti Park, as they crowded around him and chanted his rants for him so everyone could hear them.

And then we have right-wing bloggers like VerumSerum doing what Occupy Wall Street won’t do: standing up for the 100% of all that is decent and honorable in America—and getting those that would firebomb it arrested instead of cheered.

Note: Isn’t it interesting that Occupy is calling their anniversary “Day of Action” when their first day of protest back on September 17 was called “Day of Rage.” Guess they are trying to hide their roots in a call for violent anger.

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Occupy Monty Python

The Morning Spew has smashed together footage of the cult-like “process” at an Occupy Atlanta rally that denied civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis the chance to speak and footage from Monty Python’s classic The Life of Brian. The result is hilarious…and spot-on commentary on the Occupy movement.


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See: Pushy Old People Stealing From Their Grandkids

A group calling themselves the Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care is running the following commercial of self-righteous cranky geezers demanding that Congress continue bankrupting America for their benefit:

Don’t you love having a lecturing old lady glaring at you over the top of her spectacles? Once again, it’s liberals treating the citizens like misbehaving children. It doesn’t engender any sympathy in me. I find it downright insulting.

The odd thing is that this group, “Coalition to Protect America’s Health Care,” is supposedly up in arms over $100 billion in cuts to Medicare, and yet there was not a peep out of them during the ObamaCare passage that slashed $500 billion out of the program. Why weren’t they trying to Protect America’s Health Care from decimation then?

The answer to that question can be found at their website. Take a look at their list of campaigns, and you’ll see that they only oppose Republican efforts to save the Medicare program, but they have no problem with the Democrats raiding their benefits for their nefarious purposes. (The one time they were on the Republican side was in their clamor for the new entitlement of prescription drugs in Medicare.)

They are quite good at alarming the public—particularly old people—with their advertising, which proposes no revamping of the Medicare/Medicaid systems to save them. It just screams, as it shoves its way onto our TVs, that we need to just keep feeding the monster more money. Forget that we’re bankrupting the nation. Of their bullying success, they say:

  • Since 2000 we have seen an impressive return on investment:
    • Payment improvements: $37.5 billion…return of $2,100 for every dollar invested
    •  With reductions avoided: $457 billion…return of $30,000 for every dollar invested
  • In addition, the Coalition’s advertising moved public opinion and established a base of knowledge in communities about the financial pressures facing hospitals. Survey research completed by Public Opinion Strategies revealed that, in markets that saw no Coalition advertising, 42% of respondents said hospitals faced “good times,” and 36% said hospitals faced “bad times.”
  • In markets where all of the Coalition advertising was seen, there was a dramatic difference—only 27% reported “good times” and 55% said hospitals were facing “bad times.”

Take a look at the three people in that ad above. Each one of them is literally stealing the money right out of the piggy banks of their grandchildren. Do they care about that? Look at their faces. The answer is written all over them: NO.

Unfortunately for the advertisers, in the new proposed debt ceiling deal, it’s Barack Obama, not Republicans, who has now put another $500 billion in Medicare cuts up as his preferred “punishment” when the Super Committee fails to come up with any agreeable plan for $1.4 trillion more in cuts.

Let’s see how long they keep running the commercial now.


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White House Gives Dignity and Decorum a Swift Kick in the Rump

The White House—that illustrious, stately, venerable seat of the executive branch of the most powerful government in the world—has taken to tweeting the equivalent of giving someone a loogie or a swirlie or a wedgie. They have Rickroll’d* a constituent.

During a Twitter event, named #WHchat, in which the White House was fielding questions from the general public, one guy tweeted a little poke:

@wiggsd (David Wiggs) wrote: “This WH correspondence briefing isn’t nearly as entertaining as yesterday’s. #TCOT #WHchat

to which the White House flippantly replied:

@whitehouse wrote to @wiggsd: “Sorry to hear that. Fiscal policy is important, but can be dry sometimes. Here’s something more fun: #WHChat”

That link goes to a clip of Rick Astley’s music video of his hit song “Never Gonna Give You Up.”

* Rickrolling is a passe internet fad. It’s a trite way of tricking someone into clicking a video link that purports to be something of interest to someone, but instead serves them up this Astley video. Rickrolling was all the rage back in 2007, until it quickly became highly annoying. The world was grateful when the fad went away. Now like flu, the White House is trying to bring it back?

I actually think the tweet was kinda of funny, because it is so incredibly juvenile. I mean, who other than 6-year-olds Rickroll anyone anymore? So it’s unexpected.

But this is an account that is supposed to represent all American citizens to the world. This is the dignity of the United States at hand. For some reason, this administration seems to think that the persons behind the official Twitter accounts of prestigious and official government departments and officials can take their pants off, pop open a beer and try their hand at amateur standup comedy on Twitter’s 24/7 open mic night. (Recall PJ Crowley, spokesman for the State Department, using his Twitter account to tweak foreign leaders with insults until he finally resigned?)

Do we really want a government that runs around sticking “Kick Me” signs on everyone’s back? Is this what we have devolved to? It’s a slippery slope toward putting a whoopie cushion on the guest of honor’s chair at a state dinner or using a joy buzzer when shaking hands with the Queen. Yes, it would be hilarious, because it would be so inappropriate. But we need a White House that we don’t have to worry is gonna get caught mooning tourists or playing ding-dong-ditch down embassy row.

Yeah, yeah, call me a humorless ol’ stick-in-the-mud, but given the supposed seriousness of the issue of the day—the debt ceiling, which what was being discussed in the #WHchat—and President Obama’s proclivity for lecturing Republicans about the need to be adult, this is a far cry from behaving properly.

I’m not exactly the only one thinking this. David Wiggs, the recipient of the Rickroll tweet—and a Republican I would assume, as he tweeted a happy birthday greeting to George Bush earlier in the month, to which he added the hashtag #wemissyou—took it all in good humor, but many of those that tweeted to him about it were not so laissez-faire:

@HavanasBananas tweeted to @wiggsd: “lame that @whitehouse retweeted this during #whchat when so many Americans had way more significant things to say. thumbs down”

@wiggsd replied to @HavanasBananas: “I thought it was funny…but good point.”

@SiriusFarm tweeted: “sure seems like the #WH would have more important things to do than #rickrolling @wiggsd – I see where their priorities are”

And @DWGen1 tweeted: “Hrm, The White House Rick Rolled someone.. Wonder How Much was appropriated for this, are they paying royalties?”

That last tweet has a point…although they probably weren’t being serious. Would the White House have an obligation to pay royalties for using someone’s copyrighted material in the course of their business? (If Astley could collect royalties from all the Rickrolling, he would be one of the wealthiest men in the world.) Don’t forget, this is an official account. They say so in their Twitter bio:

It is so official that they felt it necessary to warn people that tweet interactions with them are subject to privacy laws and may be archived as official White House communication. Do we really want this White House Rickrolling to live on in infamy, for future generations to tut-tut at the immaturity of this White House?

The people in the White House need to grow up and conduct themselves in a manner befitting the privilege of working for the People in one of the most renown buildings in the world. The world is already concerned we can’t manage our checkbook. We don’t need the toddlers running around giggling wildly and pulling the People’s pigtails while the elected officials attempt to demonstrate maturity and responsibility.

Here’s my suggestion: Keep official government department and official accounts sacrosanct. Don’t screw around with them or tell “yo momma” jokes with them. Preserve what shreds of dignity we have left. This administration has fairly stripped us bare.

The persons behind these talent-show tweets should establish a separate, personal account, where they can tweet their prepubescent hilarity to their hearts’ delight.

If we don’t stand up against these Stooge-ish antics, the next thing you know, the White House will be dredging up footage of the angry Hitler scene in the movie Downfall, and replacing the real English subtitles with phony dialogue about the debt ceiling. Yeah, that will be a real fresh and unique gag. NOT, as they used to gratingly say back when it was still cool.

Stop the insanity. Don’t make us have to get a nanny to discipline the nanny state.


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The Facts of Wisconsin

Today’s post is a classic from the files of guest blogger SooperMexican. It’s still relevant, as the court cases continue in Wisconsin. Enjoy…

Hey gringos y gringas:

The left has made all sorts of ridiculous claims about the protest in Wisconsin against Scott Walker’s plan to bring some fiscal responsibility and sanity to their budget problems. In an attempt to combat this, I’ve put together the following factsheet: arm yourselves with the truth, and shoot some new-tone holes in your enemies!

If you’d like to tweet just the image without this post, use this short link:

This one ain’t available on a Sooper T-shirt unless you’re really skinny..

Inspired by This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Union

Soon to draw up a response to: this!

Some Sources as cited:

Walker Releases WI Public Sector Benefits’ Costs

Oh, To be a Teacher in Wisconsin! – Wall Street Journal

Info from

and… Teacher Salary Info

|Prudence Potpourri | The Left

Flashback: WI Teacher Union Outraged Over No Viagra Benefits (UPDATED x2)

[Updates at end!…but be sure to check out the new logo that SooperMexican designed for the Wisconsin “public service” union knuckleheads: click here.]

Last August, the Milwaulkee school district’s teacher’s union was all up in arms—insisting they get their Viagra pills put back into their relatively free health insurance plans.

In an article titled “Despite Budget Cuts, Layoff Fears, Milwaukee Teachers Fight for Taxpayer-Funded Viagra,” Fox News reported:

At least one lawmaker questioned why the union is fighting for Viagra while teachers are losing their jobs. A consultant for the school board has estimated that reinstating the drug benefit would cost $786,000 per year — the cost to keep perhaps a dozen first-year teachers employed.

For the math challenged, that works out to a first-year teacher earning $65,500. Sign me up!

The article also said:

The union has argued the costs are tiny compared to the $1.3 billion annual budget. But the school board says they are “particularly burdensome” when it is under pressure to reduce benefit costs.

That the pills — which can cost $20 apiece without insurance — were included in the first place is somewhat unusual. Health insurer Aetna Inc., which provides one of the district’s two plans, says its standard pharmacy plans exclude Viagra and other “drugs for lifestyle enhancement or performance.”

Note that the teachers pay little if anything at all for their health plans. Yet:

Board and union negotiators reached a deal in 2002 to cover six tablets per month for erectile dysfunction drugs in health plans that insure 10,000 employees, dependents and retirees. They quickly became popular.

By 2004, the number of claimants receiving prescriptions skyrocketed to more than 1,000 per year, costing the district $207,000. During negotiations in 2005, the board proposed eliminating the benefit and an arbitrator adopted the plan.

A gender discrimination suit has apparently held up the removal of Viagra from the health plans.

And now these teachers have flooded the halls of the Madison capitol building complaining that they shouldn’t have to contribute anything to cover their health care—among other whines.

I could make a bad off-color joke here about how this Viagra protest was a perfect example of how the teacher unions can’t even screw the public on their own but instead demand the public pay them to do it…but I won’t.


Several bloggers have done an excellent job in summarizing the events of the Wisconsin union agitations this week:

Jimmie Bise, aka @JimmieBJR, at The Sundries Shack says “This Is the Week That Should End Public Sector Unions” and I could not agree more.

Public sector unions are, as I have said before, a blight on our states and nation. We should do everything in our power to rid ourselves of them entirely and make sure, by law if necessary, that they can never come back again. It would make me very happy if Governor Walker fired every single teacher who called out sick over the past two days. They let down the taxpayers of Wisconsin and, more importantly, taught their students that it’s okay to lie, cheat, and steal in order to get what you want.

What’s more, government “bargaining” agreements with public employees is are no bargain for taxpayers who are essentially unrepresented in any “negotiations.” It’s not the bureaucrat’s money on the line that he gives away without much concern for the fiscal consequences down the line.

Dan Collins, aka @vermontaigne,  of Piece Of Work In Progress says he can’t write much today because of other work and then proceeds to put together an amazing collection of links pertaining to the extortion protests going on in Wisconsin—including creating a new verse to the The Who’s “Magic Bus” which he renames “Union Bus.”

Dan, a former Wisonsin native, wrote at

What I’d like to see is someone go out and video reactions when they tell the kids that these apparent holidays now will mean make-up days in June. Think any of their teachers taking them to rally have told them that? I seem to recall that Wisconsin has laws regarding truancy, too, or at least so I was told with regard to Senior Skip Day when I was in school.

And then there’s @diggrbiii of The Right Sphere, who writes in his post titled “OFA (Obama’s Re-Election Campaign) Organizes Civil Unrest”:

This entire situation is a case study in corruption. As Jenny Erikson explains, Public Sector unions are inherently corrupt because when they protest, they don’t just impact a company or an industry, they impact the whole society. The PUBLIC. In this case, school districts get shut down. A couple of months ago, people died because a Public Sector Union in New York City decided they were going to send a message to the city leadership.  Public Sector Unions can hold the public hostage. How is that fair to everyone else? Where’s the equality there?

He concludes his post with an update saying the DNC is now claiming they haven’t helped the WI hoopla all that much. I’ve been collecting a bit of evidence on that. Let’s see if I find time to “organize” it and get it posted.

Update #2

Nope, sorry, didn’t get it all organized in time. Still plan to give a few links, but in the meantime I highly recommend checking out two items at SooperMexican’s site:

  1. A union teacher forgets to close the flap on her union suit before she calls into the Tim Conway Jr. radio show because she sure shows her bare bottom, and
  2. The Wisconsin public service unions get a new logo.

Also have you heard about the debacle into which the unions have plunged the Detroit schools?

State education officials have ordered the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools to immediately implement a plan that balances the district’s books by closing half its schools.

The Detroit News says the financial restructuring plan will increase high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidate operations.

Hear that? Sixty students per class.  I have substitute taught in high schools before. I can’t imagine how you could ever sufficiently instruct each of those 60 students, let alone even know who they are. A class period would allot for less than one minute of attention per student. Most classrooms barely hold 30 students. How will they pack 60 into one class?

Perhaps Detroit should look at eliminating the administration and the unions and focus on teaching children. Or just give in already and give the money to the private schools to take over the entire system. It would really be for the best.

Oh! and welcome to POWIP readers. Dan Collins has done some fantastic commentary and reporting on the Wisconsin union pity parade (including this post on the shenanigans the Wisconsin Democrats tried to pull in a special lame duck session before the Republicans took over)….AND on the Detroit closing (I can’t stay ahead of that guy)… and the sorry state of the Milwaukee public schools and the interesting reason why they are struggling. I could link to practically all of his recent posts for you. But instead, I suggest just going there and perusing all the posts yourself. I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.

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The Audacity of Bloomberg

In response to an extrememly short post on Dan Collins’ website, Piece of Work in Progress (, about Andrew Breitbart’s latest pimp sting and its correlation to Bloomberg’s Arizona gun show sting, I went off on a bit of a rant. It’s something I’ve been meaning to say about the lousy Mayor Michael Bloomberg for quite some time, so I reprint it here for Prudence Paine Papers posterity.

Bloomberg. Argh! The quintessential example of an elite. Sticks his nose in where he has no business. Recognizes no boundaries to his power…because, of course, all little people need his guidance, should aspire to be like him. (He takes pity on them; they’re so laughably inept and moronic they’ll never be worthy of him. Yet he exudes beneficence in his toleration of them.)

9/11 occurred on local election day in NYC. Rudy Giuliani was not on the ballot because he was term-limited to 8 years. The horror of that morning shut down the polls. Before they were later reopened, a clamor arose to put Rudy on the ballot, to allow him to continue to heal and rebuild the city. Bloomberg was staunchly against it, saying no one was so important we couldn’t do without them.

Yet, 8 years later, Bloomberg convinced the astoundingly dumb NYC voters to change the city charter and grant him third term…and for what?!

Now, nearly 10 years since that first election day, Ground Zero is a perfect example of Bloomberg’s leadership of the city. It’s basically still a giant hole (despite Shepard Smith’s cheerleading in trying to claim significant progress), with the worst possible symbolic design to replace the solid, stolid design of the Towers. Costs have soared, disputes remain unresolved, the glory and vibrancy of the area has not been restored, a mosque is being encouraged by Bloomberg himself to desecrate the graveyard of the thousands that could never be recovered beyond their ashes and dust that still linger, and now comedian John Stewart has been appointed to the board of the 9/11 memorial. What a tragic joke.

Now Nanny Bloomers is off on a new crusade in which he has no authority, and can only nip and growl at consumer choice and Constitutional rights. Don’t you love how he selects a locale to attack that’s already being savaged and sued by the White House, media and losers like him?

Let this episode be fair warning to any fool who would think for even a millisecond that an “independent” Bloomers candidacy for President is a good idea. There’s little difference between him and Hugo Chavez when it comes to power grabs and self-opinion.

I made a horrid mistake and voted for him once. Then I had to move out of his jurisdiction to get away from his outrageous prohibitions and taxes. So he better get his grabby hands back inside his limo up there and leave the rest of us alone.

America will not become his personal fiefdom if I have anything to say about it. (And, as you can tell, I have plenty to say!)

Thanks for listening.

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Another Casualty of Sarah Palin Rhetoric

Unfortunately there is no new clever, or serious, or boring post on The Prudence Paine Papers tonight. In honor of the determination of the Left and the media to blame Sarah Palin’s “violent rhetoric” for the mass murders in Tucson, the right wing of Twitter was all atwitter today with a new hashtag game: #BlamePalin.

And so, I spent the evening fishing through the entertaining Twitter stream of all the numerous events and items for which Sarah Palin is surely to blame—according to the laws of liberal logic.

As a result, there is one thing for which I know Sarah Palin’s rhetoric is definitely to be blamed: no new Prudence post. #BlamePalin

Therefore, in substitution, I present some of my more favorite #BlamePalin hashtag game entries:

From @PruPaine:

  • the asteroid that killed all the dinosaurs #blamepalin
  • oops… broken link [in that last tweet]. sorry! #blamepalin

From @SooperMexican:

  • @BarackObama‘s failure as a President #blamepalin
  • Fall of Rome #blamepalin

From @leahblizz:

  • Naked Rahm yelled at me in the shower #blamepalin

From @Dtindle:

  • Snuggies, Chia Pets and Mr. Microphone. #BlamePalin

From @ZephyrK9:

  • Continental Drift #BlamePalin

From mybrandieb:

  • The toilet seat was left up and I #BlamePalin

From JonahNRO:

  • My annoying habit of tapping my ballpoint pen against my glass eye when doing crossword puzzles? #blamepalin

From @iowahawkblog:

  • Driving troubled lunatics into insane fits of rage, causing them to get primetime host jobs at MSNBC #BlamePalin
  • Destruction of the Aztecs, Creation of Pontiac Aztek #BlamePalin
  • [NYTimes columnist] Paul Krugman’s confusion whether this hashtag game is sarcastic or not #BlamePalin
  • 36 of Keith Olbermann’s last 43 nervous breakdowns #BlamePalin


Another clever hashtag game that was popular earlier in the day was #NewTone: gentle mockings of the media’s and the left’s hypocritical call to eliminate all “vitriolic” language, to adopt a new politically correct, Big Brother double-speak tone for public discourse.

From @PruPaine:

  • All episodes of William F Buckley’s “Firing Line” to undergo editing to rename as “Skip Thru the Meadow With Bill” #newtone
  • “screen capture” will now trigger an Amber alert (in reply to @LHphotog: oops, I used “ScreenShots” in my last #tech tweet #NoMeta4s #Dupnik #newTone)

From @rsmccain:

  • I just hit deadline for American Spectator. But I guess “hit” and “deadline” are both violent rhetoric. #NewTone

From @jimgeraghty:

  • U2’s album [War] will now be called, “Disagreement.” #NewTone

From @BrewingAle:

  • “Crosshairs” are now to be referred to as “Orthogonally aligned filamentous biomaterial” #NewTone

From @alexashrugged:

  • In the spirit of a #newtone and getting rid of violent, overheated rhetoric, I call on Rep. Louise Slaughter to change her name

From @diskinetic:

  • WiffleBall, with Chris Matthews! #newtone
  • “Give me liberty, or deeply inconvenience me!” #newtone

From @iowahawkblog:

  • Johnny Cash rewrite: “I hugged a man in Reno / just to watch him smile” #newtone

From @SooperMexican:

  • @KeithOlbermann‘s “Not the best person in their general vicinityyyyyy” #newtone
  • “Death Panels” to be referred to as “life-challenged panels” #newtone
  • White House will be repainted and renamed Off-White House to dissuade ‘black and white” thinking… #newtone
  • UN passes resolution for Islamists to use Environmentally-Friendly and Low-Decibel Suicide Bombs #NewTone

Th-th-th-that’s all, folks.

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If POTUS Calls, Would You Answer?

Yesterday, President Obama met at the White House with far-left bloggers in an effort to assuage their disappointment in his first two years in office and rally them to gin up liberal voting enthusiasm. (Oliver Willis was one of the invited guests and has a transcript of the event at his blog.)

Reflecting upon the historic occasion of having a few pixel-stained wretches admitted into the elite White House–sanctioned club of certified opinion shapers, Ed Morrissey, of the crisp, right-wing Hot Air and The Ed Morrissey Show, posed a question on Twitter:

Morrissey Posits the POTUS Question

In response, many (if not most, including Ed) said, of course they should. Mainly due to simply being respectful to the nation’s leader. I said:

Prudence Replies

Perhaps I violated the “kidding aside” rule, but my answer was only in half jest. I’m just not experienced enough with Twitter articulation to cram all the rationales and angles into 140 characters.

The first half of my response (“no, it would be a ploy to round them up”) is not a joke. The second half (“and ship them to unclosed Gitmo”) is merely hyperbole.

Let me explain, because it affects all “enemy” relations with the White House during the next two years.

When Obama summons a few of the leading griping but still fawning grunts of his Transformational Revolutionary Army to the White House, it’s all upside for them.

  • They’ve been elevated to major player status.
  • They get a photo souvenir that will hang proudly on their wall for their remaining lifetime.
  • They get to nip at the President’s ankles, and he’ll tolerate them briefly because they’re on his team and he knows his fixer will be coming to take them out for a walk in a few minutes.
  • Their ink-stained brethren now have to quote them instead of vice versa.

When he summons his “enemies” to the White House, it’s not going to be so pleasant. There’s not much benefit:

  • They’ve been elevated to major player played status. (Just ask the GOP congressmen that attended his economic summit. What a useless exercise. Obama’s ears were plugged throughout. The only thing that gave the Republicans any dignity was having cameras in the room to show Rep. Paul Ryan’s great beat back of Obama’s talking points—although boredom had lulled most viewers to sleep by then.) There won’t be any video of this jeer summit, so they’re on their own there.
  • They get a photo souvenir that will hang proudly on their wall for their remaining lifetime fade and turn yellow—but is the only thing the White House is interested in getting out of the afternoon: Photographic evidence of the Great One’s bipartisan efforts to be pointed to repeatedly until 2012 when it won’t matter anymore, one way or another.
  • They get to nip at the President’s ankles, and he’ll tolerate them briefly because they’re on his team and he knows his fixer will be coming to take them out for a walk in a few minutes he’s good at running out the limited clock with long-winded, heard-it-all-before-and-refuted-it-six-different-ways talking points.
  • Their ink-stained brethren now have to quote them instead of vice versa—except there’s not many right-reporting brethren to write about it, so most of the mainstream media will be quoting from the White House talking points anyway, not quoting these fringe-extremist-kook bloggers that got brought in like circus animals.

He would get the chance to look magnanimous for deigning to be in the presence of people whom he holds in utter contempt. He is a man that has shown a propensity for holding grudges. He wouldn’t be looking for a Kumbaya moment; he’d be looking for revenge. Do you think he’s forgotten that these bloggers helped repeatedly motivate citizens from around the land to show up in huge numbers for opposition rally after opposition rally—often on short notice, sometimes on weekdays—which he claims to have not even noticed? Do you think he has forgiven these bloggers for being the people that helped inform the populace and drove the impassioned citizenry to town hall meetings across the country last summer to shout “Stop!” to their deaf representatives and put a few dents in the Great One’s legacy plans?

It would be delusional to think any right-wing words would get through to him any more than bullets could get past Wonder Woman’s cuffs. His whole goal would be to fix a target, paralyze it, eliminate it. A respectful exchange requires respect on both sides. You can’t walk in the door trying to be gracious and honoring his position while he’s looking for any opportunity to strip you of your dignity and squash you like a fly landing on his welcoming arm.

Remember, this is a President that has, unprecedentedly, taken to regularly attacking private citizens, media outlets and companies from the bully pulpit—issuing veiled and actual threats to bring the full weight of the US government down on them if they don’t behave the way he wants.

Attempting to destroy one small blogger at a time, however, would be hard to spin positively in the press. The public has not been too worried about attacks on Rush Limbaugh—unfortunately, because it’s an abuse of power that any free citizen should recoil at—because they think he can take care of himself. Michelle Malkin is a different story. She may be well-known to active, right-wing newshounds and Fox News watchers, but for all her best-selling books and television appearances, few beyond her (large) niche audience would know who she is. If the White House couldn’t successfully demonize John Boehner, the House minority leader, how would they look going after some attractive, well-spoken unknown lady? And AceOfSpadesHQ? That’s getting pretty deep into the right-wing blogosphere. If the White House were to take him on alone, the resounding question around the country would be: “Who?” (Sorry, Ace.)

If like-minded bloggers are invited as a representative group, however, then you have a better attack target. One blogger’s quotes can now be applied to the whole group of them. One blogger’s “extreme” position gets slathered across all of them. So the call goes out to round up a representative group, put them in a barrel and start shooting.

It doesn’t really matter what form the shooting takes, be it slanders in the media, net neutrality legislation, IRS audits or shipping the lot of them to Gitmo. The objective would be to silence these voices, or at least neuter them, through denigration, disrespect and disregard if they can’t be co-opted with charm and coercion.

And the GOPers in Congress are going to be in the same position: should they dutifully go to the White House whenever Obama wants to have a little PR fun? They won’t get much better treatment than any right-wing blogger would. The benefits of the exercise will be entirely one-sided.

I’m hoping they will find a spine and some principles, but I have little faith that they will. It is going to take strong principled opposition to begin rolling back the first half of Obama I, and prevent Obama II.

And the same goes for the various captains of industry and their representative groups. It’s been endlessly dismaying to watch them get sucker-punched again and again. If you go to a meeting with the Three Stooges, you know there’s going to be eye-poking, head-slapping and general inanity. Quit expecting a negotiation with anti-capitalists to be a dignified interaction on a level playing field. You are going to come out of there looking like a fool, and having forfeited something precious and essential to your existence.

For instance, how’d that BP meeting with the White House go? They loyally answered the President’s call, thinking they could get some good (or at least less damaging) PR out of it and get the President to quit daily clubbing them for his own polling purposes. In the end, they got unconstitutionally strong-armed in “voluntarily” tossing $20 billion out of a helicopter hovering over the Gulf Coast—and the President continued to club them on all fronts till the media grew tired of the story and had a different shiny object catch their eye. It was comparable to this classic TV PR disaster:

If I called you over to my house to smack you, would you come? You wouldn’t? Yes, he’s the President of the United States and I’m not, but as he views half of the U.S. as “enemies” and takes his citizens to court when they oppose him, he’s only serving as the President of the Radical Left-Wing. Perhaps the GOP takeover of Congress will cause him to wake up and suddenly have empathy for the right-wing and become post-partisan. But I think I have better odds of winning both Powerball and MegaMillions than seeing that happen.

Until it does, I’d be polite in my RSVP, and like when Obama bailed on a “$7,500 dinner with the President” in Rhode Island recently, I’d tell him I’ve got to go home and pet the cat and scoop the poop instead.

Then I’d blog about it, using my 15 minutes of fame to get all the benefits the far-left bloggers got, except for the lousy photo I don’t want anyway.

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Solar Panel Backstory: The Left Exacts Its Pound of Flesh

October Surprise: Happy Malaise-Filled Solar-Powered Days Are Here Again

Energy Secretary Steven Chu (who, don’t forget, has a Nobel Prize, like the President) and one of the President’s 2,578 czars, White House Council on Environmental Quality chairman Nancy Sutley, issued the grand decree yesterday that the White House has changed its mind and will go solar. Not totally, but enough to release the First Family’s water-heating serfs from their daily labors.

Yet an AP story notes that once again, Obama is just following in his predecessors footsteps:

Former Presidents Jimmy Carter and George W. Bush both tapped the sun during their days in the White House. Carter in the late 1970s spent $30,000 on a solar water-heating system for West Wing offices. Bush’s solar systems powered a maintenance building and some of the mansion, and heated water for the pool.

This leads to the questions:

  1. Where are W’s solar systems now? Did Obama have them removed? The AP speaks in the past tense (“powered” and “heated”), as if they don’t exist anymore.
  2. Why does Obama keep doing the exact same things that Bush did?

A Carter-era solar panel is hauled out yet again for another agitprop tour

Amid the reporting of this great environmental feat, one fact has gotten conveniently glossed over: A  couple weeks ago, a merry little band of global warming activists, lead by radical left founder Bill McKibben, pulled up in front of the White House expecting Obama to join them in a round of Kumbaya on the rooftop, but instead his people told them that he would not install solar panels on the White House, especially not the crusty old one from the Carter administration that McKibben and a few female students had toted down from Maine with them on their protest drive.

McKibben didn’t take kindly to the dis and set about making as much noise in the media as he could. In a lengthy op-ed that he sent out to the blogosphere, he was determined to portray his little group as virtuous and wide-eyed as possible:

And so, on the day after Labor Day, we set off in a biodiesel college van. Solar road trip! Guitars, iPods, excellent snack food, and for company, the rock star of solar panels, all 6 x 3-feet and 140 pounds of her….It couldn’t have been more fun. Wherever we could, we’d fire up the panel, pour a gallon of water in the top, point it toward the sun, and eight or nine minutes later you’d have steaming hot water coming out the bottom.

And to make the White House look as dark and dunce-like as possible:

…eventually someone from the Office of Public Engagement emerged to escort us inside the Executive Office Building. He seated us in what he called “the War Room,” an ornate and massive chamber with a polished table in the middle.

Every window blind was closed. It was a mahogany cave in which we could just make out two environmental bureaucrats sitting at the far end of the table. I won’t mention their names, on the theory that what followed wasn’t really their idea, but orders they were following from someone else. Because what followed was uncool….

When the administrators proudly proffered a clipping from some interior page of the Washington Post about their “greening the government initiative,” Amanda calmly pointed out that none of her neighbors read the Post and that, by contrast, the solar panels had made it onto David Letterman.

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