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|Prudence Potpourri | Weinergate

More For Weinergate Addicts Only: Extra Starchild111 Caches

For those of you jonesing for some new Weinergate tidbit, here’s some screenshots of a couple of Starchild111 things I’ve located: a new profile cache from May 14, this one showing tweets. Plus, I have a shot of what possibly was her last public tweet as Starchild111, and it’s not on May 18. It’s much later.

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|Prudence Potpourri | Weinergate

For Weinergate Addicts Only

I tried to post much of this information as a comment on a post over at Patterico’s Pontifications, but unfortunately, it kept getting caught in their spam filter. As a result, my lucky readers get a new Weinergate post to wet their whistles.

Early, two mornings ago, a reader sent me and another blogger a link to something I hadn’t seen before: an internet cached page showing the state of Starchld111’s Twitter account on April 6, 2011. It added insight into how that account evolved, coming in between the two caches of whole Twitter profile pages from January 1, 2011 and April 16, 2011 (as opposed to screenshots and other records  of various groups of and individual tweets) that we Weinergate addicts have had. The new cache was posted last night to Patterico for public perusal.

What does all of this show? Originally, I was attempting to respond to a Patterico commenter, MayBee, who asked how the profile could show that Starchild111 had only tweeted seven times on both the 1/1/11 and the 4/6/11 pages, when we know that the account tweeted @GingerLee in March—between the two dates.

But it goes further in providing clues as to who originally set up and continued to use the account, whether it is operated by the same person throughout, why the account was set up and used, and how the account was used.

Let’s take a look. Click below to see all the caches and follow me down the rabbit hole.

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|Prudence Potpourri | Weinergate

Weiner Game: Which One Does Not Belong?

Your humble correspondent is a bit under the weather, so I’ll be brief. (Hey, no jokes about how I should always be under the weather then.)

News broke last night when tweeter @JoeBrooks brought us evidence that the photo-search website could not provide: proof that the Weinergate Starchild111 avatar was not of a 16-year-old California high school girl…unless she commutes from Melborne, Australia…and unless she’s only 11 years old in the photo. Brooks found a Facebook page that uses the very same photo as our Starchild111, but this supposedly Aussie person goes by the name (or pseudonym) of Missy Mazz. [Note: I say supposedly Aussie, because at this point, with so many fake accounts involved in this corner of Weinergate, who can say for certain this isn’t a sockpuppet Facebook account?]

Since then, Dan Riehl has found another matching Starchild111 avatar photo, seemingly the original photo, which was posted in a Flickr account in 2006. (The owner of the Flickr account calls the girl in the photo her best friend, Angela.) Plus I have found the photo on a beauty and makeup information bulletin board, in which the commenter has made only one post to the site under the name of RichWoman.

Lastly, Dan has found yet another person going by the nom de guerre of Starchild111. Let’s see if you can identify that person in a little game of “Which One Does Not Belong?”

A) Australian Facebook

B) Flickr Photo

C) Beauty discussion board GuruGossip

D) EmailFlirt


In other “Betty and Veronica” news:

Much more devastingly, @JoeBrooks found that the girl pictured in the Twitter photo avatar for Nikki’s supposed friend Marianela Alicea is actually a successful Spanish model, Claudia Albons. (Patterico shows the “Marianela”/”Veronica”‘s Twitter avatar next to Albons’ real photos.) Her website contains page after page of modeling shots, a treasure trove from which to draw not only a photo suitable for a staid school ID, but also candid shots with friends, all of which could be compiled into a teen scrapbook for a sockpuppet.

So I’m still wondering where did the puppetmaster get a school-ID-appropriate shot for Starchild111? There doesn’t seem to be a trove of photos of this girl from which to have chosen. In all the sites where she has so far been found depicted, there is just this one.

Other recommended reading for you home-gamers to stay fully abreast of the twists and turns in the ongoing Weiner saga: see AceOfSpades, and VerumSerum.

It’s time for Tommy Christopher at to release the faked photo IDs. The girls featured in the avatars are in no way underage any longer. Show us what the hoaxers used to fool you into believing them. There’s nothing left that’s truthful to protect on the IDs. There once was a point where it was prudent to withhold the faked IDs from public view. But now, they’ve been fully exposed as liars and thieves. Protecting them now is akin to abetting them.

UPDATE 6/22/11 4:30pm
To clarify, I don’t think the male Starchild111 shown here has anything to do with the Weinergate saga. In fact, I’m 97.5% sure the girls pictured in the Starchild111 and MarinelaAlicea avatars have absolutely nothing to do with Weinergate other than someone stole their photos and put them on Twitter accounts because they are beautiful girls.

I have also linked Tommy Christopher’s name above to his last “Betty and Veronica” story at Mediaite, in case you are unfamiliar with the tale of the ultra-pro-Weiner statements and faked photo IDs used to authenticate them. Also tweeter @ikeonic reminded me to mention that the Flickr photo comes from a young woman’s account who appears to have lived in Detroit around the time she posted the photo that has since been stolen for the Starchild111 Twitter avatar, making the photo quite a world traveler, supposedly going from Detroit to Melborne to Hollywood High—all while staying the same (or regressing in) age. The Fountain of Youth does exist….in the form of poached Twitter avatars.

|Prudence Potpourri | Weinergate

Weiner and the Teen

A young woman—very young, as she just turned 17 on January 10th—has been ensnared in the Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY9) online sex addiction saga. She has been nicknamed “Ethel” by the Patterico blog, so I’ll stick with that appellation for her, to keep the twisting story as straight as possible.

Allow me to introduce you to Ethel, one of the teenage girls that Weiner chose to follow out of tens of thousands of his followers.


I don’t personally know Ethel. I have never even tried to meet her, as I have seen many going after her since the Weiner crotch tweet went out, and I felt conflicted about bringing her into the limelight. Instead, I got to know Ethel the way someone gets to know an author, a memoirist: I read everything I could find that she had written. I read what other people wrote about her. I watched how she reacted as events unfolded around her.

I like her. She reminds me of how perpetually dramatic and lovesick I was as a teen. I worry about her. I fear for her. I wish she’d get some better guidance than what she’s been getting.

With that background out of the way, here’s the Ethel I’ve come to know.

Meet Ethel

She’s an avid Miami Heat and Lebron James fan, she roots for the Phillies, and she love-love-loves her marching band. She’s dramatic and boy-crazy and all the things a passionate teenage girl often is. She has the highest highs and lowest lows….that she unfortunately has been tweeting away, with no seeming parental supervision. In fact it didn’t seem like anyone was looking out for her during the first two weeks of the Weinergate scandal, until the day the police showed up at her house. Her account was left wide open. Did Congressman Weiner not have any concern for her well-being, make no attempt to speak with her parents to alert them to the situation he had placed their daughter in and take measures to protect her if it was all so innocent…or even if it wasn’t?

In rare instances, she may retweet President Obama or Michael Moore. More often, when she’s in an occasional political mood, she tweets mild attacks on Republicans as a whole and their positions.

Much more often she likes to tweet song lyrics and emotional quotes about love and love lost (“sometimes you just have to hold your head up high, blink away the tears and say good bye” or “Move on, it’s in the past. Life’s not perfect, & nothing lasts.”). She tweets about her grandmother, her dog, band and chick-fil-a. And she has a mouth that would make a sailor proud (something college admission boards will have to evaluate whether it reflects wonderfully on a young woman who says she wants to be president—and hoo-whee, what campaign ad material her twitter quotes will be giving to her oppositon). Boy, can she cuss. She drops the F-bomb and the C-bomb and the S-bomb and all the other bombs. Sometimes that’s all a tweet is, just a single curse word; sometimes she strings it oooouuuuuuuutttttttt for emphasis on the frustration or agony or whatever inspired the unladylike blast. Some pages of her tweets are just F, F, F, F. F this, F that, i hate F-ing this, F, F, FFFFFF.

Still…she’s just being a reckless, passionate, unsupervised teenage girl. On her abandoned MySpace page, she followed 20 people. Only 8 are visible, and they are celebrities to varying degrees, including Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Russell Brand, Michael Moore, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ashton Kutcher. Typical teenage girl.

This is a girl that is constantly in the throes of love, ever on its rollercoaster. The objects of her affections change over time, and many may not be truly boyfriends or even crushes, but simply friends she is playing around with. She often does not identify the intended recipient of her tweets of love and angst. She just publicly shouts it out and leaves it hanging for them to see and to feel love or remorse or hurt or shame. I reprint this collection of examples to illustrate how she typically communicates with her crushes, a pattern she may very well have followed with one Rep. Anthony Weiner. (Keep that in mind when you read my annotated/enhanced Patterico timeline of her tweets in the second half of this post.) [Note: Instead of marking all the misspellings below with a “sic,” please know that I have made no attempt to correct any of Ethel’s misspellings, typos or creative spellings.]

Here’s a sampling of Ethel-in-love tweets:

  • You will love many times. Only once will you fall in love.
  • Distracted…. this is what you do to me.
  • I’m in love with sax boy [Boy6] omg<333 not as much as [boy7] tho!
  • turning my phone off and I hate you bye
  • sometimes tears say all there is to say.
  • See, I decided that I cried my last tear yesterdaay
  • you’ll be mine, forever and almost always.
  • You don’t know the meaning of the word.
  • I think our love can do anything we want it to. G’NIGHT<3
  • Nothings worse than being angry sad. Sad sad is easy, angry sad is the worst.
  • I mis my boyfriend :/
  • it only hurts when im breathing, my heart only breaks when its beating, my dreams only die when im dreaming. so i hold my breath, to forget.
  • 🙁 miss yew also even if yew hate me
  • [Boy3] didn’t call 🙁
  • They say that time heals a broken heart, but time has stood still since we’ve been apart.
  • [Boy2] LOVES ME AGAIN – he just randomly texted me professing his love. i knew i keep him around for..
  • yeah nhs yeah life yeah [Boy4] i’m extra loving life yeah f[*]ck you spit don’t ever drunk dial me again
  • #ireallythink we can make it workkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkks [hashtag game tweet?]
  • Being a good girlfriend sucks.
  • @[Boy1] you hung up.. and didn’t even say love you..
  • Why must i beg!
  • going to bed without talking to you for the first time since august.
  • wif da love of my life,
  • hearts achin and i cant breathe, souls breakin, minus 31 degrees
  • show of hands: how many girls are okay with their boyfriend flirting with 6 other girls? anybody? any takers? no. i didnt think so. [this may appear to relate to Weiner and his statement that he has had online sexual interaction with six women, but Ethel’s tweet comes from over a year ago. So oddly enough, if she ever did consider Weiner a boyfriend, no matter how loosely, she’s once again stuck in a “two’s company, eight’s a crowd” situation—if you believe Weiner’s low-ball number of six]

It’s a bit troubling, however, that Ethel has shown a similar lovesick tweeting pattern about other adult males in her life, such as her teacher that I have dubbed “MaleTeacherCrush1.” For instance, back in September, she had this series of tweets over two days. Of course, I have no knowledge whether the tweets were said in earnest, in hope, in jest or in frustration—or a combination thereof. With some of the tweets, it’s not even clear to whom they are directed. The main question is whether the adult male object of her tweet affection understands, and has the self-control to take a gentle, fatherly approach in nurturing and guiding young Ethel without taking advantage of her and her teenage feelings:

  • and even though its different now, you’re still here somehow. my heart won’t let you goooo.
  • Its really hard to take instruction from someone who you got drunk with on friday…
  • Hopefully [MaleTeacherCrush1] will cheer me up…. I know he will.
  • School is frustrating.
  • You are two faced as f[*]ck
  • Life is hard and it’s full of pain and what-not, but we take it cause there’s great stuff too.
  • I won’t give up if you don’t give up

A mature man would see these tweets and know he needs to deal with a girl’s crush without crushing her. A man like Anthony Weiner, who has exhibited a provable pattern of entering into inappropriate online exchanges with women who have expressed erotic interest in him, would see opportunity for himself.

And that’s a bad thing, because this is a girl, Ethel, that is also often fragile and troubled. She has tweeted about problems at home and general depression. She takes rejection hard, but yet is brave enough to put it out on her Tumblr blog or Facebook or Twitter. Why? I suspect so that the people that have hurt her will know, and that she hopes they will say they’re sorry, comfort her, show her they really do love her after all. She seems hungry and longing for attention. Again, not necessarily abnormal behavior from a teen, yet such passionate craving makes her highly exploitable:

  • sad again
  • ‘and we were worlds apart and you’ll see it was so much easier to be, cause now i know we cant have and its so unfair’
  • ‘dont..go. how to live my life without you i just don’t know.’
  • this isn’t even fair right now. ugh i’m a mess.
  • byebye facebook, hello clinical depression – i’m trying..and when i say trying, i mean really hard, to find..
  • Photo: heartbroken, to the point sometimes wanna end it, if I can’t have what mean most to me…
  • Facebook Withdrawl – today, i’m not as much sad as usual. i just genuinely miss my old life.
  • Last night, i gave my final try at fixing us. No response, it’s to be expected….
  • deactivated facebook again. now I’m f[*]cking miserable again, thanks to your stupid jerkoff face.

In the days immediately after her burst of crush tweeting about MaleTeacherCrush1 (above) came this series of depression tweets below. It’s hard to say to whom they are directed. Beyond MaleTeacherCrush1, she never consistently tweeted about any other male in the preceding month or so. Still, no implications can be drawn from that:

  • :'( i can’t even say worst day, its so much more than that
  • I’m so f[*]cked up
  • This shit is unf[*]ckingbelieveable
  • So f[*]cking done with everyone and everything
  • truth is.. i love you way to much.
  • mental breakdown status.. bye :'(
  • i hope that you miss me a little when im gone…………………….
  • sleeping forever. when i wake up, shit will make sense again. maybe.
  • F[*]ck this I’m not playin these games.
  • Not everythings an issue. Moreover, not everything needs your involvement.
  • Love is really nothing but a dream that keeps wakin me.
  • Baby youu my everythin you alll I ever wanted!
  • Waittin for my baby to come back home, whateva it takes.
  • come away with me: and I’ll never stop loving you
  • Sadgirl status
  • Why must you kerep doin thissssssss
  • Don’t wanna close my eyes, I don’t wanna fall asleep……. I still miss you babe and I don’t wanna miss a thing
  • @[Boy8] kill yourself.
  • you may think I’m hatin, well yeah I’m hatinn just think bout it got me smhin
  • being this sad takes such a toll on physical well being. not only have i gained exponential weight, but i cant seem to stay awake..

And so there is Ethel. Finding things and people she loves and hoping she gets something in return. None of the above tweets were within the April/May timeframe of her interactions with Weiner, so it is highly unlikely that any of them have anything to do with Weiner. It was just her life leading up to Weiner—as if she needed any more drama.

Ethel Meets Weiner

Much of the Weiner and the Teen timeline has been confused, misinterpreted or omitted. Media reports say that Ethel first began following Weiner in April. Jennifer Preston at the New York Times reports that:

Representative Anthony D. Weiner said on Friday that he exchanged at least five private messages on Twitter this spring with a 17-year-old Delaware girl who became an admirer of his after hearing him speak during a high school trip to Washington.

Preston further reports that the trip was in “early April.” We also know by Ethel’s own tweets the dates that Weiner followed her and, then within hours, unfollowed her after she had publicly tweeted that she had “talked” with him, and a variety of conservative tweeters started ridiculing Weiner for following a high school girl. Preston’s report elaborates:

The girl’s contact with Mr. Weiner started in early April, after her trip to Washington. The congressman spoke to her school group, and she began following him on Twitter, posting a public message saying how much she liked his speech.

Two days later, Mr. Weiner began following her on Twitter. On her profile, she says she aspires to be president. In a private message he sent to her, he said: “How hip am I talking to a future president.”

Delighted that she had heard directly from a congressman, the girl wrote a public post on her Twitter feed: “talking to Rep Weiner from New York right now! is my life real?”

At the time, a group of conservatives was monitoring Mr. Weiner’s Twitter activity, after noticing that he was sending messages to a pornographic star from Tennessee.

When members of the group saw the girl’s post, suggesting she was engaging in a private conversation with Mr. Weiner, they alerted the congressman that they were watching him. “@RepWeiner new pal is a high school girl. First porn actresses now little girls. Weird.”

According to the girl’s family member, people in the group also copied the girl on some of the messages they sent to him, so she sent Mr. Weiner a private message telling him that she felt she was being harassed. He apologized to her in a private message, and removed her from the list of people he followed on Twitter. pins down the Washington trip day of meeting Weiner to April 1:

Sources close the student said the girl followed Weiner on Twitter after seeing him speak during a school trip to Washington on April 1. Weiner, after signing on to follow the girl’s Twitter feed, direct-messaged the girl on April 13, the sources said, though it is not clear what other communication the two may have had between or after those dates. Weiner no longer follows the girl on Twitter.

The NYT also reported that Weiner again followed Ethel in May. ( was apparently unaware that Weiner had refollowed her.) That’s a month after he was aware that his previous follow had generated unwelcome buzz for both him and her. It’s not as if Weiner follows tens of thousands of people and has no idea who they are. As mentioned in the Times, these two had previously communicated by DM, and the girl’s family claimed that he was gentlemanly in unfollowing her when she informed him of her harassment. (The Times neglects to report that Weiner was copied on several of the “harassing” tweets, as you’ll soon be able to note in the timeline below). Methinks too much credit is being given to Weiner. He was clearly willing to risk charges of being a high school predator again. For what? For some girl with whom he has no apparent connection—at least none that the family has mentioned to the media.

One thing is clear by the sequence of April events: Weiner showed an evidence of guilt. He has admitted to sexting numerous women prior to this. Unless he turns over all of the DMs (direct messages, or private communications, as opposed to public tweets) he sent to Ethel, we have no way of knowing what he was saying to her or whether he was probing the possibility of engaging in sexual or flirtatious talk with her. But we do know that Ethel had a habit of tweeting vulgar and sexually oriented messages publicly.

Normally, it would be fine and no one would think twice if a member of Congress followed a minor, a teen or anyone at all, if they followed back pretty much everyone that followed them. Weiner, however, was very selective in his follows.

The NYT certainly seems unconcerned for Ethel that Weiner would refollow her:

About a month later, Mr. Weiner sent out a public message saying he wanted to attract more followers on Twitter and offered to follow people on his account if they wanted him to.

The girl responded to the appeal and posted a public message to him: “Don’t forget me. I used to follow you.” On May 16, he began following the girl again, and over the next 10 days they had three private message exchanges, the family member said.

One was about baseball. In another, he replied to a question she had about legislation by jokingly asking for her advice, the family member said. His third message to her was in response to a link she posted to a YouTube video of his giving a speech, with the message: “My true love.”

In a blog post on Tumblr, she later shared the contents of that private message from him. In it, Mr. Weiner appeared to liken himself to a superhero.

“I came back strong,” he wrote. “Large. Tights and cape …”

On the Tumblr blog post she added, “My favorite Congressman.”

That transcript is not entirely accurate. For instance, the NY Times severely edited the short message that Weiner, a United States Congressman, wrote to a 17-year-old girl. To make it readily clear what the Times tried to soften up and obscure, I will bold their deletions: “I came back strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape shit…” What cordial 21st century pleasantries a member of Congress transmits to a juvenile.

Appalling. Still, the swooning teenage girl added a girly little heart icon to the end, which the NYT either did not know what it was or deleted it because it makes it indicates there was a crush occurring and not some professional, dignified exchange the Times would hope their favorite Congressman would have: My favorite congressman<3 [And no, NYT, Ethel is not well-versed in the Times Stylebook, and she did not cap Congressman out of respect for the office.]

One thing that has gone unreported is that when Weiner was literally caught with his pants down at 11:34pm on Friday, May 27, he was still following Ethel—and had been since May 15. It was only on June 9, that Weiner finally unfollowed her. (Or it is possible that Ethel finally became disgusted enough with Weiner that she “blocked” him, which would have forcibly removed herself from his list of followers, preventing her ability to DM. Blocking also would have immediately ceased her following of him, and would have “blocked” him from being able to publicly view her tweets and account activity.) Regardless of how Ethel became unfollowed, the tie was cut.

So for two full weeks, he left her open to worldwide public scrutiny, taking no measures to protect her, a girl he was fully aware had been previously subjected to ridicule due to his online interactions with her.


Now that you have met Ethel and have a bit more understanding in how her involvement with Congressman Weiner began and unfolded, a new look at their public online interactions strengthens the case that Weiner behaved inappropriately with underage girls, regardless of whether he sent them explicit photos as well.

Let’s take a look at the sequence of events during April and May.


Timeline Key
The basis of this timeline comes from the Patterico blog’s compiliation of relevant Weiner and underage girl tweeting. The addendums and annotations I have made to the timeline are indicated as follows:

  • The tweets listed in Patterico’s original tweet list, who worked hard to put together an illuminating timeline, appear in italics.
  • My additions are shown in bold text, with my annotations in brown.
  • Any tweets in Patterico’s timeline of which I could not personally locate a file copy are highlighted in italicized blue. Patterico has proven in the past to be a reputable source, so I take his word for it that these tweets existed and with the wording/spelling and date as shown. I note these instances not to cast aspersions on the existence of the tweets, but to ensure that I do not overrepresent or misrepresent the proof I myself hold.

11 April


[ILY = I Love You. Typical Ethel-in-love tweeting (see above). As this tweet occurs two days prior to Ethel’s follow request, Weiner’s follow, and the first admitted time that Weiner DMs Ethel, it’s a stretch to include this as a Weiner tweet. Not seeing it within a surrounding timeline of her other tweets at the time, it’s difficult to fully assess. It could be about Weiner, but more likely it’s about a local boy or adult male crush.]

12 April

PatriotUSA76: @RepWeiner only follows 91 people: fellow Congress members, media members and PORN actress Ginger Lee. Weird. @DailyCaller @weaselzippers

[PatriotUSA76 is a tweeter who identified himself as Dan Wolfe. He was an early alarm bell to Weiner’s strange Twitter followings and was the first to see Weiner’s lewd photo tweet sent accidentally public to the college girl. This example of Patriot’s early and often alerts to Weiner that his odd behavior was being noticed shows that Patriot had been trying for quite some time to get conservative websites and blogs to take notice as well.]

13 April

Ethel: @RepWeiner I’m in love with you

Ethel: @RepWeiner can i get a follow-back? More than one person has said how we are the same person!!! i love you and your tweets<33

[recall by the news reports that Ethel supposedly went to DC back on April 1. If true, it takes her 12 days until she finally asks him for a follow-back. Remember, it is also possible to Direct Message someone who is following you—meaning as long as Ethel is following Weiner, he can DM her, but he would have to follow her as well for her to initiate or reciprocate any DMs to him. Clearly, someone’s reporting is wrong: either’s date of Weiner’s speech to Ethel’s group in Washington on April 1 or the New York Times‘s reporting that Weiner followed her two days after their initial meeting.]

Ethel: Watchin @RepWeiner on cnn <3

Ethel: Seriously talking to Representative Weiner from New York right now! Like is my life real? [<== tweeted at 7:04pm. Note that this is when, as the Times reports, Weiner has just DM’d her: “How hip am I talking to a future president.”]

Ethel: I’m famous!!!!!!!!!!

Ethel: @[Betty] I just asked for a follow-back and he did!!! Ahhh!

[Poor Betty. She is another teen, a 16-year-old Californian, nicknamed Betty by Tommy Christopher in his Mediaite reporting on the topic. Betty was fairly obsessed with Weiner. Here, she immediately sees someone has tweeted about getting a DM from him, and pipes up to ask how did they get him to do that. She did the same thing when Ginger Lee, the porn star, tweeted something similar. Betty was watching her man flirt with other girls.]

Shortly after 9pm on April 13th, Patriot and his merry band of conservative tweeters took notice of Ethel’s excited twutterances about “talking” (i.e., DMing) with Weiner. I have a short exchange of DMs between Patriot and another tweeter, Goatsred (or Mike Stack). Neither Patriot nor Goat gave me these DMs. I was not a party to the DMs.

9:12pm: PatriotUSA76 DM’d Goatsred the tweet that Ethel had tweeted about talking to Weiner. In his next DM to Goatsred, Patriot wrote: “This is HILARIOUS! cannot believe this sick FREAK!”

9:13pm: Goatsred DM’d Patriot back, asking him: “can you screen cap it??”

9:14pm: Patriot DM’d Goat back: “I was just going to ask you how to do that! Cause you know he’ll delete her as soon as we tweet it! LMAO”

9:15pm: Patriot DM’d Goat again: “in her bio she says she’s in “marching band” LMAO!! Oh this is too good. He is a sick freak!”

9:15pm: Goat DM’d Patriot: “I found it…I’ll do it”

patriotusa76: “@repweiner talking to high-school girls now. Freak.”

[I don’t find an exact copy of this tweet. However, on April 13, I am certainly able to find a number of similar expressions from PatriotUSA76 regarding Weiner following Ethel, but also from Goatsred. The “freak” tweets I can find records of, but cannot find the actual tweets, where originally from Goatsred and new-RT’d by Patriot, as in: “LMAO @repweiner talking to high-school girls now. Freak. RT @Ethel: talking to Rep Weiner from New York right now! is my life real?” (9:19pm) and “@mikemadden59@goatsred Check it out bro. Weiner’s new follow is a high school girl. LMAO! Freak!” (9:23pm)]

[Note: LMAO = Laughing My A** Off. Also, a “new-RT” is using Twitter’s automated ReTweet button to RT a tweet instead of copying and pasting the tweet into an old-school RT. The primary difference is that an RTer cannot add to or edit a new-RT. If a tweeter wishes to inject a comment or make it come directly from his/her account, it has to be manually RT’d.]

Here is a list of tweets made by the Patriot’s #BornFreeCrew the April 13 evening they found Ethel enthralled with her Weiner DMs and follow:

  • “@mikemadden59@goatsred@jihadihunter@redrivergrl@RepWeiner new pal is a high school girl. First porn actresses now little girls. Weird.” 9:25pm
  • “@mikemadden59@goatsred@Lrihendry @[Ethel] @[Betty] True she probably doesn’t know what a slime he is.” 9:35pm
  • “@goatsred It wasn’t directed at you @Ethel we just noticed he has a strange thing for porn and kids, that’s all. Sorry.” 9:40pm
  • “@redrivergrl@mikemadden59@goatsred@jihadihunter Could you imagine infatuated with anything that slimy and creepy? ” 9:47pm
  • “@mikemadden59@Jihadihunter@redrivergrl@goatsred We’re not jerks. We were trying to save the youth of America from a sick freak” 9:51pm
  • “@mikemadden59@Jihadihunter@redrivergrl@goatsred You’re no jerk. We were just trying to help her. She’ll find out on her own.” 9:57pn
  • “@mikemadden59@redrivergrl@goatsred@jihadihunter I weep for the future if this is any indication of who teen idols are. Weiner???” 10:40pm
  • “@redrivergrl@mikemadden59@goatsred@jihadihunter It’s like the Pied Piper of Hamelin. God help the kids if they follow that nujob.” 10:44pm
  • Jihadihunter also piped up and was new-RT’d by Patriot: “@redrivergrl@mikemadden59@goatsred@jihadihunter LMAO, Anita! Yeah I wonder about the future of this country.” 10:40pm

When I originally saw series of tweets such as these, I became convinced this team of conservative tweeters were not maliciously cyberstalking Weiner, but were doing a public service—trying to alert potential Weiner victims to the danger they were in, and to alert Weiner that his actions were not occurring fully in secret and that he needed to stop right then.

Ethel: @patriotusa76 hi hater don’t be mean!

Ethel: @goatsread can you stop being rude and trying to ruin my good day? Just because I enjoy politics… @patriotusa76

Ethel: @sclancy cause representative weiner followed me back today and some sickos are trying to make a thing of it.

Patriotusa76: @goatsred @Lrihendry @mikemadden59 @[Ethel] @[Betty] LMAO. School yards!

Mikemadden59: @patriotusa76 @goatsred @Lrihendry @goatsred @Lrihendry @mikemadden59 @[Ethel] @[Betty] You are such a hater. She is an innocent ignorant kid give her a break.

Ethel: @mikemadden59 @patriotusa76 @goatsred Excuse you, but I am far from ignorant. As I have done nothing to you or your cronies, please stop.

Ethel: @[Betty] i am so sorry!!!!!

Ethel: I shall have a good night! Thank you more lovely conservatives to make my day 🙂

Ethel: @KingJames I love you. I can’t believe you’re coming to Philadelphia and I won’t be there to see you. <333

[I tossed this tweet in to show that @RepWeiner was not the only one on the national stage that Ethel publicly declared her love for. However, it appears that @RepWeiner was the only one who engaged her in private Direct Messages.]

Ethel: Was famous for an hour 🙁

[It is unclear precisely when Ethel was unfollowed by Weiner. By this tweet, it seems the unfollow has just occurred.]

Ethel: @[EthelFriend3] cause some sick republicans with way too much time on their hands were blowin up my twitter.

Ethel: RT [EthelFriend2] Wish I could be super cool and attack high school girls about there [sic] political affiliation for fun…..smh forget about them @[Ethel]

EthelFriend1: I’m proud of you babygirl! keep putting people in their place 🙂

Ethel: @[EthelFriend1] thanks [EthelFriend1]! I think I did a good job 🙂

14 April

MikeMadden59: @[Ethel] [Ethel] you are following one of the most corrupt politicians out there. We don’t mean to insult you. But if you like politics maybe you should look further than Weiner. He is a hack and a liar. We alread backed off before you send. Have a good night

Ethel: Mr. [MaleTeacherCrush1] was more excited about my wednesday night than I was!! Silly republicans 🙂

Ethel: Okay AP Calculus class. Laugh at me now, but when I’m representing your ass in congress, you won’t be laughing.

Ethel: @EthelFriend2 not a communist! Borderline socialist….. Maybe.

Ethel: So happy that @[MaleTeacherCrush1] @[MaleTeacherCrush2] + @[MaleTeacherCrush3] were happy about my news!!

Ethel: @RepWeiner 🙁

15 April

Ethel: Seriously depressed that @RepWeiner doesn’t follow me anymore. Yesterday was a great day!

[I’ve lost the time stamp on this tweet. Due to the content, talking about “yesterday” when Weiner was following her, this was sent, in all likelihood, just after midnight on the 15th and therefore was a continuation of Ethel’s tweets on the evening of the 14th.]


1 May

Ethel: Not sleeping tonight, you’d think I was president.

2 May

Ethel: Going to meet my national legislators in 6 hours and I cannot sleep. Like ugh.

Ethel: @ChrisCoons just left the building and I’m not happy about the answer to my question at this delegation. Don’t forget me

Ethel: @JohnCarneyDE I met you in Washington in the gallery and today at the delegation. Don’t forget me, I will be on Capital [sic] Hill one day.

Ethel: @SenatorCarper thanks for the great insight today. Don’t forget me. Front row girl. I’ll be back.

Ethel: @RepWeiner tell john carney I’m mad at him when you see him. Sincerely, [Ethel] from Delaware.

[This tweet makes me wonder whether Ethel spoke with Carney at the delegation about Weiner. Clearly she wishes to illustrate to Weiner that she’s traveling in the same circles as he—even though he is not currently following her at this point.]

Ethel: #turnon: married men.

Ethel: “But [Ethel] im sure youll find the right large slightly chubby married man of your dreams one day im just not sure its bob.” Hahah! @[EthelFriend2]

3 May

Ethel: @JohnCarneyDE you missed a comma.

[No indication what this is in response to. Ethel does follow him. A DM? A tweet that day? None of them appear to have any missing comma needing attention. She does later have a back-and-forth public tweet exchange with him on a legislative issue. There’s just no public record of anything from him regarding this tweet. Note that Rep. Carney primarily only follows other members of Congress and the media, which would limit any constituent from privately messaging him, although he could DM them if they followed him.]

8 May

RT @RepWeiner: No politics on Mothers Day #JustDontMentionWomenEarn1/3LessThanMenForSameWork

13 May

Ethel: had a fight with mr. [MaleTeacherCrush1] today about political ideology 🙁 I yelled a while

Ethel: @RepWeiner you used to follow me  don’t forget me!!! #weineryes

15 May


16 May

Betty: Tweeps my progressive idol @RepWeiner is following me! Today is the best day ever!

Betty: Today also marks day one of my campaign to get @RepWeiner to be my prom date. Will you be my prom date @RepWeiner?

Betty: Everyone please please follow @RepWeiner and tell him to be my prom date!

Betty: Tweeps please tweet and follow @RepWeiner and tell him to be my prom date and use#RepWeinerBe[Betty]sDate

Betty: Follow the best progressive Congressman @RepWeiner he is a democrat who fights for us & against Republican trolls! #RepWeinerBe[Betty]sDate

patriotusa76: RT [Betty] Please tweet and follow @RepWeiner & tell him to be my prom date>>Poor girl. We should warn her. @goatsred @tamale102280

17 May

Betty: It really sucks when one of your idols doesn’t live up to expectations.

Ethel: I love today. I really do.

Ethel: I’m in love with married men, #thatswhyimsingle

Ethel: i’m gettin drunk, but i’d much rather be somewhere with youuuuuuuuu [May 17/18 on Tumblr]

18 May

Betty: Well @RepWeiner unfollowed me. That was a short time. I defended him from people. Some thanks he gives to his loyal followers.

Betty: RT @[Ethel]: Funny that you said you had a crush on a married politician. Are you forreal?

Ethel: I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING PSYCHO GIRL. stop tweeting about me.

Ethel: Goodnight world, I love most of you<3

19 May

Ethel: I’m in love with you.

Ethel: Links YouTube video
: Anthony Weiner Rips Apart Republicans on 9/11 Health Bill

20 May

Ethel: [Redacted] High School is a disgrace today

21 May

Ethel: Sitting in the chair where I first talked to my favorite Congressman  )))))

[again, another tweet I don’t personally have a copy of, and again I trust Patterico. however, I question the interpretation that’s been given to this. According to the New York Times report, Ethel first met/saw/heard Weiner (presumably her favorite Congressman) in Washington. Therefore, I wonder if the date of May 21 is correct. Or perhaps it simply means her chair at home, though that seems to be a strange thing to tweet about, if it’s an ordinary chair and this isn’t the first time she has sat in it since her first DM exchange with Weiner. If it is just an ordinary chair, then is there something about the chair that Weiner knows or has seen that would make a mention of it mean something? Lots of questions and speculation, I know. Not seeing it in context of other tweets causes some difficulty here for me. Sorry.]

22 May


Ethel: I’m in love with you. I hope you know this. [around 11pm]

Ethel on Tumblr: My true love. (with youtube video of Weiner)

[Note that, according to the New York Times story above, Weiner sent Ethel only three DMs in May (and two in April). The third one was in response to this Tumblr post. It’s unclear how he would have been informed of this post to her blog. However, the Times article does not make it clear that it takes him four days, until the 26th to send her a DM response to it. Therefore, if it is true that there was no more frequent communication between them, are the next four days’ worth of Ethel tweets reflecting a waiting for a response?]

23 May

Ethel: Mr. [MaleTeacherCrush1], I’m lovin the crucifix tie.

Ethel: I love 69ing big hunt + like to use honey mustard as lube. Ohh yeahh baby I love bdh weiner
 May 22 [<<<<=== this was actually on May 23]

Ethel: Hacked… Clearly.

[Does this tweet come into play in the early hours of May 28? Perhaps Rep. Weiner picked up a tip from Ethel a few days prior to his fat-fingering a lewd DM to a college girl. His immediate first defense? “Hacked.”]

24 May

Ethel: Goddamn I love [MaleTeacherCrush1]…. Only teacher that understands.

Ethel: What is my life.

Ethel: @RepWeiner you have feelings?

[May 24 appears to be a bad day in the Weiner/Ethel world. They’re both still following one another. So what’s up? Perhaps he’s not responding to her DMs? Perhaps he has said something upsetting to her. Whatever it is, it inspires her to publicly transmit a sexually suggestive tweet to one of her other nationally known loves, Lebron James. A teenage girl’s attempt to provoke jealousy? Is that what it would inspire in Weiner?]

Ethel: Lebron, I will take my talents to your bedroom.

Ethel: Today sucks.

Ethel: Why did I turn on cspan again?

26 May

Ethel on Tumblr, quoting Weiner: “I came back strong. Large. In charge. Tights and cape sh[*]t…” My favorite congressman<3

[So after all the turmoil over Weiner two days ago, we know from the New York Times report that Weiner at least DMs Ethel on the 26th. She’s happy again. Proudly posting the DM to her Tumblr blog, without saying how or when she received it. Patterico also previously noted that Weiner used the superhero garb reference that he also used in his very explicit sexting with Lisa Weiss in Las Vegas. Therefore, we have no idea whether Weiner’s DM to Ethel was solitary or whether it was merely profanity laced but not also sexual.]

2728 May

Ethel: Boyfriend #1 is terminated.
[Weiner’s accidental crotch shot was not tweeted until 11:34pm on this dayMay 27. Ethel tweeted this at 10:55pm1:55am on May 28. We know Weiner was around his computer shortly thereafter, and I still posit that during his 3-hour timeframe prior to his lewd tweet that he was actually online, DMing women, leading up to his preparing and transmitting the aroused photo. I would hope that Ethel was not communicating with Weiner privately around the time this tweet was sent and that he is in no way Boyfriend #1.With the new time of Ethel’s tweet, I now further doubt that she would have been one that Weiner would have been DMing with immediately prior to his lewd tweetpic. However, it elevates the possibility that he is indeed Boyfriend #1, no?]

28 May

Ethel: You’ve changed. [12:29pm]

[The #Weinergate story has just broken in the middle of the night on this day. It has been reported that Weiner had a crisis meeting that day to plan how to respond to the publicity swirling around the tweet he was denying. Was Ethel trying to communicate with him during this time. Is that who she thinks has changed? Recall that in the Lisa Weiss transcript linked above, it shows her trying to get in touch with him following the scandal and apparently receiving nothing back via Facebook message. However, we do know that Weiner contacted at least the Seattle college girl and the porn star to instruct them on how to handle the scandal. Was Ethel also contacted?]

29 May

Ethel: Unblocking my tweets and changing my name back. I didn’t do sh[*]t and I’m in no way involved in your political bullsh[*]t.

[This would seem to be directed at tweeters, bloggers and media of all types. Yet from this point on, she never seems to come out in support of Weiner, so it could be possible he is included in the “your” group.]

Ethel: I hope your manhood is restored now that you called a 17 year old a dumbass. # fightfirewithsarcasm

[I am unable to locate to whom this tweet is in response.]

30 May

Ethel: I got big dreams. Nothing’s getting in the way of that.

Ethel: May I just clarify that I changed my name of my own accord, due to the fact that I don’t wish to be harassed by people I’ve done nothing to.

[Could this tweet have been helpfully guided by Weiner’s PR “expertise”? It comes late in the day, far separate from the previous day’s actions of unblocking her Twitter account.]

31 May

Ethel: I need a nap 🙁 bye y’allz

[It seems doubtful that Ethel got the same advice from Weiner as he gave to porn star Ginger Lee about using “y’all” to appear charming, but I have to note that “y’all” was not a frequent part of Ethel’s vocabulary like it was for Ginger.]

1 June

Ethel: My tweet was, and continues to be, taken completely out of context. Screenshot me now, crazies.

2 June

Ethel: Gonna sit back and do absolutely nothing just like you did to me.

5 June

Ethel: Going to bed waking up neveRrrrrrrr

5 June

Ethel: wish i was in dc and not de

[Is Ethel communicating with Weiner still? Is she hoping she could publicly stand up for him, be with him, make everything okay for him? This is the day he gives his press conference after 4pm. Note: He is in New York, not DC. But would Ethel have known that?]

Ethel: You’re a shady manipulative person and I no longer wish to associate myself with you.

[unknown to whom this was said; however, she was having no public disagreements with anyone at/around this time]

Ethel: With I was with my best friend at bike race :(((

Ethel: You said always and forever, such a long and lonely time.

6 June

Ethel: Wow so disappointed in someone who I admired.

Ethel: Speechless.

7 June

Ethel: still confused and disappointed. labarb thinks he should resign for the sake of the party. i’m still undecided…..but pissed.

Ethel: Sitting in [MaleTeacherCrush1] class one last time :\’



Based on this record, it seems to me that it’s a good thing that Mr. Weiner’s Direct Message to Gennette Cordova accidentally went public. Otherwise, who knows where this all was leading. No one was paying any attention to PatriotUSA76’s alarms. Even Weiner himself kept boldly following young girls, despite knowing doing so would subject his young “friends” to public criticism, despite knowing that people were watching and suspicious that he was up to no good. He kept on. He just kept on.

At the time that Ethel finally changed her Twitter account to private and deleted her Tumblr blog, it seems she had finally seen the light about Weiner. It’s a hard lesson to learn that your hero and your crush was little more than a narcissistic predatory creep. If she is still protecting him, I can only hope that she will finally come forward and reveal all she knows, because she was not the only teen that Weiner followed. And, let’s face it, there’s only four years difference between 17 and 21. With the brazen attitude Weiner took toward women in general, would he really have respected a bright line of no younger than the legal age of 18? (After all, you can still be 18 and in high school.)

There are a couple morals here:

To Teenage Girls: Please be aware that all of your online behavior lives on. What I’ve given here is just a portion of what I’ve found. I’m sure there are things that I’ve taken out of context, even trying to be careful about it. But others may not be so kind. Employers and college administrators and future friends, boyfriends and their friends and parents will see these things. It may be cool to curse and be sexually permissive to your friends who know that you’re actually a modest girl. But strangers and people you may want to know might not figure that out. In other words, unless you wish to be seen for all eternity as a foul-mouthed loose woman, don’t act that way online. You can leave your high school behind and go to college, and leave college and go into adult employment. But you can’t leave any of the stuff you do online at each stage behind. You’ll be dragging it along with you forever.

To Parents of Teenage Girls: Good grief. Keep an eye on your daughters. Perhaps you’re one of those hip, liberal parents who likes to treat their children like their friends, who’d smoke pot and talk sex with them. If you are, there’s nothing I can say to you. Your daughters are ripe targets for a lot of creeps out there in the world, both online and in person. If you’re not that way and life has just been too busy and you’ve been too distracted, and well, your daughter is quite a handful and it’s exhausting to try to control her behavior and life around the house is easier to just let her do what she wants: stop now. Go read through her entire twitter and facebook history. Make sure you know how she has been presenting herself to the world. If she’s been presenting a bad image, erase it all immediately, everywhere you can find it. And then work with her on learning how to put forth an image of the type of person she wants to be, someone she’ll be proud to have live on long after she’s outgrown today’s crushes and black nail polish and youthful indiscretions.

To Congressmen Who Prey on Young Women to Get Their Jollies: An honorable man would have behaved in an entirely different manner. The behavior outlined here in this post is despicable. A decent and innocent man would not have let his young victims twist in the wind as all the world goes and looks at them, inspects their lives. He would have attempted to protect them (and all of his female followers) from the feeding frenzy of the 24-hour news cycle and his inept public relations attempts. He would have gotten the parents involved. He would have apologized directly, by phone or some personal contact, and alerted the parents that he had brought their precious children into a situation that could do damage to them. He would have let their welfare be his primary concern, not himself. That’s what an honorable, innocent man would have done.
Quick Update:

I should note that the New Castle police in Delaware have opened an investigation into the Weiner DMs, and have interviewed Ethel and her mother. It has been variously reported that the investigation is closed; however, Patterico is on top of the story as usual, and notes a story in which the police say “computer forensics experts are reviewing the exchanges.” And that’s a good thing not to just take anyone’s word for it in this case.

Also note that if Weiner does not resign from office, the ethics investigation will proceed and could expose all of his female followers, including the teens, to Congressional inspection.

UPDATE 6/15/11 2:45am
A Twitter friend, @MooseOfReason, questioned one of the specific times I noted in the Ethel tweet timeline. It’s the “Boyfriend #1 is terminated,” which I had found in one of my documents a timestamp of 10:55pm on May 27. Moose had tweeted he had a stamp showing it was 1:55am on May 28. It turns out that in another source document of mine, the time matches Moose’s time. Further experimentation finds that Moose is correct.

Therefore, I will be updating the specific times in this post if I had verified the times through the erroneous source (erroneous simply because it was giving West Coast (PT) times and everything else I have is Eastern (ET), but otherwise correct). Only a few of my times were verified through the erroneous source, so most are correct. I will have the incorrect times fixed by later today. In the meantime, if anyone wishes to use or refer to any specific timed tweets, then please contact me first to verify the correct time. I’ll be happy to help, in exchange for receiving credit as the source.

UPDATE 6/15/11 5:55pm

Welcome astute readers of The Other McCain! (Thanks, Stacy.)


UPDATE 6/16/11 11:15am

Welcome to the discerning readers of Patterico. (Thanks, Aaron!)