Today’s Phrase for Latin Lovers

Rex in Regno suo superiores habet Deum et Legem.

The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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I Don't Think You're Ready For This Peanut Butter Jelly

Just for fun, to refresh my basic editing skills, I present for your viewing pleasure a mashup of the Peanut Butter Jelly Time dancing kitty viral video with the Buzzfeed still shots of Beyonce’s worst moments in her 2013 Super Bowl performance. Enjoy.

By the way, the “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” song is by Chip-man & The Buckwheat Boyz and is available for purchase at iTunes and Amazon.

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Democrat Convention Tortures a Cat for Fun and YouTube Lolz

Amazingly, the people who side with PETA and express smirking outrage over Mitt Romney putting a dog on the roof of his car think it’s hilarious to torture and humiliate a poor orange tabby cat.

In a nonsensical video to promote the host city of the Democratic National Convention, the Charlotte in 2012 Convention Host Committee hauled a distressed cat around town to awkwardly pose it in front of Charlotte landmarks with references to cats. The banality of it all is criminal enough, but look at the abuse they inflict on the animal.

The creature is obviously miserable throughout, seeking a getaway when not being manhandled and shoved into the video frame, legs akimbo. Good thing it didn’t sprint into traffic or leap into the path of the oncoming train. Look at its pitiful face in the final frame where one eye twitches and the Committee thinks looks like a wink. It’s not.

If this were a real movie, it is highly doubtful that the American Humane Association would sign off on the treatment of the animal during the making of the movie.

Shame on the DNC. Someone needs to rescue poor Fernando from their inhumane clutches.

(h/t BuzzFeedAndrew)


A New Tactic for Ground Zero?

A Metro UK Daily Mail story found at SooperMexican’s website presents a new potential protest that could be used here in the US to persuade the Ground Zero megamosque developers to move their insult to an inoffensive location:

It seems an Austrian man upset his mosque neighbors by yodeling one day during their call to prayer. He was fined 700 euros (roughly $940.45).

The world has now come down to…


Greg Gutfeld, host of the 3 am show “Red Eye” on Fox News, has said he will construct a gay bar next door to the Cordoba Initiative mosque if they insist on locating themselves on the perimeter of the Ground Zero war memorial site. Perhaps Gutfeld should instead consider building a yodeling cultural center (complete with a gay bar).

Get ready for the grand opening sing-along now with the book How to Yodel: Lessons to Tickle Your Tonsils and Funnybone, by “world-famous yahooer” Wylie Gustafson. (CD included!)

Or for your listening pleasure, click on the picture above of I Love To Yodel!: The Best Of Country Yodel, Vol. 2 for yodel classics such as “Sweet Little Lover,” “Old Cockatoorali,” “Pappy’s Mountain Still,” “My Pony, My Guitar, And Me,” “Dreammyland Bay” and the eponymous “I Love To Yodel.” (Note this album is volume two.]

That’s for the good ol’ USA cowboy-style yodeling.

For those of you interested in the Alpine-style…and are willing to risk the high fine…

there’s U 2 Can Yodel, by “master yodeler” Kerry Christensen.


As Monty Python used to say, “And now, for something completely different”:

Cat Yodeling

A cat lawyer advises me that I should put this disclaimer: Don’t try this at home.