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Obamacare Sales Pitch Gets Desperate

The Obamacare enrollment numbers stink, especially when looking at how few young people are signing up to strap on the healthcare costs of the nation like a bunch of foolish pack mules. So what’s a failed government program to do to save a presidential legacy?

Knowing their target market are the types that would be willing to lick a toad to get high, the Obamacare sales force is resorting to the intoxicating mating dance of the newt. That’s right. Their last ditch effort is the Salamander Shimmy, to the tune of “Drop It Like It’s a Horney Newt.”

Feast your eyes.

The rap video clip is from a new ad/music video by Covered California for their contribution to the Obama administration’s #GetCovered campaign. The Obama impersonator, Iman Crosson, who has done other Obama-praising rap videos throughout the president’s five years in office, again sings the praises of “President Barack, President Barack, President Barack” who is “two terms strong” and “when my critics get an attitude, I tell ’em to stop.” And that Obamacare stuff? Pseudo-Barack raps that you should “sign up, ’cause it’s hot.”

Plus I’ve got this healthcare which has got it going on! [their exclamation point]
Affordable healthcare officially a “go”! [again their !!!!!]
That’s better than what we had a year ago! [again, drop it like it’s ditto!!]

Now here’s the sales pitch for salamander youth:

Your options are really wide ‘sprizzead’
Don’t worry ’bout what them, they, her or he said.
I can educate you, this can be your health ed. [so shout out to Common Core!]
Jump on your mom’s plan that’s how you get ‘ahizzead.’

Wait, is signing up for Obamacare and paying for old people’s healthcare the same as your mom adding an extra person to her policy? Ok, I’m interfering with the sales pitch like some old fogey over 26. Back to the hip messagizzead!!

Pres and I’m the man, been the Pres since “Yes We Can”
And I dealt with all this healthcare while dealing with Iran! [so…2 ka-BOOMs?]
So don’t try to talk about my plan like the people haven’t wanted this [Eminem this Iman is not]
They’ve waited long for this
And it covers all conditions that could preexist? [their question mark. lol]
You should think about it. Take a second.
Matter of fact, you should take it easy
And rock to this jam from ‘B-Rock O-Beezy’

Last verse is a lulu:

If you choose it just use it they can’t refuse it
No preexisting condition could ever make you lose it.
So tell a friend or a random guy
I’ve got a game changer right here that saves lives. [except for the ones it decides to kill]
So don’t stand and diddle, my healthcare’s the ‘shizzle.’
It’s chock full of top notch healthcare ‘provizzles!’ [like maternity care for men and pediatric dental for gramps…mandated by the Presizzle]
We’ll cover all your ‘vizzles’, your ‘dizzles’ AND your ‘tizzles’
Now while you figure all that out, it’s back to that ‘chorizzle.’

So they even admit they’re throwing a bunch of malarkizzle at you, full of nonsense, knowing no one can figure it out, so let’s get on with the chorus while you sign up anyway.

It’s like telling the youth of America at their graduation ceremony to ignore any voices warning you of tyranny. Who needs liberty when you can #GetCovered in government?

Muchas gracias to a mystery man of disputed ethnicity for his superb editing assistance in bringing this news flash to you.

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Medical Records Snooping

No one has been much concerned about the National Health Information database, which if I’m not mistaken was authorized and preliminarily funded under the stimulus boondoggle, long before ObamaCare passed. This database will require all citizens to have their medical records kept in a national database, supposedly to eliminate medical error, and doctors will be asked to submit their diagnoses to the database for guidance and comparison of treatments.

Sounds so wonderful to many. Sounds horrific to me. No record in a national database is secure from prying eyes. And it’s already begun, even before the database has been implemented.

Senator Scott Brown’s insurance company notified him that political opponents have been seeking medical information on him and his family members. According to the Boston Herald:

Officials from the Group Insurance Commission, the state’s health insurance provider, notified Brown on Tuesday that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee asked them “to provide insurance information,” according to a copy of the GIC letter obtained by the Herald.

The DSCC wanted to obtain “all direct correspondence” that the Senator had with the insurance provider. The paper said:

A DSCC spokesman insisted the request was only for public information and never sought private medical information about the Brown family.

The paper could not get a comment from the commission, but it said:

…a letter sent by the agency to Brown’s lawyer Tuesday warns “some or all of the material requested may constitute ‘personal data.’ ”

Imagine if the DSCC didn’t have to go through any persnickety commission to dig dirt on their opponents. Suppose they could just have friends at the national health database do a little wikileaking of their own.

I, for one, do not want my medical records stored anywhere but my doctor’s office (and yes, I know they are already spread far and wide through the insurance, hospital, and pharmacy systems—but that doesn’t mean I don’t feel very uncomfortable with that).

Let’s make a deal. Obama has refused to release any of his records: school, medical and the infamous long-form birth. Clinton fought to keep his medical records private. Any medical database needs to be inaugurated with the medical records of Obama, Clinton, their families, their staffs, and all of Congress and its staffers first.

We don’t have to worry about whether those records could be held securely one year or five years. They would never be held because our rulers would never subject themselves to the same potential invasion of privacy they wish us to submit to.

If that were the stipulation, the entire project would instantly die.

In the meantime, think about whether the DSCC has only sought access to Brown’s records. You think he’s the only politician they would love to get damaging or embarrassing information on? Just how many insurance companies never bothered to notify their clients and sent the requested information right on to the DSCC?

It’s simply disgusting. So much for medical “privacy.” Combine such a database with politicians such as Michelle Obama and Michael Bloomberg who believe they have the right to dictate your health behaviors to you, and we have a nightmare approaching.




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Flashback: WI Teacher Union Outraged Over No Viagra Benefits (UPDATED x2)

[Updates at end!…but be sure to check out the new logo that SooperMexican designed for the Wisconsin “public service” union knuckleheads: click here.]

Last August, the Milwaulkee school district’s teacher’s union was all up in arms—insisting they get their Viagra pills put back into their relatively free health insurance plans.

In an article titled “Despite Budget Cuts, Layoff Fears, Milwaukee Teachers Fight for Taxpayer-Funded Viagra,” Fox News reported:

At least one lawmaker questioned why the union is fighting for Viagra while teachers are losing their jobs. A consultant for the school board has estimated that reinstating the drug benefit would cost $786,000 per year — the cost to keep perhaps a dozen first-year teachers employed.

For the math challenged, that works out to a first-year teacher earning $65,500. Sign me up!

The article also said:

The union has argued the costs are tiny compared to the $1.3 billion annual budget. But the school board says they are “particularly burdensome” when it is under pressure to reduce benefit costs.

That the pills — which can cost $20 apiece without insurance — were included in the first place is somewhat unusual. Health insurer Aetna Inc., which provides one of the district’s two plans, says its standard pharmacy plans exclude Viagra and other “drugs for lifestyle enhancement or performance.”

Note that the teachers pay little if anything at all for their health plans. Yet:

Board and union negotiators reached a deal in 2002 to cover six tablets per month for erectile dysfunction drugs in health plans that insure 10,000 employees, dependents and retirees. They quickly became popular.

By 2004, the number of claimants receiving prescriptions skyrocketed to more than 1,000 per year, costing the district $207,000. During negotiations in 2005, the board proposed eliminating the benefit and an arbitrator adopted the plan.

A gender discrimination suit has apparently held up the removal of Viagra from the health plans.

And now these teachers have flooded the halls of the Madison capitol building complaining that they shouldn’t have to contribute anything to cover their health care—among other whines.

I could make a bad off-color joke here about how this Viagra protest was a perfect example of how the teacher unions can’t even screw the public on their own but instead demand the public pay them to do it…but I won’t.


Several bloggers have done an excellent job in summarizing the events of the Wisconsin union agitations this week:

Jimmie Bise, aka @JimmieBJR, at The Sundries Shack says “This Is the Week That Should End Public Sector Unions” and I could not agree more.

Public sector unions are, as I have said before, a blight on our states and nation. We should do everything in our power to rid ourselves of them entirely and make sure, by law if necessary, that they can never come back again. It would make me very happy if Governor Walker fired every single teacher who called out sick over the past two days. They let down the taxpayers of Wisconsin and, more importantly, taught their students that it’s okay to lie, cheat, and steal in order to get what you want.

What’s more, government “bargaining” agreements with public employees is are no bargain for taxpayers who are essentially unrepresented in any “negotiations.” It’s not the bureaucrat’s money on the line that he gives away without much concern for the fiscal consequences down the line.

Dan Collins, aka @vermontaigne,  of Piece Of Work In Progress says he can’t write much today because of other work and then proceeds to put together an amazing collection of links pertaining to the extortion protests going on in Wisconsin—including creating a new verse to the The Who’s “Magic Bus” which he renames “Union Bus.”

Dan, a former Wisonsin native, wrote at

What I’d like to see is someone go out and video reactions when they tell the kids that these apparent holidays now will mean make-up days in June. Think any of their teachers taking them to rally have told them that? I seem to recall that Wisconsin has laws regarding truancy, too, or at least so I was told with regard to Senior Skip Day when I was in school.

And then there’s @diggrbiii of The Right Sphere, who writes in his post titled “OFA (Obama’s Re-Election Campaign) Organizes Civil Unrest”:

This entire situation is a case study in corruption. As Jenny Erikson explains, Public Sector unions are inherently corrupt because when they protest, they don’t just impact a company or an industry, they impact the whole society. The PUBLIC. In this case, school districts get shut down. A couple of months ago, people died because a Public Sector Union in New York City decided they were going to send a message to the city leadership.  Public Sector Unions can hold the public hostage. How is that fair to everyone else? Where’s the equality there?

He concludes his post with an update saying the DNC is now claiming they haven’t helped the WI hoopla all that much. I’ve been collecting a bit of evidence on that. Let’s see if I find time to “organize” it and get it posted.

Update #2

Nope, sorry, didn’t get it all organized in time. Still plan to give a few links, but in the meantime I highly recommend checking out two items at SooperMexican’s site:

  1. A union teacher forgets to close the flap on her union suit before she calls into the Tim Conway Jr. radio show because she sure shows her bare bottom, and
  2. The Wisconsin public service unions get a new logo.

Also have you heard about the debacle into which the unions have plunged the Detroit schools?

State education officials have ordered the emergency financial manager for Detroit Public Schools to immediately implement a plan that balances the district’s books by closing half its schools.

The Detroit News says the financial restructuring plan will increase high school class sizes to 60 students and consolidate operations.

Hear that? Sixty students per class.  I have substitute taught in high schools before. I can’t imagine how you could ever sufficiently instruct each of those 60 students, let alone even know who they are. A class period would allot for less than one minute of attention per student. Most classrooms barely hold 30 students. How will they pack 60 into one class?

Perhaps Detroit should look at eliminating the administration and the unions and focus on teaching children. Or just give in already and give the money to the private schools to take over the entire system. It would really be for the best.

Oh! and welcome to POWIP readers. Dan Collins has done some fantastic commentary and reporting on the Wisconsin union pity parade (including this post on the shenanigans the Wisconsin Democrats tried to pull in a special lame duck session before the Republicans took over)….AND on the Detroit closing (I can’t stay ahead of that guy)… and the sorry state of the Milwaukee public schools and the interesting reason why they are struggling. I could link to practically all of his recent posts for you. But instead, I suggest just going there and perusing all the posts yourself. I’m sure you’ll find something of interest.