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Chimichangas, Chop Suey, Blackface and Haagen Dazs: What Do They Have In Common?

Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank used his column today to have his fun smacking Republicans around, deriding the GOP for not sufficiently pandering to the Latino community to buy their votes.

He titled his column “Does the GOP care about Latino voters?” But it seems he wanted to call it “Why does the GOP hate Latinos?”

He tsk-tsks that the GOP doesn’t want to give citizenship to illegals that go to college for a few semesters (squeezing out citizens for seats in classes and dollars to pay for them). Milbank, however, doesn’t mention the college portion of the so-called Dream Act. He phrases it that the GOP wants to deny citizenship to any illegal that serves in our military. Apparently Milbank doesn’t know that it is already US policy, supported by Republicans, to grant citizenship to foreign-born soldiers serving in our armed forces. What is not current policy is to permit illegal immigrants to join. (By the way, not all illegal immigrants are Mexican, or even Latino. Do we really want to encourage al-Qaeda members to cross over the border, join the Army and voila!?) Fair and balanced perspective is not Milbank’s point here. Smearing the GOP with bigoted stereotypes is his point.

He tosses a few other smoke bombs in: “Arizona-style” immigration laws, a ludicrous comment about electrifying the border fence by a defunct GOP presidential candidate who never had a chance of going anywhere, and “anti-immigrant” rhetoric (despite the fact that the GOP has spoken quite loudly about being PRO-immigrant, but anti-ILLEGAL-immigrant).

Milbank doesn’t let facts get in the way of his feelings. He claims the Senate GOP “roughed up” a Cuban-American nominee for the 11th circuit of the US Court of Appeals. In reality, Milbank is doing nothing more than carrying Democratic water. It’s their latest trumped-up talking points. As he notes in his column, Adalberto Jose Jordan will be confirmed today, but Sen. Rand Paul tried to stop $1.3 billion in foreign aid from going to Egypt while they hold our citizens hostage. So he put a hold on Jordan’s confirmation in an effort to force a vote on a potentially life-or-death matter. There is no “roughing up,” or anything bad being done to Jordan. He will be a judge, and just maybe, due to Paul’s efforts, Egypt will release our citizens and permit them to exit the country freely.

But the Senate Democrats put out their talking points, which Milbank so dutifully reprinted. Acording to Roll Call, in a story that quotes only liberal sources:

But if no agreement is reached, the vote would take place Wednesday morning, forcing the Senate to waste up to two days and halting progress on a surface transportation bill currently on the floor.

“What’s happened on the Senate floor tonight is just ridiculous,” said Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.), chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee. “We are supposed to be on a highway bill, a bill that will protect 1.8 million jobs and create” more.

Just before the Senate adjourned for the evening, Sen. Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.), in announcing the Senate’s business for Tuesday, said Democrats expect Jordan to be confirmed Tuesday.

There are about 20 Americans among 43 individuals who are accused by Egyptian authorities of illegally receiving foreign money in a case against nongovernmental organizations that have pushed for democratic reform in Egypt. The case has strained relations between the two nations.

Paul wants to use the $1.3 billion a year the United States provides to Egypt in aid as an incentive for the Egyptian authorities to release the Americans.

Attention, Senator Boxer. One of the people being detained in Egypt is the son of the US Secretary of Transportation. How ironic she thinks a 30-hour delay in a transportation bill is more important.

But the real doozy in Milbank’s column comes at the very end. He ridicules Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for promoting various things for which his state is known, such as lettuce and the invention of the chimichanga.

Milbank uses that chimichanga mention as a chance to end on a dig, to really stick it to the GOP. He concludes his column with the lines:

The chimichanga? It may be the only thing Republicans have left to offer Latinos.

That has stoked a firestorm in the twitter community of conservatives and Latinos. It’s being taken as a slur against Latinos, a perpetuation of low stereotypes.

But I would argue that it’s even lower than that. Apparently Milbank didn’t notice what he quoted. The chimichanga is not traditional Mexican food. It’s an American bastardization of the burrito. Folklore claims it was invented and named when a burrito fell into a fryer, and the cook began to cuss, but caught herself mid-exclamation and changed it to the Spanish word for “thingamajig.” Thus was born the “chimichanga.”

But to claim it is Latino is like serving up chop suey to Chinese Americans. Or trying to lure some mythical amalgamation of Scandinavians with cones of Haagen Dazs. Or saying blackface may be the only thing Republicans have to offer to black Americans.

Such a statement is a stereotype of a stereotype. Chimichangas, chop suey, blackface and Haagen Dazs. These are all things made to seem exotic and appealing for people that are afraid to enjoy the authentic cultural offerings of the communities they purport to represent. Only someone badly misinformed would equate chimichangas with the rich and hearty flavors of real Latino cooking. Someone who views Latinos through elitist eyes, who probably thinks Taco Bell and Sonic’s jalapeno poppers are the height of authentic Mexican cuisine, would write a line like that—and think it’s a funny little quip.

But who should then tweet that Milbank’s stinky slur was the “line of the day”? None other than Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina.


Birds of a feather, they are. Shows how little Milbank and Messina know about the Latino community or its food.

And it seems that Messina is feeling some heat, as he just tweeted that he was just “Tweeting someone else’s words”:


There’s a difference between tweeting someone else’s words and calling them “the line of the day.” Messina knows that, but he hopes his buddies in the media will go along with that angle, as he tweets a link to…an image page at… Of an Obama campaign memo touting their cherry-picked poll numbers of Latinos preferring Obama’s devastating mismanagement of America to the GOP’s attempts to keep us from drowning.

No wonder Messina can be so smug in his smears and slurs. He has a major political website storing images of his memos for him to tweet at will.

Update: Hat tip to SooperMexican for sinking his teeth into this story and alerting us all.

RB at the Right Sphere points out how other Obama supporters enjoyed the “line of the day” as well: Pasty White Dana Milbank Gets Obama Campaign Props.

Michelle Malkin says “Chimichanga Is the New Macaca.


The 2010 Sooper Awards Ceremony

As the internet rolls over into the New Year, I have joined with a highly entertaining guest blogger to present the 2010 Sooper Awards Ceremony. Please give a hand of applause to my friend and partner in political roasting, SooperMexican. We hope to make this an annual event, as we impart awards to political events of the past year through the rosy-colored lens of the year previous! Confused yet? Hang in there and it will become clear. (We hope.)

Let’s roll!

First up….


Last year, we saw a slew of Obama bending over backwards, forwards, and all over the place in order to placate our international detractors. He bowed to the Japanese Emperor, deeply bent for the Saudi King, and even made obeisance to the Tampa mayor. Fortunately for our weak stomachs, his prostrations before the unions and tort lawyers went un-photographed.

This year, the Bend-Over Barack Award goes to…

[opens the envelope]

the Mid-Term Election of 2010!

[surprised applause]

Yes, that’s right. The “Election of Recovery,” as they like to call it over at  SooperMexican Central, was a deep repudiation of all the slings and arrows that our fair president has flung at us, the common rabble, from atop his ill-gotten, gilded throne on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The unwashed, bitter-clinging masses have grown tired of his budget-obliterating spending, his vindictive, arrogant attitude, and his flaccid, inept execution of his elected obligations.

While his unapologetic bending over for foreign potentates and domestic opportunists took mere seconds, we hope and pray that this latter bending will continue well into the 2012 election!



The Obama administration got off to an aggressive start, manhandling the public assets in the most egregious way in the Great Stimulus Boondoggle of 2009. Joe Biden is still working on counting all the waste, fraud and abuse that was shipped from the public coffers to FOOs (Friends of Obama) around the world. Yes, world—-as in funding, say, a $832,200 genital-washing study in South Africa to stimulate the US economy.

This year, the Stimulate America Award goes to…

[opens the envelope]

the Transportation Safety Administration!

[applause, while removing shoes and belts]

Yes, the TSA has gone far beyond the call of duty—-and the 4th Amendment—-for getting up close and personal in their efforts to stimulate the public’s peace of mind by groping all their bits and pieces. f keeping the list of all the terrorists she catches with explosives in their pants. Of course she won’t catch any, because terrorists have myriad ways to go through all TSA procedures without having their bomb materials detected.

At least she’s done an excellent job keeping up the pretense that government-mandated sexual assault of the American public will keep us safe, while giving perverts and Gloria Allred a thrill. Just what a Secretary of Homeland Security is supposed to do.



In 2009, we saw the beginning of the end for our favorite anti-American, government-subsidized community organization organizing the community for social injustice: ACORN, aka the Atheist Commie Organization for the Redistribution of NeoSocialism. The unlikely and surprising architects of its demise were the spunky and gaudily dressed James O’Keefe and his saucy accomplice, Hannah Giles. You all know the story by now, so let’s fast forward to the awardee for this year….

and the Pimpin’ Ain’t Easy Award goes to…

[opens the envelope]

the Death of the DREAM Act!

[sleepy applause]

In one of the most obvious and detestable shows of political pandering in recent memory, Harry Reid and the congressional Democrats concocted a bit of political theater for the birds – mashing up the freshly plucked wormy legislation we call the DREAM Act in their mealy mouths and force-feeding their gluttonous, self-serving constituents, the Hispanic supporters that kept a few of them in office.

Luckily for our stalwart Republic, this hastily written bill was only half-heartedly pushed by our Leftist friends, just enough to secure another election cycle’s worth of pigmented votes without actually effecting any change for the downtrodden serfs to whom they give only lip service.

Harry Reid out-pimped James O’Keefe by whoring out the Latin vote, taking it for all it’s worth, and spanking it on its bottom as he kicked ’er to the curb! Good job, Harry!



In ancient Greece, some citizens adorned the top of their doorways with the image of Janus, the double-faced god, symbolizing that every entry is also an exit. In 2009, it would have been appropriate to decorate the entrance of the Senate with the gnarled, wrinkly, grotesque image of Ben Nelson, leader of the Blue Dog Democrats, who promised to uphold their moral objection to the federal financing of abortions by refusing to vote for ObamaCare. Pro-life supporters wasted much effort calling to urge them to stick to their guns, but they chose to stick out their hands instead, accepting sleazy payoffs once Barack named the right price to purchase their principles.

For 2010, the only comparable competitor for the Two-Faced Janus Award is….

[opens the envelope]

The lame duck GOPers!

[applause as feather confetti flutters down]

After scoring an unprecedented victory in the 2010 elections, seizing the House of Reps and evening up the Senate, the Republicans decided to act as if they had been struck with amnesia, teleported themselves back to November 4th 2008, and eagerly re-assumed the role of defeated losers.

Once again, the GOP filled the Christmas season with the essence of lame. The American public gave them a mandate to reject the socialist, budget-busting, impotent policies of the Democrats, but the Republicans behaved like a cheap date, hardly even bothering to feign resistance while granting Obama another nearly trillion dollar stimulus bill, as described by Chuck Krauthammer.

At least good ol’ Nelson teased us a little before screwing us, but the GOPers made all the right noises, and gave it up to Barack only weeks later. Then to add insult to injury, they let him pass his ridiculous START treaty, allowing his sycophantic press to reenact the leg-tingly adoration and unearned esteem they lavished upon him two years ago.

Congrats, GOP. You sold out the country, but you won a coveted Janus award. Keep it up, and in two years, you’ll find out how easily an entrance can also be an exit.

Wait, There’s MORE!


In 2009, Barack Obama chin-jutted his way through the dense jungle of prescient criticisms of his inexperience, arrogance, and unpreparedness. Still, he held out the dim candle of historic hope, and like voting moths to a flame, the American public flitted and followed him towards the radiance he claimed was the light at the end of the tunnel.

And still the gaudacity of hope sustained the hope-springs in the heart of man—earnest-sounding promises were made and swallowed, and everywhere a cult of Obama sprung up, selling icons of our savior borne of mystery.

As we all know, a prophet is always derided in his own hometown, and so this year, this Revelatory Icon Award goes to….

[opens envelope]

Alvin Greene!

[applause and fist bumps]

South Carolina’s leading Democrats howled when the unknown, unemployed man became their nominee to the US Senate seat, and they vigorously decried the legitimacy of his nomination. He beat the establishment democratic nominee without any campaigning, without any yard signs, prompting some to doubt whether he honestly won the nomination.

While running for a senate seat in the greatest country in the world since its inception 6,000 years ago, Alvin was also fending off prosecution for a felony obscenity charge, wherein he is accused of showing pornographic images to a unwilling 18-year-old woman. In interviews, he was as disjointed as Crispin Glover on the David Letterman show, and at his lowest (highest?) point, he actually said that his answer to solving his state’s budget woes was to sell action figures of himself.

What better exemplar of the fall from glory that Barack Obama has experienced than that of a man who actually thinks he can save the government budget by producing little action figures of himself? This is the delusion that the American voter was sold unawares, and now is waking up to.

2009 began with a praised political figure pretending to fulfill the image of an action figure. 2010 ended with a failed political figure sticking to a ridiculous hope that his image as an action figure might save him from his ineptitude and political inexperience. Oh, also there was Alvin Greene….

…AND Finally!

The Meghan McCain BOOBY PRIZE

Last year, Meghan McCain gifted the world with a booby prize in the form of a Twitter avatar filled with boobage and, appropriately, a biography of Mr. “15 Minutes of Fame,” Andy Warhol. She protested the avi-inspired guffawing heard around teh internets by claiming she hadn’t meant to be sexy at all—-she always looked busty and bimbo-ish. When that induced ROFL hilarity, she huffily threatened to delete her account, then apologized and promo’d her new column.

Without further ado, the MeggieMac Booby Prize passes on to the 2010 winner…

[opens envelope, upside down]

Keith “MeggyBigMac” Olbermann!

[stunned silence…uproarious applause]

Yes, the Vegas bookmakers all had Georgia representative Hank Johnson as the odds-on favorite for his concern that adding more military to the US territory of Guam would cause the island to tip over.

But no, in a late year rush to snag the award, Olbermann has gone out of his way to become a master loco tweeter: Melting down, blowing up, quitting his account in a bluster and, like his award’s namesake, returning to the glory of public abuse and mockery.

To seal his emergency bid for the award, Olby’s ratings went to the bottom of the tank and inspired a series of wild twitrants against his nemesis and ratings powerhouse, Fox News. Thusly, he clinched the award for 2010‘s Booby of the Year and shall henceforth be known as OlberBoob.

…se acabo!

Thank you all for joining us on this whirlwind tour of some of the more embarrassing and brain aneurysm-causing events of this last year through the eyes of 2009′s events! Once again, I’d like to thank my brilliant guest blogger, SooperMexican! Visit his site, buy his cartoon t-shirts, and follow him on Twitter! You won’t regret it because he mostly just uses my ideas!

Have a great New Year! (and forgive the Sooper-excessive use of exclamation marks found in this post…)

— Prudence