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Rex in Regno suo superiores habet Deum et Legem.

The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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Ancient History


In My Butterfly Net: 2011-04-01

Here’s what the little men in white coats captured from the scattered tweets and thoughts that fluttered forth from the mind of Prudy in the last 24 hours:

  • The Libyan “Kinetic Military Action” is not going well. NBC’s Jim Maceda reported, after apologizing that the media had done such a poor job reporting it: “It’s not Khadaffy’s army that has Libya rebels on run. It’s LOCAL MILITIAS in pickups.”

    What have we gotten into? If ordinary citizens are going out on their own to fight the “rebels,” perhaps we haven’t thought this whole thing through, have we? [*]
  • Donald Trump is running for President, unofficially for now, but… He has made a bold splash in the media by asking why doesn’t Obama just release his long-form birth certificate and end all speculation. MSNBC’s Daily Rundown hungrily booked him, and then @savannahguthrie and @chucktodd openly mocked him, rolled their eyes, smirked and postured, and asked him preposterous questions, in their phone interview. Would they have done the same thing, treated him as disrespectfully, if he had been sitting right across from him? How was that a “news” interview? The name of your show is the Daily Rundown, not the Daily Show, and you really aren’t that funny. In fact, you’re rather humorless. #LeanDisrespectful #PoorManners #Cowards [#]

    FUN SIDE NOTE: Saw someone comment that the Birther label is really a misnomer. It should be applied to all those that believe Obama WAS born in the US, not those that have questions about it.
  • Quote from Thursday’s Stossel show on Fox Business: “Where’s the anti-war movement now? They weren’t anti-war, they were anti-Bush, and they aren’t anti-Obama.” –Cato Institute’s @David_Boaz [*]
  • @The_Alien tweeted: “The next Osama bin Laden is currently a lieutenant in the ranks of Libyan rebels.” I can’t help but think his current lieutenant is probably there right now too. [#]
  • @SamValley tweeted: Socialists agree in limited choice, as long as they get a personal waiver.” But I’ve always suspected that socialists think they’ll be the ones in charge, making the rules, not the peons having to live under them. [#]
  • The Lottery Game: Odds assure the ticket-issuing government will pay out less in prizes than the amount of money the ticket sales take in. Fine. That’s typical of any business. There is an expectation of profit. But the magical government part occurs when the winning customers receive only a portion of their promised winnings, losing nearly 50% of the winnings once all taxes get collected—mostly by the very same government giving them the money.

    That would be like going to any business, say, a barbeque restaurant, and ordering a pound of pulled pork, but receiving only half a pound. And you drive away content to have received whatever they gave you. Heaven help you if you don’t want receive your pulled pork half pound over 20 years. You want it now, for dinner tonight. That means you’ll be receiving only the fraction of that half pound that the restaurant would have to invest today to earn, with compound interest, the full half pound by the end of 20 years. Hope you weren’t very hungry. [#]
  • Chevy Volts are the Pocket Chairs of automobiles. (The Pocket Chair is a flimsy-seeming camping chair that can be compactly folded to fit in a pocket and taken everywhere. The ads appear on middle-of-the-night TV, such as during the 3am show “RedEye.”) [inspiration: SwedenG *]

[*] = clickable link to the original Prudy tweet, which may or may not have been modified here, for elaboration or clarification