Today’s Phrase for Latin Lovers

Rem ipsam dic, mitte male loqui.

Speak out the whole truth boldly, but use no bad language. -- John Adams, 1775


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  • hard to imagine how MSNBC got their orchestra-backed Putin hagiography approved by the Obama White House.
  • MSNBC's fawning bio of Putin puts America as the shameful aggressor. We've been marching on them for 20 years, says their handpicked expert
  • Did commission a special score for their Putin tribute biography? Will they syndicate it to Russia Today?
  • This Putin is quite a guy! I've laughed! I've cried! along with 's emotional tribute to the mind of Putin! -- future Vox review
  • Awww. Putin was bullied. So says the biography of Putin, complete with dramatic music and Mika narration. It's a loving tribute

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Occupy Monty Python

The Morning Spew has smashed together footage of the cult-like “process” at an Occupy Atlanta rally that denied civil rights hero Rep. John Lewis the chance to speak and footage from Monty Python’s classic The Life of Brian. The result is hilarious…and spot-on commentary on the Occupy movement.