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Rex in Regno suo superiores habet Deum et Legem.

The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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Prudence Punditry: 2010's Hail Mary Pick

Supposedly incumbent Daniel Inouye has the Hawaii US Senate seat locked up. But it’s odd that Real Clear Politics shows only two polls for the race to confirm this safe status.

The first poll was done by the hyperpartisan Daily Kos, who earlier was putting out completely bogus poll data but now has paired with PPP. The October 2-3 poll put Inouye ahead by 36 whopping points (65-29). But then Rasmussen did a poll on October 13 and found the GOP challenger Cam Cavasso has closed the gap to 13 points (53-40). If that’s an accurate depiction of the trend, Cavasso has a chance to win by 13 points. Granted, it’s unlikely, but perhaps there’s a possibility that he could win by 1.

But would we want Cavasso to win? Would he be an establishment puppet, or does he have Tea running in his veins? Hard to tell, because when I stumbled across a Hawaii debate on C-Span last week, it freaked me out that the moderators and the candidates were all wearing leis. Politicians debating the future of the country wearing flower necklaces! Now I know, I’m trampling on the hallowed tradition of Hawaiian civility and aloha philosophy. Sorry to offend those of more delicate (and sensible) sensibilities. I’d prefer to see my politicians debate while chawing on turkey legs and slamming their beer steins down on the desk for emphasis. I switched the channel so fast that I can’t even be sure what race the debate was for.

So let’s check Cavasso’s site. Yikes! Candidate in a lei alert!  The rest threatens to put you to sleep with its snoozy earnest explanations in san serif type. But wait. Stay awake and force yourself to read. He’s for…

  • cutting spending, including entitlements. He’s a man’s man, able to boldly spell out the usually unmentionable program names: Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.
  • “transitioning” to a currency “with some form of intrinsic value.” Oh my. I’m falling hard for the guy.
  • a “Fair Tax,” and here’s the heart-racing kicker: “provided it coincides with the removal of the 16th Amendment.” Oh, I can’t breathe. It’s so deliciously shocking. So founding father. I must retire to my fainting couch.

This guy will not be beholden to any party leadership. So I’m making Cam Cavasso my 2010 Hail Mary Pick.

If he wins, I wear a lei for a week.

Pundit Rankings

  • Cook: Solid Dem
  • RealClear: Safe Dem
  • Prudence: Oh Please Oh Please

Cam Cavasso, US Senate Candidate