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Rex in Regno suo superiores habet Deum et Legem.

The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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How to Produce a Frack Nation...For Only $1

The financing period for the upcoming documentary FrackNation is coming to a rapid end. Tomorrow morning at 9:00am EDT, the filmmakers will get to collect their funding obtained at the crowdfunding site, (That’s 6 am Pacific time.) They have almost reached $200,000 in pledges. We need to get them over that line…and beyond.

This FrackNation billboard reads: "THE WATER WAS ON FIRE IN 1669. Burning Springs, NY." Yahoo's Photo of the Day caption reads, in part: The feature-length film looks at the process of fracking for natural gas, demolishing much of the scaremongering surrounding the process and featuring the millions whose lives have been positively transformed by this emerging industry. “FrackNation will feature small farmers, the working class and others who are benefitting from this economic boom. We will also look at the backgrounds and motives of those opposing fracking," said McElhinney.

Hurry! This is your chance to be a producer of a movie. (Yes, a producer! Anyone donating at least $1—before the funding cut-off time—will be listed in the movie credits as an Executive Producer. Increase your contribution to a mere $20, and you will also receive a DVD copy of the documentary. There’s more goodies available for those with deeper pockets, too.)

The filmmakers wanted to nip in the bud any lefty, environmentally deranged accusations that they are just dopey tools of the oil and gas industry, so they have asked anyone working in the industry to withdraw any contributions the Kickstarter campaign. They want this movie to be 100% by ordinary citizens wanting the truth about fracking to be known.

This documentary could not be coming at a better time, just as the Left and the environmental fearmongers are kicking into high gear to put an end to a key to solving America’s energy problems and making us self-sufficient. (Don’t know much about what fracking is and why it is crucial to the economic success of this country? For some fracking facts, check out, a Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow, and a pro-and-foe panel discussion transcribed at the Wall Street Journal.)

First, there was the lefty documentary Gasland claiming fracking makes people’s water flammable—but neglects to mention what the filmmakers wrote in a project update:

First, there are centuries old documents that state the water in many places across US was flammable because of naturally occurring methane. Second, hundreds and hundreds of people living in the places Josh Fox says were affected by fracking have told us how they always had methane in their wells they even used to bring the water to schools for science class experiments and sometimes set it on fire at parties (please DO NOT attempt doing that yourself). We decided this was very important information that the rest of the public should know about, so we put up a big billboard in New York State, where bans and moratoriums on fracking have put many families’ dreams and hopes on hold.

Even the usually anti-fracking Huffington Post was forced to acknowledge our billboard and the truth and Yahoo News selected it as a Photo of The Day. “This is something that people need to know” Phelim said in an interview with the Blaze.

Joe Biden is out on the campaign trail, spreading misinformation and scaremongering, claiming fracking causes earthquakes.

Next comes a Gasland sequel (don’t hold your breath that it will correct any of the misinformation and hyperbole of the first one). And yesterday, we learned that Matt Damon will soon star in an anti-fracking Hollywood blockbuster that his fevered liberal brain has co-written. According to FrackNation filmmakers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer:

PROMISED LAND will be directed by Gus Van Sant and co-star John Krasinski, who plays Jim in NBC’s The Office. This will be a huge movie – with a big budget and a lot of promotion and advertising and sources tell us it will be portraying fracking in a very negative light.

As you probably know, Matt Damon is just the latest Hollywood superstar to come out against fracking. Robert Redford, Debra Winger and Mark Ruffallo have also campaigned against the process.

We want to make FrackNation because we want the truth about fracking to b e told. But it will not be easy getting the message out with a sequel to Gasland in the works and now a big budget Hollywood movie concentrating on scare stories rather than true stories. Now, we recognize Hollywood movies don’t have to be truthful – they just have to be entertaining, but it’s likely thatPROMISED LAND will increase unfounded concerns about fracking.

Ann and Phelim need our help. (Yesterday was Phelim’s birthday. Contributions make excellent belated gifts.)

Want to learn more about the exciting new, factual documentary FrackNation? Go HERE and watch the short video from the filmmakers. Then go make a contribution to the movie before 9 o’clock Eastern tomorrow morning. (That’s 6am crack-of-dawn for you West Coasters.)

Still want more information before you’ll part with your Executive Producer money? FrackNation has been getting lots of press coverage. Here’s a sampling:

Now go punch Hollywood in the gut. Become a producer. There’s only a few hours left to be part of it. I contributed. How about you?

NOTE: FrackNation has raised $200,000 from an army of citizens like you. But the sequel to frack-fearmonger Gasland has raised $750,000 through HBO and other corporate sources. Give all you’ve got. Let the truth prevail.

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Meditation on Heraclitus, Knowledge and Truth

On finding the truth of things, Heraclitus said:

If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it, since it is trackless and unexplored.

Raphael's Michelangelo as Heraclitus in the School of Athens

Tangents and Non Sequiturs From Prudence:

In the macro sense, Heraclitus’ words go beyond the Boy Scout motto of “Be prepared.” They say to me, “Go seek.” I need to hear his words on the lazy days, when ennui tinges my going through the motions of daily chores and duties. If I’m in a rut, I’m merely treading over my own footsteps. What can I hope to find there, going over the same old ground? On those days especially, I need to take a chance, intentionally go in search of something new, no matter how small or insignificant, to cultivate my sense of anticipation, to create new paths and explore them.

In the micro sense, Heraclitus’ words also prod me to expand my horizons in my quest for information. If I always return to the same sources, I have limited my scope willingly, expecting them to provide me with the unexpected and defining the truth according to their views and principles–again being lazy. Instead, I need to venture into unknown and opposing realms, to make my own discoveries and verify (or adjust) my own truths.

Then I can carry these discoveries and truths back here to report on the new frontiers, paths and oddities I have found—or to simply provide material for those days when someone else feels too lazy to explore.


Related Bonus Quote

On knowledge, Clement wrote in Miscellanies V:

For philosophical men must be versed in many things, according to Heraclitus, and it is in truth necessary to “wander in the search to be good.”

Tangents and Non Sequiturs From Prudence:

This seems to reiterate much of what the first quote said, just from a slightly different vantage point. I leave it for you to ponder, and even comment on here, if you dare.


Pre-Socratic Self Quiz:

Q6. in his The Lives and Opinions of Eminent Philosophers, Diogenes Laertius writes that Heraclitus wrote a book…

And he deposited this book in the temple of Diana…having written it intentionally in an obscure style, in order that only those who were able men might comprehend it, and that it might not be exposed to ridicule at the hand of the common people.

What is the book about generally, and what are its three discourses?


The Daily Apologia:

I am sorry once more, for abandoning the daily postings for so long. I’ve fired up the philosophical treadmill once more, and hope to get back to regular postings. Perhaps not daily, but certainly more frequently.

I also apologize for the last Daily Tread posting: Heraclitus’ Aphorism Bonanza. It was entirely incomplete, and certainly no bonanza because I’d barely begun it. Unfortunately, I must have accidentally published it instead of keeping it in draft mode. Oops. (Can you be an absent-minded philosopher?) Once I discovered my error, I thought it better to leave it than to confuse those that had already read it.


Up Next: More Heraclitus!

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