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Rex in Regno suo superiores habet Deum et Legem.

The King in his Realm hath two superiors: God and the Law. -- Henry Care (1646-1688) on English liberties and the Magna Carta


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Conservative Quotes in Unexpected Places #1

When it comes to fiction—in print or in film—I vigorously avoid reading reviews, or even summaries of the story, because I want the author to have the full pleasure of unfolding his tale to me personally. That’s been a very difficult practice to maintain with the book I finally decided to read this weekend: Life of Pi by Yann Martel.

I bought the book so long ago, the page edges have yellowed ever so slightly. I skipped seeing it in the theaters because I much prefer to read a story first. But the movie keeps creeping up higher in my Netflix queue, so I rescued it from my “frivolous” to-read pile (as opposed to the variously sorted to-read piles of “the great books,” “scholarly studies,” “popular political writings” and the extremely dusty “beginning Latin”). I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

I’m barely a quarter of the way through it, just been introduced to the various characters and themes, but so far, I’m finding it very conservative in an oddly quirky, Tea Party-ish kind of way. (Religious conservatives of a fundamentalist or orthodox nature might be off-put by Pi’s pantheism—devoutly practicing Christianity, Islam and Hinduism, simultaneously, to the dismay of his priest, imam and pandit and the bemusement of his nonreligious parents, all to whom he explains he just wants to love God. But the manner in which Martel writes about religion through the eyes of Pi is very respectful, espousing fundamental beliefs and heralding Pi’s wish to be religious even in the face of mockery and attempts to stop him.)

This surprises me because, even though I haven’t read all the glorious reviews of the book and film, I know most of them had to have been written by liberals. That makes me trepidacious that later in the book, suddenly Pi is going to reject religion and go on a tirade against it. How else could liberals love it? But then the book starts with the warning that the tale “will make you believe in God.” So I read on to get to the bottom of this perplexing mystery.

But it’s not just in the area of religion that I find the book to have conservative tendencies, but also in political philosophy about capitalism. It’s here that I came to a passage that I just had to stop and record.

Pi’s father runs a small zoo in India. While not politically active, he is no fan of Indira Ghandi’s socialist policies, and when she began her harsh crackdown and ruling by decree, he had enough. He decided to uproot his family and business and move to Canada. Martel sums up his rationale beautifully:

People move because of the wear and tear of anxiety. Because of the gnawing feeling that no matter how hard they work their efforts will yield nothing, that what they build up in one year will be torn down in one day by others. Because of the impression that the future is blocked up, that they might do all right but not their children. Because of the feeling that nothing will change, that happiness and prosperity are possible only somewhere else.

He’s writing about India in the 1970s, but it’s amazing how apt that description is for so many people across America today in the 2010s. For some in states like California and Maryland, where the governments are determined to soak the money makers and businesses to fund their progressive folly, they have the freer states to which they can flee.

But when looked at from a national perspective, as our government tightens the yoke on its productive citizens and progressives howl for even more government control, where can the anxious move? As America is transformed into a second-rate European socialist barnacle on the Earth, where is that “somewhere else” where happiness and prosperity are possible?

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Obama: The Most Arrogant Man in the World

RightChange (and their aptly named website has created a fabulous parody of the Dos Equis beer “Most Interesting Man in the World” commercials.

In it, they present “Obama: The Most Arrogant Man in the World”:

(h/t Frank Fleming)

Go to to view more of their videos, and follow them on Twitter.

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Someone's Scrubbing the Internet of First Daughter's Taxpayer-Footed Extravagant Spring Break

Malia Obama is 13 years old, and yet the American taxpayer is currently paying for her to jetset around Mexico with 12 friends and 25 Secret Service nannies—and no Mom and Dad. It’s bad enough that Michelle Obama seems to think her position as First Lady is so grueling that she deserves luxurious vacations every quarter—with at least one a year without her husband. But now we are forced to pay for a teenager to galavant around?

But what’s worse, the White House or someone with extreme power is attempting to scrub the entire news media of any mention of this outrageous expense.

At Google News, there are supposedly 26 “news articles” left online at this moment regarding Malia Obama’s vacation from her arduous life as a pampered teen attending an elite private school. But many of those articles have vanished:

Malia Obama, President Barack Obama’s Eldest Daughter, Travels To 

Huffington Post – 3 hours ago
President Obama’s 13-year-old daughter Malia Ann joined thousands of American students as they crossed the border to Mexico for spring break this weekend.

Malia Obama heads to Mexico on a SCHOOL TRIP… but brings 25 ‎ Daily Mail
Obama’s daughter spends springbreak in Mexico‎ AFP
Spring Breaker! Malia Obama’s Mexican Vacation (PHOTOS)‎ Global Grind
all 26 news articles »

The first article at the Huffington Post links to this URL: Go ahead. Click on it all you want. HuffPo has ripped the story from their site. You’ll just get redirected to their front page, where you will find absolutely no mention of your tax dollars footing the bill for a teen to lounge around south of the border. (Funnily, HuffPo may have thought they scrubbed their whole site, but I found a little remnant:

(click the image to see it full size)

The next link at the UK’s Daily Mail took great effort to get in good with the White House by putting part of their headline in ALL CAPS. They can holler that Malia was on a SCHOOL TRIP all they want, but no other remaining story on the internet says that. And the Daily Mail has since ripped their entire twisted story from their website as well. Go to their link (–brings-25-Secret-Service-agents-her.html) and you’ll get a lovely:

The page you have requested does not exist or is no longer available.

The next link in Google’s list is possibly the original English-language report of the trip, from Agence France-Presse (AFP). They are so proud of their enterprise reporting that they have scrubbed their site clean of any mention of it. Go ahead, click the link and see for yourself:

The URL remains the same for some direct AFP story links showing it was originally about Malia (such as, but it now contains a Malia-free story about a musician (“Senegal music star Youssou Ndour hits campaign trail”).

I was late to the story, so I did not see the very original AFP story, but I believe I have found a copy of the original story at the Canadian Edmonton Journal:

Obama’s daughter spends spring break in Mexico


OAXACA, Mexico – The elder daughter of U.S. President Barack Obama is spending her spring break in the historic Mexican city of Oaxaca in the company of 12 friends, a state police official said.

The young tourists, including 13-year-old Malia Ann Obama, are staying at a downtown hotel in this city famous for its colonial architecture and well-preserved native American traditions, the official said.

“We are here to block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors to tourism sites,” the police official told AFP under the condition of anonymity.

Malia Obama and her friend are guarded by 25 U.S. Secret Service agents as well as Mexican police, the official noted.

The group, which arrived in Oaxaca Saturday, has already visited the architectural zone of Mitla and the tree of El Tule believed to have one thousand years.

The sightseeing plan also includes visits to Monte Alban known for its archeological research sites and Oaxaca’s famous artisan quarters.

Duplicates of this AFP story exist on the websites of the Canadian media group of which the Edmonton Journal is a part (Windsor Star, Regina Leader-Post, The Province, Star Phoenix, Ottawa Citizen, Vancouver Sun, Victoria Times Colonist, Calgary Herald, Montreal Gazette, and times 2.

TurkishPress printed a shortened version of the AFP story (and at this moment still remains online). Nigeria’s This Day Live also carries the same AFP story. Note how both sites are well outside of the typical American’s reading list. So persons in Europe/Middle East and Africa will be privy to information that our own White House wishes to keep from US citizens.

Likewise at the UK’s Telegraph link (, the story has vanished:


We cannot find the page you are looking for.

  • The page may have been moved, updated or deleted.
  • Or you may have typed the web address incorrectly. Please check the address and spelling.

At The Australian (, same thing:

The requested file was not found. The link you followed may have been incorrect; or the page may have been removed or renamed.

Australia’s (

We had a good look, but couldn’t find the page you requested.

This is either because:

* There’s an error in the address or link you have entered in your browser;
* There’s a technical issue and the page has not been properly published;
* The article was removed to comply with a legal order;
* It is an older article that has been removed from the site.

If you believe that this is a technical error, please contact us and tell us the location of this page.

At the Australian Eye (, also the same thing:

Page not found!

Sorry the page you were looking is not here.

At the Global Grind (“the world according to Hip-Pop”), which also promised PHOTOS of Malia’s trip (, alas, the same thing:

requested page not found

Of all the various original links to a story regarding Malia’s spring break, very few publications were brave enough to let them remain online for more than a few hours. Once such location, with an original story is International Business Times (they have since chickened out as well and deleted their story before I could even publish this post):

Amid Travel Warnings, Obama’s Daughter, Malia, Spring Breaks In Mexico With 25 Secret Service Agents
March 19, 2012 12:33 PM EDT

President Barack Obama’s 13-year-old daughter, Malia Ann Obama, will be spending her spring break in the Mexican city of Oaxaca with 12 friends and 25 Secret Service agents.

The young tourists will be in a downtown hotel in the city known for its colonial architecture and native traditions, reported a state police official.

“We are here to block access to the hotel by other people and escort the vehicles that are carrying the visitors to tourism sites,” the police official told AFP under the condition of anonymity.

Along with the 25 Secret Service agents, Obama and her friends will protected by a slew of Mexican police officers, according to the AFP.

The group arrived in Oaxaca on Saturday and reportedly visited the architectural site of Mitla. They also visited the tree of El Tule, believed to be approximately 1000 years old. The group also plans to travel to Monte Alban, which is known for its archaeological research as well as the artisan sections of the city.

On Feb. 8, 2012, the State Department issued a travel warning to all potential tourists to the Mexican region.

“U.S. travelers should be aware that the Mexican government has been engaged in an extensive effort to counter TCOs, which engage in narcotics trafficking and other unlawful activities throughout Mexico,” wrote the State Department in a statement. “The TCOs themselves are engaged in a violent struggle to control drug trafficking routes and other criminal activity. As a result, crime and violence are serious problems throughout the country and can occur anywhere.”

However, while the State Department has issued travel warnings throughout the country, there is no warning in the Oaxaca region of Mexico.

To report problems or to leave feedback about this article, e-mail:
To contact the editor, e-mail:


In the time I was working on this piece, Essence removed their story at, even though they are renown for chronicling the activities of the First Daughters. (Just search their site for the keyword of Malia to see a galore of stories.) Clearly, someone told them to remove this one:

Sorry. This page was not found.

Please use the search above or view the sitemap below to find what you’re looking for

Read more:

Mexico Today did not get the notice yet, apparently, as their Flickr account still has four photos of Malia (although one appears to be a stock photo taken by Annie Lebowitz for the White House, unless she has traveled to Mexico to photograph the trip too):

Malia In Mexico---from Mexico Today Flickr Account. If you don't see the photo, the White House has gotten them to scrub it.

Mexico Today’s caption:

Malia Ann Obama Vacations in Oaxaca, Mexico


Malia Obama and Middle School Friends Enjoy Mexico on US Taxpayer Dime. (If you don't see an image, the White House has gotten Mexico Today to scrub it. Let me know.)

Mexico Today’s caption:

Malia Ann Obama Vacations in Oaxaca, Mexico

Source: El Imparcial, Mexico

More of 13-Year-Old Malia Obama Jetsetting in Mexico Without Parents But 25 Secret Service Nannies and 12 Friends, Courtesy of Your Paycheck.

Mexico Today’s caption:

Malia Ann Obama Vacations in Oaxaca, Mexico

Source: Century21 Sun &Sand | C21Cancun


Some small blogs are also scrubbing their sites, such as:


Places that still have the story:

One of the original reporting resources, the Mexican site, still has their full story running: It was published on March 16, three full days ago, and tells where the group is staying and what they are visiting, providing further evidence that the scrubbing of the story from US and English-language websites is not for security concerns as the information is widely available outside of the US. (quoting the now scrubbed Telegraph story) (by Dan Riehl) (which notes the scrubbing began one full day after the Mexican news reported the information, so the cat’s already out of the bag as far as any security concerns would be addressed by covering up the trip. DBKP also found a Mexican site, Quien, with additional information, albeit en español, but with extra photos.) (which features additional photos) (which captured the text of several big site stories before they were yanked)

TeaPartyAtPerrysburg (which has some cost estimates from the scrubbed Daily Mail story) (which captured the Australian story with a photo of Malia at a ruins before it was scrubbed) (from whose tweet I first learned about this story)

hard-core left-wingers

a brief report on the Daily Caller

and yours truly,

If there are others refusing to let this story be covered up, let me know and I’ll add them to the list. Freedom of information must not be suppressed. The White House has no business forcing citizens to erase stories it finds inconvenient when the story has nothing to do with national security.


Follow me on Twitter: @PruPaine

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Beauty Queen Sexually Assaulted

Finally, a celebrity, a former Miss USA, has been forced to suffer the indignities of a TSA full-body pat-down and has come away crying. I say “finally” not because I want celebrities to be subjected to degrading interactions with their government like the rest of us commoners. No, I say it because only a celebrity can bring sufficient attention to the abuse. Only a celebrity can garner the celebrity-crazed media sympathy for him or her. Only a celebrity can be handed an instant megaphone to express her disgust at the foul treatment, no matter how “routine” or “professional” the TSA tries to say it is.

(That’s a far cry from media-craving lawyer Gloria Allred proclaiming last year that she actually enjoyed her airport governmental fondling, which actually explains somewhat—though not totally—her bizarre baseball-bat sex simulation in front of two young girls in pigtails last week. [Warning: TMZ presents the inappropriate, needless demonstration in its typically rude and vulgar manner.])

I feel very badly for the 2003 crowned beauty Susie Castillo and her traumatic experience at the hands of a Dallas TSA employee. No one should be forced to endure what she did. No government should ever have the right to run their hands over a citizen’s body if they have no warrant and that citizen is not under arrest.

Unfortunately, this now occurs every day in this country. We hear the outcry when video of a little girl being molested by Uncle Sam pops up, but the clamor over the same thing occurring to her mother and sisters and grandmothers has gone silent.

Here’s the video Castillo made after going through the ordeal and after she then talked to the TSA to register a complaint.

If you have suffered through a TSA full-body pat-down too, follow Castillo’s recommendations and speak up. That’s the only way this horrendous policy will get changed.

I, for one, have not flown since this radiate-or-grope policy was enacted, and I will not fly again until it is repealed.

Speak up. Fight for your liberty. It’s rapidly being stripped away.

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TSA Logo Toon, courtesy of SooperMexican. The TSA Logo is also available as a t-shirt. Click the toon above or click here to go to the store to order it.

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Groping Towards Bethlehem

Numerous jokes have been made on Twitter about the sexual assault that is now required by the TSA if you wish to board an airplane. Men seem to have much less concern over being groped by government—with some saying that gives them all the more reason to fly. Ha ha. [Update: Okay, some of the #TSAslogans are funny, but…] Go ahead and laugh while the cannibals strip you down and oil you up as they get the fire ready.

The Fourth Amendment of the US Constitution’s Bill of Rights says:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Just how does routine TSA intimate molestation of citizens not violate every bit of that amendment?

If it is not unreasonable to have some random man stick his hands between our legs and rummage around until he’s satisfied there is nothing else to feel, what is? Just where do you draw the line? Perhaps they should combine the security check with a medical exam for breast and testicular cancer, kill two birds with one grope, so to speak.

Where is the probable cause? If you are okay with government-required sexual assault, perhaps we need to send SWAT teams to your house whenever you purchase a plane ticket, so they can go through all your belongings there, just in case you might be constructing a bomb that you would then try to put in your little girl’s pants.

Is this okay?…

To me, that’s outrageous. Completely unacceptable. Forget giving added training to unskilled TSA flunkies on how to feel up children. They should not be touching them at all.

At Hot Air, Ed Morrissey writes:

We can’t know for certain that terrorists wouldn’t use a child as a mule to get explosives or other weapons through airport security, of course. In fact, we’ve seen al-Qaeda use children and the mentally impaired as “suicide” bombers in Iraq, so we know they have no scruples in doing so. Allahpundit noted three days ago that those who complain about those procedures now would have a very different take on the matter if a plane suddenly exploded in mid-air. However, wouldn’t that require the parents of the child (or those posing as parents) to be the actual terrorists? Shouldn’t TSA have taken the whole family aside and questioned Mom and Dad first to see if they got a hint of some ulterior motive?

Allahpundit and Morrissey are wrong. I would not have a “very different take on the matter if a plane suddenly exploded in mid-air.” This grossly gross invasion of privacy can never be justified—and it likely would not prevent an attack. The terrorists will just find another way, while you agree to show up at the airport three hours early in a robe with a change of clothing for after your oral, anal and vaginal wanding.

Why would you submit to this at an airport, but not at a movie theater or grocery store or wedding reception or crosstown bus?

People, wake up. Think about what you are agreeing to. What would the Founding Fathers have said? Would George Washington have thought it acceptable to have some slovenly soldier stick his hands up Martha’s skirt?

If you let this line be crossed, you have no liberty left. There is nothing you won’t submit to.

Join the outcry. Follow John Tyner’s lead in refusing to allow the government to touch your crotch:

From W.B. Yeats’ The Second Coming:

A shape with lion body and the head of a man,
A gaze blank and pitiless as the sun,
Is moving its slow thighs, while all about it
Wind shadows of the indignant desert birds.
The darkness drops again but now I know
That twenty centuries of stony sleep
Were vexed to nightmare by a rocking cradle,
And what rough beast, its hour come round at last,
Slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?

Is it too late to stop its advance?

Update: For more info see the previous post: TSA = Traditional Sexual Assault